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Zero to Hero: Day Five

    Why I chose this very plain looking theme.
    This theme underpins the concept behind THE VERVE CURVE blog. This FREE theme offers responsive technology to be used across different platforms from computer, iPad and smart phones. Now that I’ve clarity on what I can offer a READER in my blog (thanks to Z-H) this theme demonstrates why considering the even a theme can help increase our readership because not everyone is accessing WordPress blogs just on their computer. Because it offers more options (not mentioned here) ~ so the learning curve MAY be greater for someone like me who struggles with learning technology ~ BUT ~ the benefits of learning how to DO IT better motivates me to push through the pain and struggle. My landing page has been updated with new clarity on why I am here. Now Im even more excited!! Cheers Jenn

  2. Hi, I have just started with Day one - the Introduction. I hope to catch up and be in step with all you.

  3. sabrinacaldwell

    @cogitoergomum Thank you very much for your feedback. (And especially the nice words!) It gave me a lot to think about, especially in respect of where the limits are to what I try to tackle. I keep struggling to find a way to bridge the divide between art and science and it seems quite challenging at times. I'm working on my next post (a week away at least) and my goal is to hit near the center of what I perceive to be my blog's focus.

    BTW, I visited your site and I can see by your latest post that you too like to write long posts but all your words have a place (very little waffling despite what you said above). I really enjoyed it and it reminded me that I want to write more letters this year. I will look forward to following the zerotohero journey with you!

  4. colderwheather

    With certain themes, like the beautiful SIGHT, you have to bear in mind the length of your blog title. In Sight, it has to be really short, otherwise the navigation menu gets ... 'distorted'.

    Unless you have a paid customize upgrade, that is.

  5. This challenge was a good one. I actually changed my theme to Greyzed, liked it better.

  6. This exercise was much more useful than I imagined.

    Playing with the themes I can see differences in the blogs I've been visiting. It's helped me to think critically. I found several new themes that are candidates to replace the one I'm using. Before that, I have a question on vocabulary.

    I'm using FOREVER. It has a single column over a picture I chose. I'd like to find a theme whose column is wider, the font larger so that the back picture is sill a visible, but more on the margins. Is there a word or term I can search for?

    Also, if I were to purchase Forever, would I be able to customise the width of the column? Are we abel to customise the style sheet?

  7. I have played with the themes a bit more and I really fell in love with this one:
    Kent Theme example

  8. cogitoergoabby

    Thank you @sabrinacaldwell. And thank you for your very kind words on my post. See you here again soon!

  9. I changed my theme from Twenty Twelve to Motif.
    I like its neutral colors and simple design. Let me know what you think. Thank you.

  10. cogitoergoabby

    @sjoshi9 I love the look of your blog. It is just my cup of tea. It let's the words do the talking. Looking forward to following your blogging journey.

  11. purborinisulistiyo

    I did try to change themes several times but always return to the same style. Finally I just stick to it...maybe until I am bored with it :-)

  12. michelleweber

    @cteavin, yes, with the Custom Desigm upgrade, you get the ability to write your own CSS.

    @puborinisulistiyo, well, that says something! Sounds like you've made the right choice for you :)

  13. inspirationalpink

    I want people to feel bright and cheerful when they come to my blog. Please tell me what you think? #aworkinprogress

  14. Wow, I didn't think I would consider a theme other than "Motion" but it's not responsive and Sempress is... I really like Sempress' clean look, even though it elongates my posts a bit -- because it creates more white space making the post easier to read.

    Question: When you change your theme, do you have to re-do all your widgets? footers? etc.?



  15. michelleweber

    @415whisperer, it depends on the themes. If there are different numbers of sidebars, or they're in different locations, you'll need to do a bit of housekeeping. Headers may display a bit differently, and you might get some new features, like a footer you didn't have before of integrated social networking icons.

  16. colderwheather

    Ari, is the only theme [I think] where you can choose font colour without having to pay for it.
    However, one has to be careful about how many widgets in the sidebar ... it doesn't scroll. I liked it a lot for a while, but then again, found the main column too narrow. It wouldn't widen even though I removed all the widgets in the right column.

    Twenty Twelve, I find, is one of the most customizable of all the free themes.

  17. greetingsfromindia


    I have posted few links of my blog here....deleted each time..

    Can I ask why?


  18. I wish I could be your theme wrangler. Instead of rope, is there a search criteria function that can put all these themes in broad categories? I think I know what I'm looking for, it's an awful lot of hunt and pecking, did I miss the place where we can corral themes by features?

  19. michelleweber

    @colderweather, there are a few other themes with multiple color schemes, now including Twenty Fourteen - colors were just released.

