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zBench - Windows 7 IE causing sidebar to display under main column

  1. I am creating a blog using the zBench theme, my WordPress version is up to date.

    I am developing this blog on a Windows XP Pro machine, and have tested it in IE, Firefox, and Chrome, all on different resolutions.

    I had a colleague look at the blog for feedback, and on his Windows 7 Pro machine in IE, the sidebar displayed underneath the main content column. The Facebook and RSS Feed icons remained in place.

    His machine was a laptop, running a widescreen resolution, I'm not sure the exact screen resolution.

    When I use a resolution that is "too small" the site displays properly, other than the gray background behind the nav menu getting cut off, displaying a white background in the top right corner of the nav / header area.

    I am wondering if this problem occurred from a screen resolution being too wide, is that at all possible?

    If that is not possible, I am thinking it may be because I relocated the search bar, removing it from the nav menu, and placing it directly above the sidebar.

    The URL is

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  3. Nevermind, posted this in the wrong forum, I'll head over to forums and repost it there.


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