Zero to Hero: Day Fifteen

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    Is it a responsive layout theme?
    Check here
    Yes it is

    Know that responsive width or responsive layout means the layout adapts depending on the size of the device being used to view your site. When responsive width themes are viewed on mobiles sidebars appear below the posts in order to provide as much space as possible for reading. Go to > Appearance > Mobile and disable the mobile theme



    @easygoingmama & @timethief – I have been using the “more” on older posts when I put up a new post but keep the new one full length. Is it better to do it with all of them so someone dropping by for the first time sees a few titles at a glance? I was thinking more along the lines of a regular visitor can read the newest without another click. After looking at your page I put a “more” on the top post. I’m not 100% sure….. Any thoughts on this?




    Could be back to the old theme for me….

    Or not … be aware that it’s not desktop using that’s exploding. Desktop sales are down 10 -11 % from last year and will continue to fall. It’s mobile and tablet use that’s exploding. Tablets are quickly replacing PCs and Tablet sales are likely to surpass PCs by 2015.

    When you use a theme that does not have responsive layout what happens is you activate the mobile theme. The mobile theme is a separate theme different from the one that desk top users see.


    Thanks for the advice. I just tried that but it was already disabled. So I enabled it and disabled it again but it didn’t make any difference!

    Thanks anyway. Very helpful again! I might just look around for a different theme I think. Or revert back to the old one and try and make it resemble the new one somehow!



    what do you use for graphic editing tools? I need something that is easier than photoshop and adobe please..

    I would to add graphic to a header etc but not sure how.



    I’m so behind with this, I just did day 12, posting following a comment on another blog! D’oh!

    But I did have a play with fonts, colours etc and came back to the one I have when I first started. Because I use a lot of images I like the monochrome simplicity. What does everyone think?



    Please disable the Mobile theme and then click this link to see how your blog displays in various devices.



    @trentpmcd, it depends! Give it a try both ways, and look at your stats to see what’s happening with the older posts — when do more people click on them? My personal preference is to always use excerpts, but many other people like the convenience of not having the click on the main new post.

    @immigrantmommy, I’ve not used it personally, but I know lots of folks use and like PicMonkey, a free online photo editor:


    I did this at @timethief‘s suggestion. I actually think its pretty awesome but will give it some time to see how other’s like it. I’ve gotten several comments and likes today doing it that way, so it hasn’t affected anything so far.



    A long time ago I was convinced I ought to display only full posts. I spent value time and effort generating DMCA notices to have my content taken off splogs. I gave that up and it made no difference at all tom my readers. They understood why set the RSS Feed for posts to summary and why I insert the more tag into every post, and many did the same thing I did and continue to do it now. That didn’t completely stop the content theft but inserting a copyright notice immediately after the more tag worked very well.


    Thanks Michelle,

    I will check it! Thanks for the input on my blog as well. I am experimenting with those themes now :-)




    @michelleweber – Thanks. Another quick question – Sometimes I will see a lot of activity – likes, new followers, etc. – but nothing shows up in the stats. Do views “count” if the viewer doesn’t leave the Reader? If so, should I open the pages so the bloggers know somebody has been there?
    Thanks also @timethief – something to think about.


    Thanks Timethief! Very useful!




    There’s also Pixlr Express for additional photo effects as well as basic photo editing tools like PicMonkey.


    Wow that was so cool! So my sidebar comes up at the side on a few devices if you turn them on their sides. man that was so cool! I suppose that’ll have to do. I also turned on the mobile site a while ago cause I found the comment box was just under the post.

    Now I’m going back to the responsinator to do that again. Everybody should check it out! I wonder can I make that a widget?


    Lookin good!


    @trentpmcd, views of a blog in the Reader still count as views, so you’re contributing to a blogger’s stats even if you stay in the Reader.

    As for stat discrepancies, they update in close-but-not-100%-real-time, so the activity you see on your site doesn’t always totally correlate with stats in that moment.



    @timethief Your link to the responsinator (which sounds like an evil villain’s ultimate weapon/car) was incredibly useful, as well as the content theft ones – thank you! I doubt anyone would be nicking my stuff since my blog’s still on the small side, but very handy all the same.

    Finally found a better theme for my blog earlier (or at least for me it is) which means I’ve finally nailed day 5, 7 and today in a oner. Still some tweaking to do, and another 3 tasks to work through… All in good time :)



    @timethief . . . the term “special snowflake” is really a winner . . . I am trying not to get attached to it I love it so. on another note, I have I think for the last time today changed my theme and it looks much cleaner. I added a little gallery which fills my desire to bombard with photos and color but since it’s a screenshow or screenwhatever you only see one pic at a time. Also figuring out how to edit images. It’s a steep learning curve for the bird but I shall trudge on! My main concern now is having my main page, my front page, not have so much white and I know the answer is out there I just have to dig. I would like the content to be a bit more condensed on the past posts (i’ve included only 3) and then the one question I would totally appreciate you answering if you know is, how do I get rid of the date, written by, “comment’ tags under my posts underneath the images?

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