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Zemanta showing same recommendations for nearly every post

  1. I'm using the Zemanta browser add-on. When working on a post and
    clicking on "my sources" I see the same recommendations for
    nearly every post and a lot of those recommendations are not
    even related to the post I'm working on. What could be the problem? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How many sources have you included? If you restrict Zemanta to something very small, like a brand new blog, it will not come up with much.

  3. I have a total of 154 posts (I only want to include links to my own posts). Thanks!

  4. That's your problem. Not only is the sample size very small, but you're also not using a lot of the same tags/categories on posts. If you write about bears, and tag it "bears" and lots of other posts are tagged "bears" then that will give Zemanta something to work with.

  5. Hey!

    How many different blogs have you entered in your 'My Sources' section in your Dashboard? Any chance you could send us your email address so we could check your preferences and hopefully advise you on how to improve your experience?

    Since it is true that our widget cannot handle too many different source feeds, we still think we can help you out on how to limit those to a bearable amount.

    We'd love to help you out, let us know! Here's my email address: [email redacted]

    Thank you both for your help & take care!


  6. Thanks raincoaster and Silvo. @Silvo I just sent you an email.

  7. I am having the same problem!

    I keep getting the same 10 posts suggested and they are all my most recent. Somehow Zemanta is not accessing my older posts.

    My posts are clearly tagged. For example I have several posts tagged "bathroom" but they are not being suggested for each other. Please help! The site is

  8. Hi rosefleur, I'm still hoping to find a solution as well...

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