Zero to Hero: Day Eleven

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    Well, that was fun. It was a bit of a challenge to find blogs I didn’t comment on but I did it. I always have one lingering conundrum when it comes to commenting. Should we restrict ourselves to commenting just on the blogs with a similar subject to ours or should we spread our wings and leave a comment on a blog that deals with a topic we are light years away from? Maybe I’ll expand on that in post… How do other bloggers feel about that issue?

    There are no shoulds; there are only coulds.

    We are free to follow and/or comment on any blog we wish and to follow and/or comment on any post we wish to comment on.

    You never know where your next blog topic will come from if you have a personal blog that has no specific purpose other than to share opinions on this and that. So if you have time to spread our wings and leave a comment on a blog that deals with a topic you are light years away from – go for it!

    However, if you are a person with a vibrant offline life, and you want to be a successful blogger and you have a blog with a specific purposes or purposes in mind, and you will measure your blogging success in part based on numbers of followers, traffic stats, gaining authority backlinks and pagerank, then don’t cut any corners when it comes to reducing your offline time commitments. Create a time management strategy and stick to it. My related posts are:
    Doing Less, Producing More, Feeling Great
    12 Time Management Tips for Top Blogging Performance

    Commenting generates traffic back to your own blog so everyone will recommend that you to comment on blogs in all categories you are interested in. My clients, who tend to be self-employed business people, would be getting less than what they pay me for if a spieled off the typical list of reasons for taking the scatter-gun approach to commenting that all come back to creating relationships, having fun and commenting to generate traffic back to your own blog.

    I am a researcher and writer by trade, who is also a long time blogger. I am a partner in a small business and I do contract technical writing as well. I am an introverted reader by personality type with a very wide range of interests. In short I am both a busy and pragmatic person and over the course of 9 years I have learned not to invest my online time in light weight conversations that many refer to as “reader engagement”. It takes a lot to engage me at all and there’s a simple reason for that. I know if I comment on a blog posts there will be a response to my comment and that can create a time consumptive back and forth that throws me completely off schedule. In fact I will not click any follow comment buttons on any blogs this year and I have disabled notifications to lighten my email load.

    I pay for No-Ads upgrades for both of my blogs. As I don’t have generated ads on my blogs the traffic my blogs do not get provide any financial benefit from ad-clickers to me or to I don’t comment on any post unless I feel I have something meaningful to add to the discussion and in 2014 I’ll be focusing on crafting quality blog comments, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be commenting more on blogs with unrelated content.

    I am into attracting targeted readers (see below) to my blogs, and I will be devoting my precious online time to commenting primarily but not exclusively on blogs that do have similar content in 2014.

    Whether you blog to inform, to entertain, to persuade or to provoke controversy, to have a successful blog you must identify your target audience and let your audience’s interests guide your content strategy.

    What does targeted audience mean?

    • Targeted readers use search utilities and search engines to locate blogs with specific content.
    • Targeted readers are those who are already interested in your blog content and they are the most likely to have blogs with similar content.
    • Targeted readers are readers with similar blog content, who are most likely to backlink to your posts in related posts of their own, thereby assisting you to develop authority in your niche and a pagerank for your blog.
    • Targeted readers are the readers who are most likely create a pattern of commenting on your posts.
    • Targeted readers are most likely to follow ie. subscribe to your blog and/or recommend it to their own readers/commenters/followers by linking to your blog on a Links page or in a blogroll.


    Was able to comment on one new blog (one time)… Haven’t had a chance to do anything with blog all day… Been one of those days where blogging (and pretty much everything) has taken a backseat… Hubby having a bad day and been needing my assistance throughout most – Will admit to taking some downtime to watch NCIS (w/ hubby) as well… Now off to take bike to son, shopping, then dinner, etc… Blogging??? = ???. :-P


    P.S. My apologies for the glaring errors above. I’m having vision issues.


