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Zero to Hero: Day Eleven

  1. @bee60, to piggyback on that, it's true that virtual life should never eclipse blog life. And, per @timethief's earlier comment, restricting following/commenting/engagement to sites where your targeted audience congregates is a smart use of time if you're trying to grow a blog that has a clear focus.

    I'd add to that that (1) if you're not sure who/where your target audience is, cast a wide net while you're figuring it out and (2) even when/if you ID them, continue branching out as time permits, to take advantage of internet serendipity. You never know who's interested in what/who knows who/who reads what!

  2. I have been following some blogs and reading them on daily basis. Some of them are really inspirational. I summarized three blogs I came across during this weekend:

  3. captureyouphotography

    Some of you do not have your blogs linked to your profile image it is easier to LIKE a page of someone that has LIKED yours if you can get to their blog via the picture that shows up under the post.
    Everyone double check.

  4. Now I am curious about tomorrow...

  5. sabrinacaldwell

    Well here we are at day 11 of 30 and I have done the task @michelleweber has set every day. I can't even stay on a diet that long!

    I've found some awesome new bloggers to follow and started drafting my post about it (easier than writing the new blog info down somewhere else).

    Still having fun...

  6. @sabrinacaldwell, nice! On to Day 12 :)

  7. Done :) I took some blogs from this challenge because I haven't looked at them much yet, and I found some great new blogs to follow and read :)

  8. Am I the only one who feels like if a post already has a loooong list of comments, there's no need to add to the general confusion?

    What about hundreds of likes on a post -- you add your like anyway, even though they clearly don't "need" it?

  9. @michelleweber today task is to explore blogosphere and make a comment in three blog right? I have a question to you. I'm blogger from indonesia, how can I search Indonesian wordpress user in blogosphere or reader in wordpress ? please,help me...

  10. @415whisperer, it's not about what they need (which: we have no way of knowing) it's about you expressing that you enjoyed it. I like what I like, no matter how many others like it, or don't. As for comments, hopefully, you're only commenting when you have something genuine to share. I do understand the "they don't need my comment" feeling, but you never know who your thoughts will resonate with, and how.

    In longer comment threads, there are often fascinating discussions and discussions-on-discussions going on that go beyond the original post -- on a blog, comment content is just as important as post content, although we don't often think of comments that way.

  11. @kraukraukdi, first off, you can change the interface language, so that you're using in Bahasa Indonesia; that might help generally. Head to your personal settings to do that, here:

    There are also Indonesian forums -- you could start visiting blogs you find there, and then following the blogs/blogrolls/commenters of things you like:

  12. I just wanted to take a couple of moment to thank everyone I connected with on this challenge. I even got nominated for a blogger award and that makes me giddy as heck! So many fabulous blogs out there and if I hadn't started blogging and entered this challenge, it would be like starring into a candy store and not getting any candy...LOL
    Kudos to everyone!

  13. agirlinpinkdress

    I have some catching up to do, but I'm so excited to join this :)
    Here is mine :

  14. cogitoergoabby

    I have found the 'who am I, why am I here' post we did earlier in the challenge, and updating the 'about' page so important for this task (and many others) - trying to find bloggers that have the same goals as I do in 'blog world' has become so much easier now I have my aims and goals in the front of my mind.
    What this task, and the ones on looking for new blogs, have reminded me of is that there are other aspects to my life that bloggers can help me with: I am a school governor, a terrible gardener, a wannabe piano teacher. Somehow, I had not made the link to the fact that blogging is a source of help in many aspects of what I do. D'oh.

  15. thistimethisspace



    Commenting generates traffic back to your own blog so everyone will recommend that you to comment on blogs in all categories you are interested in.

    No hard feelings here I just want to melt the thaw.

    I commented on your blog but my comments never appeared. Yesterday I wished you a good day and my comment appeared on your blog after 24 hours.
    It is not that bad but its a beginning.

    What you posted above was off-topic for this forum thread and is yet another attempt to manipulate me into ignoring my own commenting policy.

    Off-topic comments
    Every comment you have submitted to my posts has not had nothing whatsoever to do with the content in the post it was submitted to. Every one has been ego driven, self centered and manipulative.

    I do not appreciate your immature self absorbed style of communication.

    I will not approve your comments.

    I do not want you to follow my blog.

  16. thistimethisspace

    captureyouphotography said:

    Some of you do not have your blogs linked to your profile image it is easier to LIKE a page of someone that has LIKED yours if you can get to their blog via the picture that shows up under the post.
    Everyone double check.

    That's good advice.

    To add a Gravatar image go to > Users > My Profile and on the top right hand corner click to add your avatar/gravatar image.

    To add you blog link to your Gravatar profile page while logged into go to > Users > My Profile and scroll down to lINKS.


    Gravatars/blavatars do not show up instantly after uploading them. Gravatar images are cached and frequently take several days to display after a change. Do not keep uploading!

    For best practices for uploading gravatars, avatars and blavatars scroll down to below the video here:

    To enable Gravatar display and hovercard display on your blog go to > Settings > Discussion and scroll way done the page to "Avatars".

  17. Read a lot of new blogs today and commented on them. Day 11, successfully done :)

  18. bananabread166746

    I've just started and am on day two but having problems with some of the themes only allow them in the footer?

  19. @cmcrabtree

    do some of the themes only allow them in the footer?

    Yes. Not every theme has a sidebar.
    Here's the live demo link for your theme
    This is the detailed theme description for the theme you are using
    Scroll down to "Quick Specs" there.
    Note all widgets are installed and uninstalled here > Appearance > Widgets
    The main widgets page is here >
    Widgets now have "visibility" settings so we can select which pages they display on. See here:

  20. ediblereflections

    I decided to go thru my Reader and pay attention to the different blogs I'm following. I do follow more food-related blogs, but I've also branched out to others such as photography, news and fashion.
    This assignment made me conscious about the different topics that I follow.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  21. imperfectlyhis24

    I "m a few days behind. I can't wait to start day 11 !

  22. Very happy to see this task. I have posted 3+1 comments. I'm again late because I'm developing my blog.

  23. Good day;
    If you allow me, back to the initial comment
    "(...) it's true that virtual life should never eclipse blog life. ",

    I wonder what exactly people mean by "virtual life".
    Writing is a fundamental tool of expression in our society, either for information (social) and knowledge (science and teaching). WordPress is doing a marvelous work at bringing Authors (writers, novelists, poets) together and publishing their fruits. However, social meeting remains essential, important to a certain degree. WordPress MeetUps is a clear example to that.

    Nevertheless, I think this online activity can not be qualified of "virtual", as such. The template is still 2 dimensions (width/height). For something to be virtual, meaning similar to real-life, the third dimension must exist.

    Experiencing 3d virtual life since 2007, meaning actually living in a virtual set up, and it being now accessible to everyone, I came to realize that Authors in this community would benetif greately from that (3d set up), as a complement.

    Honestly, that would not eclipse blog-life, but only make it better. Especially if one considers transport difficulties and circulation density... Then, the word "virtual" would be carrying its true definition!


  24. NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you're just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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