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    All of a sudden I have zero spam in my Akismet spam queue. I noticed it yesterday. This seems wrong to me because I always have hundreds of spam in there and I never delete it. My main concern is that stuff is disappearing, including comments, which I regularly have to retrieve out of there.

    Thanks for your help!

    Cheryl/Women’s Space




    These are from today’s spam posts. It’s happening to me too. I have contacted support. Many of the comments that have been left have been nuked. Usually I have to retrieve some comments from the spam. None are showing up now. This is the second day of this occurrence.

    The links that you provided do not pertain to this issue. This is a backend bug on the part of and the filter.



    It’s being checked out now.



    I finally had a bunch of Spam put into Akismet just now. A couple of comments caught were False Positives and one message from a blog regular finally showed up after being posted 10 hours ago — but never it didn’t show up in Moderation or Akismet. The comment just vanished. Until now. When it showed up in Akismet. I cleared it. Shwheh! SMILE!



    I’m still having issues with mine. It has not been fixed for me. I got your email Mark. I replied saying that it’s still occurring to me, at least.

    I hope that I didn’t lose any comments.



    same here. i haven’t had new spam for about 2 weeks already…



    Must be nice…



    This is a continuing issue for me as well. OVer the months, many legitimate comments from repeat posters went to Spam. OK as long as retrievable. But now that spam is a black hole a big problem.

    I have tried to send feedback, and was successful and Mark emailed yesterday (Thanks!) they are working on it… but as I tried to lodge further feedback during the night, feedback has a glitch, the “send feedbak” button either does not function wehen there or is not there.

    Hoping for a resolution soon. Thanks in advance for the fix.

    Good luck!



    I complained about this in early Feb. in the third thread judyb12 listed above and it is still a continuing issue for me, too.



    Still losing comments. Spam sweeps them in and they disappear. Roughly 20 % of comments (that I hear about) going to the Akismet black hole.

    It ws a bit tedious when ti swept in regular comments from regular posters but at least they were retrievable.

    Hoping for a solution soon.



    Spam file as a black hole is still occuring. i see there is no update to this forum, as well the feedback page is still malfunctioning for me.

    I have enjoyed the product and thought the many bugs were a part of growth and that bit by bit they would be dealt with.

    Losing comments is not acceptable. People at my site have suggested i look into Drupal. I will give this a couple of days for improvement and then will look around.

    I hope there is a fix.. but I am thinking that perhaps WP is overwhelmed.



    Drupal is a much bigger thing than It has merits and a lot of options, but it’s nowhere near as quick to get up and running, plus you’ve got to find hosting. You might be better off with software in your own webspace; it’ll be more like what you’re used to.

    I, too, have been losing a reported 4-6 real comments per day from my regulars and there’s no way to get them back. Also not sure the Feedbacks have gone through.



    Yeah, the feedbacks aren’t behaving the same way they used to (doesn’t look like they close).

    I’m losing comments as well. I just had to try and post a comment on my own blog 3 times before it would show up.



    raincoaster, thanks for the information. I have not even looked… I used WP as several people recommended it as much more flexible and likely to be more innovative down the line than blogger/blogspot. I am pretty tech-limited… but I do know that glitches and problems need resolution and certainly need feedback.

    I am pretty sure my feedback is not working. The words stay in the box. LOL they don’t leave.

    I hope they get a resolution, a couple of long time commenters are completely shut out as they always were swept into spam… and now not retrievable…

    Thanks again.. ;)



    I know some of the Drupal people, and it’s certainly a robust system, but if you really just want to blog WordPress of some kind will be easier to manage. Also, despite current issues, WordPress really is far less prone to breakdown than Blogger, and the support is better. I have two blogs there and one here and one blog as well, so that’s my two cents.

    You can always send an email to “Support at WordPress dot com”. Presumably email is working.




    Finally feedback worked for me.. I got a reply email from Mark (after I had opened a couple of issues threads at Forums) and apparently there is an ongoing site maintenace.

    We shall see.

    Thanks for your replies.



    Spam file showing (0) for several hours today. Normally active most of the time. Commenters not complaining of being swept to spam but I am concerned it might escalate.

    I came here again as the Feedback form failed. Clicked the ‘send feedback’, button disppears, words stay in the box.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

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