    Blogging is a hobby here at It’s not a job and those in the WordAds program for free hosted bloggers are not making an income from it. They are making some pocket change. Never ever compromise your relationships with family and friends by prioritizing devoting time to blogging over and above devoting time to the people and things that truly matter in life.


    And I thank you for that @tenacarr!

    Nice to see you @thistimethisspace!


    Thanks. The glasses are great but I need to take another rest break now. Please do read and heed what I said because I’ve been there, done that and received several T-shirts that I refuse to wear. ;)


    I hear ya @thistimethisspace. I only spend a few minutes at a time here. This is the only place I chat and post. I have a few of those T-shirts too…haha!


    Oh boy, time sure does fly when you are on WordPress. I have more blogs to visit yet, but if you are looking for a place to start, check out our fellow Zero to Hero participant’s post about being a good WordPress neighbor:



    Day 11, done! I got to comment on more than 3 posts. I could go on commenting; discovered a lot of really good posts!



    Hi, I just found this challenge and is starting out 11 days late.. but still thought it would be fun, so i’m trying it anyway ^^,



    I’m swimming–drowning-following!



    I would love some feedback. I have been following along with the challenges up to this point, and taking the advice, especially about visual elements and meeting others, to heart. The blog I am linking to has had something from each of the 11 days incorporated into its design, and I would love to know how well it appeals. I am not going to get out-of-sorts if this is removed, but I really would like the feedback :)



    I love reading other blogs and commenting on them. Most of the time it is over a shared experience or offering up some tip or trick I have learned. I have also found out its best to not start a long conversation on/with a comment, contact them some other way.

    I think my favorite comment was the one I left on a guys very first post and gave him his first follower. I know when I got mine I finally felt like people actually looked at my blog.


    I love these challenges. I am going to read some of your post now.



    @rteverett, I know what you mean. The first time someone responded to me was very encouraging, and I try to pay extra attention and like/comment on blogs that are just starting up. This week is the first time I’ve had a lengthy discussion thread on one of my blogs, and it was so sweet.


    @rteverett and @gno112, back in my food blogging days, I would always make a point of leaving a few comments a week on brand-new blogs, because I’ve never forgotten how much those first few non-friend/family comments meant to me.

    rteverett, hooray for being someone’s first follower, and gno112, hooray for getting some commenting traction on your own site!


    @gno112, on your site, I think the header image actually competes with the background pattern. You’ve also got quite a long sidebar, with a lot of elements. Your posts are fun to read, but for me, the site is a little visually distracting.

    A few ideas:
    – Pick either the header image, or the background.
    – Try a more stark theme that lets your images shine — for you, especially given that this is a group blog, I think TheStyle (a premium theme) or Hatch (free) would show off the cool background and make it easier to highlight all your contributors. Check out:
    – Consider paring down your widgets a bit. Things like the “not Freshly Pressed” graphic and award images add needless clutter; if you want to keep them, think about creating a page. AwardAnd If you’ve got a lot of links to share, consider adding a “Links/Resources” page rather than using a Blogroll/Blogs I Follow widgets

    You have some really interesting content, so I’d hate for it to get lost in a too-busy site! I think you’re off to a really good start, you just need to take a step back, and do a little streamlining.


    @gno112, I’d also take a a look at magazine-style themes like Oxygen, The Morning After, Suburbia, and The Columnist (all free).


    @rteverett I just visited your blog and it’s one of the cleanest ones I’ve seen! I even posted a comment -:)



    So many great comments on this discussion thread! It’s true that blogging is a hobby and of course real people in real live space should take priority. I’ve already found some great new (to me) and new blogs that I am so impressed with and inspired by.
    As for commenting, I comment on whatever inspires me. I find blogs on my Reader in the Tag section and in the “You might Like” box. I found a few there that I wouldn’t necessarily follow but was totally intrigued and commented. And – yes – all comments are welcome. I do have mine set to moderate and maybe I won’t get to them for a couple of days if life gets busy, but they are soooooooo welcomed. Happy Sunday evening to all

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