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    Is it possible to setup Zemanta so that it would only show own blogposts as related posts? Is anybody using Zemanta exactly that way?

    The blog I need help with is diaryofdennis.com.




    Sure you can! It’s a bit easier if your blog is hosted on WP.org, since we have a plugin that does that automatically (insertes related posts from your own blog), but you can do that with our Editorial Assistant manually as well.

    First, you’ll have to download & install the appropriate browser extension (if you haven’t already). You can find them on our downloads page; here’s the link: http://zem.si/PqCSDD

    After that, click on the ‘Sign In’/’Preferences’ button, after a pop-up of your Z-Dashboard should appear. Insert the blogs you write (and read) under the tab ‘Preferences’-‘My Sources’, click on the ‘Save’ button, and after that, you should be able to find those related articles under the ‘My Sources’ tab of your Zemanta widget, when creating a new post. This way you’ll be able to add those articles only you want, from your own sources.

    Let me know if I haven’t been clear enough or if you need any further assistance — I’ll gladly help! Here’s my email address: (email redacted)

    Take care & have a nice day!



    I did understand and it is working. However it looks like it will often suggest the same stuff.

    I am also not so happy with the results. It often shows completely unrelated posts. I have for example several posts about fish tanks and if I try to use zementa on one of the posts, it will not suggest the other fish related posts but some unrelated blogposts.

    How does zementa suggest related posts? Are tags not included?


    The answer is yes. The way you accomplish this is to download the Zemanta browser-on for Firefox.


    oops! I meant to type Zemanta browser add-on.


    Yes I use the addon already now. Looks like it can suggest related, if I create a new blogpost. But when I try to edit older ones, it seems that the tool suggests somewhat unrelated stuff. But it seems to work good if I start to write a new blogpost.




    Hm, this does sound a bit unusual (the thing with older blogposts), we have to admit that.

    Do you wait for our widget to analyze the text inside the editor? And you still get recommended unrelated content? Try to copy the already written text, delete it, paste it in the editor again, click on the ‘analyze’ button, and see if that helps in any way. But don’t click on the ‘Save’ or the ‘Update’ button while you’re doing this, you don’t want to mess up your old posts.

    Let me know if this helps you in any way.



    Yes I wait for the suggestions. I will give your idea a try later. Thanks.


    Zemanta is a great idea but it still does not work correctly for me. I don´t know… I wrote so much about cats and if I make a new post then the plugin would like to suggest me for example fish tank related or flower related own blogposts.

    I will create related post section on my blogposts manually in the future.

    But maybe I will try your tool again if it is improved. Because it is a great function you offer, if it would suggest right.

    So here is my tip fore improvement. Show the user more then just a few own blogposts in the list or let the user search for own blogposts with the plugin too. Also the database should learn what kind of decisions user make to learnto give better suggestions.




    Hey Dennis!

    Well, we certainly respect your view and appreciate your feedback, to be honest! We know we’re still far from perfect, but everyday we tackle different challenges that will undoubtedly improve our service even more in the future. And if something, then our users feedback is the one that will help us develop in the right direction.

    But in the meanwhile, if you’d just like to link out to your own blogposts, allow me to introduce you our other, second plugin, called ‘Related posts by Zemanta’, which is completely read-side based. This means, that once you set the parameters in your plugin settings, our aggregator automatically inserts your own Related Posts at the end of your blog-posts.

    You’re welcome to give it a quick run-test, if you find the time. Just follow the steps on our homepage and you should have your Zemanta plugin installed on your WordPress’s Dashboard in no-time. Here’s the link: http://www.zemanta.com

    I’d also like to hear your thoughts in this experience, but only when you find the time, no rush!

    Once again — thanks for your valuable feedback and I’m looking forward to hear from you more. Take care & have a nice day!




    I have a blog in wordpress.com, but I can´t make Zemanta works. This only shows me post from another authors.

    My blog is in Portuguese. Is Zemanta work to blog in this language? Is this the problem?




    Hey @carlinhafreitas!

    Yeah, unfortunately the English language is already causing us full hands of work as it is, so I’m afraid we won’t be implementing other languages anytime soon (although it’s one of our dearest wishes).

    But we do think about easy solutions such as using the Google Translate API key, which does enable you to use our Recommended Articles and tags. Here’s the link to some more info: http://zem.si/Wt3Xuh

    Let me know if you have any more questions or if you need any kind of assistance — I’ll gladly help! Take care & have a nice day!


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