zemanta. I want to how links to my own posts

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    Is there a way with zemanta that I can choose links to my own posts rather than the random selection of posts zemanta suggests? I want to use it like linkwithin since we can’t run that. I don’t see a search option winthin zemanta that would enable me to select my own posts. Is there such a thing? Every once in a while it will have one of my posts as an option but I want to be able to select even more. THANKS!!! kimi.

    The blog I need help with is californiapixie.com.



    You have to use the browser version to do that > http://www.zemanta.com/download/


    Ha!!! Just saw this.

    Jan 10, 2012, 11:19 PM

    Use ZEMANTA. It does this, and you can configure it to pull only within your own blog if you want.

    HOW??? That is my question. How do I get zemanta to configure to pull only within my own blog. YES. the question.


    OK…will try. THANKS!


    There are so many choices. Which option do i download, do you know?


    Got it!!! Excited to try it out…thanks!!! kimi.


    Nope, that didn’t work. I want to be able to pick and chose from my own content. so it will be similar to link within. Aaaargh…just wish we could use linkwithin (too easy!).




    Yes, it works. If you’re having trouble with the browser add-on version of Zemanta, you can ask in their technical forums. They have excellent support.



    Yes! We found each other and resolved this.

    For anyone else:
    Using the Plugin that is integrated in WordPress.com always overrides the Browser Extension. The latter is richer in features + gives you access to Preferences with a lot of customization. For the latter to work you have to disable the plugin version (either in Screen Options on your Edit screen or Personal settings).
    If you need any more guidance let us know at (email redacted)


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