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  1. My Zemanta recommendations and Link Recommendations are not loading when I go to write a post. It just says "loading" in the Zemanta box. I have everything checked correctly in my user options as far as I can tell.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What browser and version are you using, and how big are your posts? There is a minimum number of words that Zemanta needs in order to recommend things.

  3. Hey Adam, thanks for reaching out, I'll gladly help!

    And yes, @raincoaster is right, the minimum amount of characters has to be at 200 for our widget to start giving you recommendations, but I'm somehow afraid this isn't the case with you, right?

    For now, I'd suggest you to install our browser extension, which you can find on our downloads page:

    After you install & enable your extension, go to your create-new-post page, open up the 'Screen Options' drop-down menu on the top right corner of your screen and un-tick the box next to "Use Zemanta to find related content".

    Finally, refresh the whole page and your widget should load up.

    Can you confirm this or does the problem still persist? Let me know, I'm eager to help you out! Here's my email address: support[at]zemanta[dot]com

    Looking forward to your reply! Take care & have a nice day!


  4. Hey guys, (raincoaster and hamaxtest) thanks a bunch for the help. I'm using Chrome, latest version. This is a new PC and we are just getting back to blogging, so I've been gone awhile and couldn't remember how all that worked. I'll try what you guys recommend and get back with you.

  5. Ok, I tried to do what hamaxtest suggested and no luck. Neither the suggested links at the bottom of my new post box nor the other Zemanta stuff is running. It just says "loading..."

    I'm running Win8 with chrome, have downloaded the extension and enabled it.

    I also have this box checked on my personal settings :

    Additional Post Content Help me find related content (images, links, related articles, and tags) to use in my posts. Powered by Zemanta!
    Your Zemanta API key is pilfq0yi7jtv0fjmpubmseo7 (you should only need this if you contact Zemanta support and they ask for it)

  6. Your latest post has no words whatsoever, just one video. Zemanta does not pick up on the contents of images or videos; only words. You need to put text in your blog posts in order to use Zemanta, 200 words minimum.

  7. I have several posts I'm working on that have the 200 words. I haven't posted them yet. It is not working on those posts (which are just drafts right now).

  8. Until you publish them and we can see them, we cannot help you.

  9. I really appreciate you guys helping. Turns out, I'm running Disconnect and it was blocking it. Prob solved :0

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