Zero to Hero: Day Five

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    I’m always looking at themes, and I think I’ve found one that I can stick with for a while. Though I wish i could change the color template, but I don’t have the Custom Design….yet. I plan to purchase it after a certain point if i get more followers. Kind of like a reward if my blog hits certain milestones, a reward for myself :). I like the look of my theme, I think its simple enough for my blog and I just really enjoy it. Nothing to distracting, I hope. Really enjoying this 5 days so far. Just wish I could be more active when others are well active rather then in the middle of the night



    Just browse my new theme today at my blog. It took me 3 hours to find the right one and to make it the way I wanted! So happy with the final result! I think theme like ; Forefront, Basis and Ryu is a great alternative for my Theme. Somehow I’m still love to use my Yoko theme.hehehehe
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    So I did some searching on the Internet for images in the public domain to refresh my blog while keeping my theme since I couldn’t find another theme I liked better. I think I found new pictures that keep with my desert theme but are new and different from before. I like that I was finally able to give my blog a facelift after 4 years. While the old pictures were perfectly fine, after seeing them for 4 years I needed a change. :)



    I’ve been using Strange Little Town theme for almost 2 months. Not so strange enough, I got bored with it :-)

    This challenge had me to try some of the themes and I changed it. I’m happy with my new theme. Here goes:

    I’d like to know feed backs, thank you :-)


    I just want to thank @thistimethisspace/@timethief for all of the great blog tips. I especially like the idea of creating a private mirrored blog to use for testing themes and designs without affecting the published blog. This might also be a good place to try different blog posting tools and features without people seeing the posts. I didn’t have time to do this today, but I think I will be creating a private blog for testing out stuff.



    @thistimethisspace Thank you so much for your very helpful info. I’ve found the setting which allows me to change how many posts I display on my home page thanks to your link. So easy – but I was pretty knackered last night after all that blogging lol ;)


    I tried many different themes but somehow I haven’t found any that could be more suitable for my blog than the current one. What I like about Widely theme is that it’s rather simple and clear and that it allows to post big pictures. As my blog focuses on travel photography I’d like it it to present my shots to the best advantage.
    However what I lack a bit is the side area, where I could put some widgets to enhance the navigation through my blog. However whenever I choose the theme with the second column, the main column becomes narrower and doesn’t look so nice. If you have some ideas, I would appreciate =)


    @sabrinacaldwell OK. So I don’t know anything about photography and much of the terminology in your posts is totally beyond me. However, your writing style is so succinct that I could understand it most of it, and also I did not feel like I was lost in a really long post. I post once a week and spend a lot of time crafting each post. I am finding that so long as readers know when to expect my posts, that is kind of working for me (I think!).

    @michellewebber. Thank you for the wplongform tip. I try to keep my post under a 1000 words as it focusses me – but I often fail (you might gather from these forum post I have a tendency to waffle!).



    I enjoyed looking through the different themes, but found it hard to change simply because I was so familiar with making my way around my blog with its current theme. But change I did. I have a bit of tweeking to do, but nothing unsurmountable – just can’t spend a lump of time on it right now.

    I’ll need to visit some posts and edit the spacing so the text wraps better. Also, I was thinking of checking the links on old posts while I have got the Edit window open, as I know some of them are probably dead ends by now. I hate clicking on links and finding that they go no-where or somewhere unexpected. Does anyone else check and edit previous links?



    That was an effort and a half! This blog changed to Flounder from Clean Home (blue) and it feels 1000% better.

    My other blog changed from Coraline to My Life – that change I’m not so sure about because Coraline is such a great theme :)

    Now I’m off to tidy up the blog and take advantage of some of the changes.



    Why I chose this very plain looking theme.
    This theme underpins the concept behind THE VERVE CURVE blog. This FREE theme offers responsive technology to be used across different platforms from computer, iPad and smart phones. Now that I’ve clarity on what I can offer a READER in my blog (thanks to Z-H) this theme demonstrates why considering the even a theme can help increase our readership because not everyone is accessing WordPress blogs just on their computer. Because it offers more options (not mentioned here) ~ so the learning curve MAY be greater for someone like me who struggles with learning technology ~ BUT ~ the benefits of learning how to DO IT better motivates me to push through the pain and struggle. My landing page has been updated with new clarity on why I am here. Now Im even more excited!! Cheers Jenn



    Hi, I have just started with Day one – the Introduction. I hope to catch up and be in step with all you.


    @cogitoergomum Thank you very much for your feedback. (And especially the nice words!) It gave me a lot to think about, especially in respect of where the limits are to what I try to tackle. I keep struggling to find a way to bridge the divide between art and science and it seems quite challenging at times. I’m working on my next post (a week away at least) and my goal is to hit near the center of what I perceive to be my blog’s focus.

    BTW, I visited your site and I can see by your latest post that you too like to write long posts but all your words have a place (very little waffling despite what you said above). I really enjoyed it and it reminded me that I want to write more letters this year. I will look forward to following the zerotohero journey with you!


    With certain themes, like the beautiful SIGHT, you have to bear in mind the length of your blog title. In Sight, it has to be really short, otherwise the navigation menu gets … ‘distorted’.

    Unless you have a paid customize upgrade, that is.


    This challenge was a good one. I actually changed my theme to Greyzed, liked it better.



    This exercise was much more useful than I imagined.

    Playing with the themes I can see differences in the blogs I’ve been visiting. It’s helped me to think critically. I found several new themes that are candidates to replace the one I’m using. Before that, I have a question on vocabulary.

    I’m using FOREVER. It has a single column over a picture I chose. I’d like to find a theme whose column is wider, the font larger so that the back picture is sill a visible, but more on the margins. Is there a word or term I can search for?

    Also, if I were to purchase Forever, would I be able to customise the width of the column? Are we abel to customise the style sheet?


    I have played with the themes a bit more and I really fell in love with this one:
    Kent Theme example


    Thank you @sabrinacaldwell. And thank you for your very kind words on my post. See you here again soon!



    I changed my theme from Twenty Twelve to Motif.
    I like its neutral colors and simple design. Let me know what you think. Thank you.


    @sjoshi9 I love the look of your blog. It is just my cup of tea. It let’s the words do the talking. Looking forward to following your blogging journey.

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