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Zemanta: broken?

  1. In a post: I chose two photos from Zemanta--but when I clicked on 2nd image
    the first one disappeared --and vice versa, for HOURS.
    Fed up I did a looong work-around, opened a non-WP blog, etc., etc., and got both
    and more into the post, and forgot about it.

    But last night: same thing happened --one photo, one cartoon.
    clicked on 2nd image: 1st one disappeared Completely, no part of the code
    remained in HTML. I did two kinds of work-arounds to get images into post.

    Plus, if it matters: took several clicks till it got marked "clicked" (in orange) across
    the image.

    What's up? Anyone else having this issue?
    Only one image allowed per post
    I'm doing it wrong
    Zemanta is broken
    or what?

    If it matters: I was using
    Firefox 3.6

    Thanks for any details.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Zemanta is only set up to put one image per post in.

  3. Oh. News to me. Why? Not good. Then: Zemanta image useless --can be changed --with requests to WP? I want ALL good illustrations of a post; two
    isn't much, so I'll ignore, keep on doing my work-arounds, thanks for replying.

  4. No idea. That's just how it works. You can put as many images as you want, but you can only put one Zemanta in.

  5. Hey guys,
    sure you can add more pics with Zemanta. Just drag and drop them in your post. You can add as many as you like.

    Have fun!


  6. Really? Ah, they have to be dragged, now that explains things.

  7. ~zemanta
    So instead of >click on additional images --drag to post? Hmm...That's curious...not clear: why THAT works but not even copy/paste of images' code doesn't. I thot ONE image only was a waste. So ok, I'll try dragging.
    Glad you posted. Thanks.

  8. Zemanta Gone from WordPress Dash - my box is checked in personal settings but the tool is no longer showing in posting. Anyone else having this issue?

  9. @bodyquirks: When editing a post, go to your Screen Options on the top right corner and make sure "Recommendations" is checked.

  10. ~bodyquirks
    "recommendations"??? Just look at your draft--
    TOP/Right corner has tab: "HTML" and "Visual"
    --the ONLY way to see Zemanta links: click on "Visual" tab
    images box, links box + little green 'gear' (--to 'read' content) appear
    --disappear when you click on "HTML" --which personally I like
    while I'm writing (much better for several things)

    You know you're on "HTML" in draft: when you see orange box
    --SIDEBAR/bottom: which does Boldly say
    'you can only see Zemanta in Visual'

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