Zero to Hero: Day Fifteen

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    slideshow that’s what I meant


    @birgerbird, you can get rid of the data under the images using CSS, if you have the Custom Design upgrade. For a quicker fix, though, you could just make your post excerpts a bit longer, so they fill in some of the white space and visually balance the photos — just move the <more> tag a bit further down in the post.



    Thanks @michelleweber would you point me where to go in dashboard to move the more tag and include more text in excerpts? Thanks again!


    hi all,

    I played around with themes but as a result my widgets were all disappeared :-( Good things I found them in “non active widgets” section so I just dragged them back.

    Michelle, so we can’t really customize color right? I actually made a new header with my logo with picmonkey… WOOOHOOO…
    but then the website looks pale :-(

    Any suggestions fellow bloggers to make it look better?

    How can we make custom title and signature?



    @timethief, Thank you for the links to the Responsinator and to the responsive themes. I realize now that I do not have a responsive one, even though I am in love with it.

    I guess it’s time to change, I know how many people use a mobile device now and I fear I have been cutting out a huge section of potential readers of my blog.


    @birgerbird, sure thing! Just go into your dashboard, and pick a post. You can insert the <more> tag wherever you like, and manually decide what text you’d like to include in the front page excerpt. There’s a button in the Visual Editor you can click to insert it — here are the instructions:

    @immigrantmommy, you can customize a bit of the color, like your background, but otherwise you’d need the upgrade.

    I think tweaking your background color would be a good thing — it looks like you’re trying to pull one of the brown shades out of the hot dog image? I’d try a deeper version of your header color, or a deep pink pulled out of the photo; it’d be much cheerier.

    I’d also consider taking the photo out of your header, and putting it in your sidebar instead — it would make the top of your site a bit less cluttered, and your header more balanced.

    As for all the white, there are things you can do there — start using images in your posts, or create some image widgets for your social media links, like in this example:



    Said she pouting, “I don’t want to play anymore”! After categorizing the blogs I follow etc I thought I should check out if my theme was responsive. It didn’t appear in the list so I changed to another, decided I didn’t like the change, changed back and nothing appeared in my sidebars. Luckily I’d read immigrantmommy’s comment so quickly restored them but I’ve done playing!


    @macmsue, if your theme isn’t responsive, then your blog will use “minileven,” a theme designed for mobile. It’s simple and clean, and it you have a custom header/background, it’ll pull that in.

    Glad you found your widgets :)



    Thanks michelle for that feedback, I appreciate your friendly, informative response.


    I purchased the customizable upgrade, but it doesn’t seem the font sizes I choose for the body of my blog last! I end up with a mismash of font sizes that I did not set when writing! How can I get my font sizes to stay the way I put htem after I sve my draft? Michelle? anyone?


    @helenholshouser, sometimes, custom fonts don’t update immediately — it can take 10 or 15 minutes, although it usually happens much more quickly than that.

    @rootjosh, can you take a look at her site?



    @michelleweber didn’t work so I’m headed over to the CSS forums!


    I ended up just switch my header image to something a little more eye-catching. Back when I first started my blog, I didn’t realize I could use something besides the pictures that came with the theme. Now I’m not sure if I should keep my background image, too. Hmmm.


    I could do the any of the writing prompts, but, I did play around with blog .


    I sure had a lot of fun changing the font and colors for my blog. I didn’t pull the trigger to purchase the changes, but I like the idea that at any time those changes are available to me. :)


    Thanks for the input Michelle,

    I used darker blue now so it looks better… Graphic and color compositions are not my forte so I appreciate your input… I need to work on the header first.. I thought it looks empty if I just use the font… but I agree with you about clutter..

    I am going to explore those custom widget later on today or this weekend!

    I LOVE this zero to hero series! It has helped so much!! :-)



    @timethief – thank you I think I have linked my image to my blog, hopefully it worked?

    I went through to that link for images, but I couldn’t see anything about aligning photos on posts to go in to say four blocks of squares with one large one on top and one underneath. I have seen people display their photos nicely on posts in this way but not sure how on earth they do it?

    Also I managed to get the Pinterest button on two of my blogs, on the Eclecticoddsnsods it is positioned alright, but on my one it is way over to the left, I’ve no idea how to move this, please?


    @immigrantmommy, I think you could downplay the tagline, and really focus on your (adorable) logo — it communicates a great deal by itself. You don’t actually need that large header for the text if it feels too big and empty.




    You could try one of the following, depending on what you are trying to achieve:

    1. Use the WordPress photo gallery feature
    2. Create a photo collage – If you want a specific layout with some nice filters, borders, crop the image, brighten or darken the image, etc. This would be the option you would go. Think of it as Instagram with more power.

      You can use PicMonkey to create a photo collage. There are limited layouts that you can use for free with PicMonkey, so you may want to check out Pixlr Express and Fotor as they have a little more layouts.

    For your livingineastsheen site, edit your text widget that has the Pinterest follow button. If you want it centered, replace your pinterest code:

    <img src=”” width=”169″ height=”28″ alt=”Follow Me on Pinterest” />

    With this code:

    <div style=”text-align: center;”><img src=”” width=”169″ height=”28″ alt=”Follow Me on Pinterest” /></div>

    Save your changes and refresh your browser.




    Ooops…didn’t output right. Follow these steps for your livingineastsheen site.

    Replace this:

    <a href=""><img src="" width="169" height="28" alt="Follow Me on Pinterest" /></a>

    With this:

    <div style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img src="" width="169" height="28" alt="Follow Me on Pinterest" /></a></div>

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