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Youtube Videos Won't Embed!

  1. Hello there!

    Hoping someone out there can help me with my glitch! Basically, I embed YouTube videos into my post normally, by going to the 'Add Media' function and then the URL tab and copy and pasting the URL and writing in a title. This has worked fine for some time now!

    Tonight however, I insert the URL and a suitable title but no 'Insert into Post' button appears, so nothing happens. It won't embed or anything! I've tried clearing my browser of cookies and trying to embed YouTube videos manually using the coding style but to no avail! >-/

    I hope one of you legends out there can help me, I will be very grateful!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you please try using the YouTube shortcode? It does not matter if you type the shortcode into the Visual editor or the HTML editor. It works every time for me.

  3. When I say I've tried to do it manually, I mean't using the shortcode(didn't know it was called that til now!)!

    Have just tried to copy and paste the whole URL again and format it into shortcode using the [youtube=..........] stuff but it still didnt work!

    Cheers for the suggestion though timethief! Any other ideas? :L

  4. Provided you are not posting code for a channel the shortcode definitely works. So please provide the link you are having trouble with here.

  5. AND... are you clicking on that link and then hitting the Unlink button on your editor? You need to make sure it's not a clickable link when you put it in the shortcode.

  6. Cheers both of you, managed to resolve the issue via a combination of your responses! Thanks again!


  7. Thankf for letting us know that. Best wishes with your blog. :)

  8. timethief (or anyone else), as of two days ago (about Dec. 9, 2011), even the videos on WordPress's own videos/youtube support page stopped displaying on my computer (Ubuntu Linux, FF8, both fully updated)... as did all of the very few YouTube videos on my site.

    They are visible in a friend's Windows Vista in IE9 and FF8, but I can't see them in my own Ubuntu Linux in FF8.

    Other videos, e.g., on MSNBC, display just fine. Not to mention a bad word :-) ... but on a Blogger blog I maintain, the same YouTube videos display just fine.

    Videos on the YouTube site itself do still show and play. I am logged into YouTube from this computer; I tried logging out and back in and it did not help. I was logged into the whole time.

    Google shows my YouTube account, copyright strikes, etc. all "in good standing", and I posted several times to my blog today.

    Help, please?

  9. Additional info: you may want your developers to look at this, specifically in the context of Ubuntu Linux (10.10) and FF8. I used the FF8 "Web Developer" feature to determine that...

    - the GET for each YouTube video on the page succeeds in making it to the browser, though it is never embedded in the page,
    - something downstream of that throws a lot of errors in attempting to parse, apparently, the code WordPress generates later in inserting the video.

    Take a look at...

    ... for an example.

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