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Zemanta does not appear to be working correctly

  1. I participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge organised by WordPress and after have written my post I use Zemanta to find related links (mainly others taking part in the challenge) before publishing. Last week Zemanta found very few links using the search term "weekly photo challenge", normally I would see about 30 to 40. This week Zemanta is finding nothing and doesn't appear to be recommending any new links, no matter what search term I use.

    I see there are a few posts recently expressing problems with Zemanta but none seem to be like this.

    Is anyone else having problems and have you found a workaround?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Check your virus protection: it might be blacklisting Zemanta.

  3. I've just done that. It's not my anti-virus protection, but thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Then try disengaging Zemanta, doing a cache and cookie clear, restart, and then re-enable.

  5. That's not worked either. I'm going to add Zemanta as an extension to Chrome and see if that works....

  6. I've just downloaded the extension and enabled it. I'm editing a post in WordPress. Now I assume I have to right-click to use the Zemanta extension but there's no sign of it in the menu.

  7. An Update:

    I'm talking about the Zemanta that comes with WordPress, rather than the Chrome Extension.

    Zemanta is working after a fashion. When I create a new post I am given recommended links and related articles which are sort of relevant to my post. The media gallery from Zemanta also updates. However if I ask Zemanta to find me a specific topic, such as, "Weekly Photo Challenge" or any other topic for that matter, it goes through the motions but the media gallery and related articles just do not update.

  8. This has still not been resolved. Last week it was updating and I was seeing lots of related links. This week it just does not seem to want to update..

    Is anyone else having a problem with Zemanta?

  9. Hi!

    Sorry for the late response. We have had some issues last week but should be resolved since Friday. Can you try searching for something again?

    Rok from Zemanta

  10. That's much better. My search term was "Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside", fourteen related articles were highlighted. I would have expected more but it's a start. Thank you for resolving the problem

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