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    Hi. I’m new to blogging and seem to be experiencing real difficulties getting my photographs to appear in full (not poking out from behind the menu tab) and getting two or more photographs to appear full size. Can anyone please advise? Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is dawnkilner.wordpress.com.



    “full size” in WordPress.com jargon means images will display at the full width of the theme you are using, not the full size of the image you uploaded. For zBench, that seems to be around 630 pixels wide.

    In order to maximize your storage space and minimize the effects of resizing on the fly, it’s better to resize your images before uploading them. If you want to link to a larger image, then it’s still better to settle on a size far less than the 3648 pixels of the original image shown in that first post. 1280 pixels wide is plenty for onscreen display, IMHO.


    @dawn, you have to remember that a large portion of people are still on monitors with less that 1500px of width. That means that if you upload a 3648px wide image, people are going to not see the entire image. They are going to have to scroll around, up and down to see the different parts of the image.

    I never upload any image greater than 1000px wide so that the largest number of my visitors will be able to see the entire image (22% of web surfers are still on 1024px wide monitors).

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