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youtube widget

  1. Is it possible to have my videos (selected number) in side bar of WATsON or LIFESTYLE templates? Im looking for something like Twenty Fourteen Ephemera or simply widget that allows me to connect with youtube acount (like Instagram widget). I couldnt find it in theme description and Id love to have this feature on my web.
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thank you for your reply. one more question. I tried uploading video via text widget, but the format of the video is wrong. I mean- its too "high". Is it possible to somehow manage it? Thank you

  3. Exactly what do you mean by:
    the format of the video is wrong. I mean- its too "high"

  4. Hm, its hard to explain, but: - as you can see, the video is higher than wider. Normaly the video format (or the format of the video window) is wider than longer.
    Is it possible to change it?
    Thank you

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