    @greetingsfromindia, we have politely made several requests that you stop re-posting the same links to your site here. These threads are for feedback and conversation. Please feel free to engage with the other posters, but refrain from repeatedly posting the same links; that's considered spammy.

    @eadsmcgill, you can search by whatever terms you like in the Theme Showcase. Also, on each theme's page in the Showcase, you'll see a list of features on the right -- click one to see the other themes sharing that feature.

    What, in particular, are you looking for?

  20. On my initial setup I ended up opting for the Elegant Grunge. theme. And I was happy with it. Oh dear lord, I was happy with it. I had accepted it into my life and everything in the world was good.

    Then day 5 came. At first, I was cautious, only previewing the different themes for the first 10 minutes or so, no harm done. Then as I got a wee bit more braver I would activate different themes and try it out for a bit, see how it suited me.

    2 hours later I'm ripping the hair out of my head, my eyes are red raw and some sand-like substance is cohabiting my sockets. Sweat clings to me as though I'm flying over the Atlantic and my brain is trying to shut-down for a re-boot.

    In the end I gave up and went back to Elegant Grunge so my body could sleep and start the recovery process.

    I've changed my theme a further 3 more times since then. I don't know if I'm finished yet.

    Why did you do this to me, Day 5?


  21. Now I have it! Tried many of them today, but stopped on Triton Lite =)

  22. @jobakes

    @thistimethisspace Thank you so much for your very helpful info. I've found the setting which allows me to change how many posts I display on my home page thanks to your link. So easy - but I was pretty knackered last night after all that blogging lol ;)

    This is thistimethisspace but I am logged in under my other username account for my blogging tips blog rather than my zero to hero blog. I use the same image so people connect the two and know it's me. I'm so glad what I posted help you. This is fun, isn't it? Day 6 and blogging on. :)

  23. I browsed through a lot of themes, which I love doing otherwise also, liked a lot of them but came back to my original theme. My blog isn't even a month old. So, I thought, let me get myself familiar with one theme at a time and will switch themes later.

  24. I did this challenge and boy was it a challenge! I finally found a theme that I LOVED. I actually purchased it because of how much I liked it. Then I uploaded it and activated it...

    And my site when DOWN. Ugh. I lost everything and couldn't log in. But I did back up my posts. Yay! Unfortunately, the theme is flawed and doesn't work. So, I had to continue my search. It too me over a day to finally find two that I liked. But I can't make up my mind which one I like more. So I'm going to leave one theme up for a week and see how it "feels" for me.

    If anyone is willing and able, I'd love feedback on the theme I choose:

  25. Seriously THANK YOU for doing this challenge! I started blogging this summer but kind of got to a point at which I didn't know how else to change or improve my blog. I just saw this challenge today but want to get involved. I added several widgets to my sidebar and think it looks better.
    A couple of things I am unsure about are: 1) My title - my last name is Page so I thought it was a good way to incorporate my name but now I just feel like it is a little cheesy. and 2) My theme - I like the idea of having a big picture at the top (the header) but wonder if there are themes that have a more clean, polished look - any suggestions are welcome.

    Here is my blog so you can see the Title and Theme I'm currently using and share suggestions if you see fit!

    I also just need to start writing more often so if there are any places you know of that are particularly helpful with inspiration for writing, that would be helpful too.

    Good luck with the challenge everyone! Glad to see bloggers helping other bloggers.

  26. thistimethisspace

    Hi there,

    1) My title - my last name is Page so I thought it was a good way to incorporate my name but now I just feel like it is a little cheesy.

    It's not cheesy. It's descriptive and it's okay for SEO so keep it.

    2) My theme - I like the idea of having a big picture at the top (the header) but wonder if there are themes that have a more clean, polished look - any suggestions are welcome.

    The Twenty Eleven theme provides for a header that flexible in height and 100 pixels in width.
    Here's a useful detailed guide to the Twenty Eleven theme.

  27. thistimethisspace

    P.S. Sorry but I don't know what you mean by a more polished appearance. See here for other 2 column themes

  28. thistimethisspace

    I located your blog here but I suggest you use these instructions to link it to your username >

    The customization of the font size you have done on the theme means I have to use keyboard shortcuts to increase the font size from tiny to readable.

  29. Well, I'm still playing catch up having started a few days late. I still need a widget for Day 2 but surprised myself with two drafts for Day 3, one of which I published. I thought I'd love Day 4 but it has driven me mad trying to find new blogs to read! But the Day 5 challenge has been great. I went through all the free themes and previewed any that seemed even vaguely possible or even completely wild and not me. I've got a long list of possibles but am sticking with Adelle for now, though I'm seriously considering something very different-looking like Greyzed or Elegant Grunge. I realise mine will be a text heavy blog so I need something that works well with more words and fewer images, but doesn't look too bland and boring because it's mostly words.

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