Zero to Hero: Day Eight

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    @anamelio, you’re definitely not alone in feeling that way! It’s why so many “About” pages try to rely on humor (which is not a bad thing!).


    Dear WordPress, I have a problem.
    My about page is ridiculously good looking.
    Seriously, it is the George Clooney of About Pages. Put it this way, if my about page was a wine it would be a Henry Jayer Grand Cru Richebourg Vosne Romanee Cote De Nuit.

    Lets just say its pretty good.


    Today’s task gave me the idea to extend my about page on my hobbies. Here is the first one


    If my about page was a snowboarder it’d be Shaun White.

    It’s seriously cool.


    If my about page was a song it’d be…that really annoying one that you can’t get out of your head.


    @vegasesundance, that’s a good problem to have. Also, we get it, thanks ;)



    @michelleweber – yep, right in the visual editor! Some of my tags are also the names of categories, yes. And that’s done it! Thank you!

    Also, I noticed that the tag you use can’t have a space in it (i.e. neither tag=”my garden” nor tag=”my_garden” brings up any posts). Is this right?



    I don’t think that my About page is as good as Mr. vegasesundance’s Douglas Adams meet the Internet version; I am nonetheless happy with the revamp I did to it.



    i just did a new about me page earlier this week, i’m going to check out the 101 and 201 an maybe make some changes to the about me page, but i am pretty happy with how it is right now.

    please take a look and any tips are always welcome.



    I thought I was completely content with my About page, but I have been twerking…. I mean tweaking for a good 30 minutes now and realize that NOW I am completely content. I split it up. Thanks for the push!

    From there, you can read The Deal With the Blog.


    I’m not sure whether to be pleased about this. My About Me page was the one I really didn’t like, so I do need to revisit it, but it was the one I really didn’t like so I don’t want to revisit it.

    On the other hand, I’m feeling the urge to procrastinate from it with something I should actually be doing. And writing this comment, which is not something I should be doing.


    Here is my about page, any comments/suggestions are welcome : )


    Today’s challenge has finally let me ad the critical acclaim to my about page. I haven’t rounded them all up yet but here’s a little taster:

    “Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime. The tensest blog this year. Absolutely gripping…wait, which blog are we reviewing? Oh no, that one was terrible.”
    -A Highly Acclaimed Anonymous Blog Critic



    Loving this new challenge! It’s important to highlight the aspects of yourself that brought you to the blogging community. Sure, you don’t always feel comfortable writing about yourself, but let’s face it. We’re all writers, self-awareness comes with the job :p


    Does anyone know? I get likes on my blog and their names show up but it doesn’t have a follow link, or a link to anything…it’s just a black name with a profile picture.

    Who are those people? I don’t mind them liking an stuff I just want to know why I can’t see their blog..or if they even have one.


    I have been browsing this challenge and would love some constructive thoughts on my ‘About’ page :)


    @travellingmacs I liked it a lot. It sounded really pretty and flowed nicely. Good job!



    You know, I’ve already done a lot of things in the Zero to Hero Challenge in the past, but this one is totally new. People say my About page is funny and charming, but the Daily Post told me to approach it differently–the About page should tell a story, not just random facts about me.


    @michelleweber – thank you SO much for the display codes tip. I tried it, it worked great!

    @ashkej – I didn’t see my posts appear at first either. I ended up exiting the browser and then opening the blog page again. The posts displayed right away.

    Also, I experimented with using categories rather than tags per the article, worked terrific. Thanks again – this is awesome.

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