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Zemanta Related Posts and Related Posts

  1. If I tick 'Hide related links on this blog' for Possibly Related Posts to remove this feature will this effect post visibility in Zemanta Related Posts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No. Zemanta is disabled on this page > Settings > Users > Proofreading

  3. Oops! that should been Settings > Users > Personal Settings > > Proofreading

  4. Thanks for the response, do you know If I disable the Possibly Related Posts, will my content still be recommended in Zemanta?

  5. I don't know the answer to that, however, the support documentation entry contains a Zemanta FAQs link so I suggest you use it and see if you can find an answer. They also have a forum and a contact us link.

  6. If you USE Zemanta on a post, that post goes into the Zemanta database. I'm not entirely sure if all your posts do, though.

    Possibly Related Posts is not, ironically, related to Zemanta. They are independent.

  7. This ties in with another discussion I'm in at the moment,

    I just went to the Zemanta site (got to learn new stuff) and notice that in order to submit your site to Zemanta you have to provide a full text feed (RSS or Atom) NOT summary feed.

    Yet for other reasons, many of us prefer to have our WordPress setting for feeds as summary, not full.

    Zemanta goes on to say if we do not want a Full feed for public, we can provide them with a private feed. But how do we do that?

    Curiosity will kill the cat, here, I am sure.

  8. You can't. So I suppose if your feeds are not full, you eliminate yourself from inclusion in Zemanta's links and images. Make an informed choice.

  9. As I said on the other thread (can we combine the two?) my answer to that is no.

    It is up to WordPress to provide a private full feed as required by their business partner, while retaining the user functionality as it stands.

    I'm prepared to pay for that as an upgrade bundled with the No Ads upgrade. :)

  10. A "private feed".

    I love you, but you make me laugh so hard sometimes. Like now.

    Why would do that? Every business argument they have is for the situation as it stands now. If they provided full feeds to ANY partner, blog scrapers will get them and that eliminates the reason to provide summary feeds in the first place.

  11. If that is the danger, why would they enter into business with Zemanta.

    I may be wrong, but I read Zemanta's need for the full feed as being so they can accurately target an audience, NOT to publish the work in full in any way.

    After all, they can't get enough information from a summary.

    Surely their business model with WordPress would be to protect WordPress' customer interest. No-one would partner with Zemanta if they were going to rip off stuff that easily.

  12. Zemanta doesn't rip stuff off. They are an awesome team producing an awesome and useful product.

    But Zemanta doesn't become active, because it doesn't have enough information, until it has about 200 words of text to analyze. That's why it needs full feeds. And there's no such thing as a Private Feed, really. If it goes to Zemanta, that means blog scrapers can get it. If it exists as a feed, blog scrapers can grab it. It's easy.

    It is simply not possible to have a "private" RSS feed, because RSS by definition and engineering is public.

  13. I didn't say that very clearly. What I am trying to say is this. Zemanta provides a service, as I understand it, to essentially cut down our google time (ouch to Google, I suppose). Blog scrapers can find the full blog anyway, through other means.

    Zemanta providing summaries is not going to stop that.

    Did I miss something in reading the Zemanta web site? :)) Highly likely, I have to say!

  14. We posted together, how sweet! :))

    "Zemanta doesn't rip stuff off. They are an awesome team producing an awesome and useful product" - Exactly what I thought!

    OK - then let me ask this - if there is no such thing as a private feed, why do Zemanta ask for it?

    Are we going to post together again? LOL

  15. Zemanta asks for a special feed. It's Private only in that it would go from the source blog to Zemanta rather than be used as the default feed of the blog, but if it exists, it can be captured, either through Zemanta or otherwise. If you're included in Related Posts, that's a route to your full posts, isn't it? And you're included because you provide full feeds.

    The word "private" is a misnomer in this case. It doesn't exist. It can't.

  16. Zemanta doesn't provide summaries. Where did you get that idea? Zemanta provides links to the entire post.

  17. Yes, I know it provides links to the entire post - but you get to the entire post or article in much the same way as any other search engine, so I don't see a difference there. What I meant was, Zemanta aren't handing anyone the entire article (newspaper, blog, whatever).

    I'm sorry - I'm one of those annoying yellow quadrant HBDI people - we can't help but want to change anything and everything!

    A special feed could be directly over a secure connection between Zemanta and WordPress - that isn't that hard to do - to allow Zemanta to provide their awesome product.

    There are times when I feel an intense dislike for internet technology!

    I'm going to go do my laundry now. WIll let all this churn in my mind. Outlaw blog scrapers or whatever you called them - problem solved!

  18. IT could not be. It really couldn't.

  19. @raincoaster I think I'll just submit my feed to Zemanta then. Thanks for the idea.
    @teamoyeniyi If you really want your posts to be included in Zemanta then you can have 2 feeds.

    1. WordPress RSS with Full Posts
    2. Create your own summary feed at the Google-owned Feedburner ( by activating 'Summary Burner' and send visitors to this.

    Though that's a long fix just to get included in the database. But try doing it the other way with your normal summary RSS and making a Feedburner, see what it does I think it may make a complete RSS.

  20. Oh now that is a smart fix. It won't work with themes with built-in RSS links, but it will work for the others. Thanks!

  21. Linearfix, you and Raincoaster are successfully doing my head in. I hope you both realise this.

    I'll have to come back to this problem another day, but at least there is a workaround. :)

  22. And of course my theme has a built-in RSS feed.............

  23. @teamoyeniyi
    All wordpress blogs (both and have two RSS feeds built in. One feed is for posts (entries) and one is for comments.

    This is the RSS feed URL for your posts (entries):
    This is the RSS feed URL for your comments:

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