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Zero to Hero: Day Fourteen

  1. NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you're just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

    Two weeks in! We're reading your posts and watching the conversations happening in your comment sections, and couldn't be happier.

    For your two-week-iversary today's task is blogger's choice! Head to the main page for our suggestions and ideas.

    Use this space as a place to ask questions and seek feedback from fellow bloggers, or just to talk about blogging, why you're here, and how your month is going.

    Please refrain from posting links to your blog unless you're seeking feedback -- this is a place for discussion. Irrelevant comments and spammy links will be deleted. Instead, give your posts the "zerotohero" tag to enable other participants to find you.

    The Daily Post has a weekly open thread on Sundays called "Community Pool," for peer feedback. If you're looking for general feedback on your blog or feedback unrelated to this challenge, please visit that thread.

  2. luthersjournal

    a little hint: you didn't link the "todays forum thread" in your article. So maybe here are today only a few ;-)

  3. tomfromtechnoteamblog

    I strongly recommend commenting on others blogs similar to yours. This is how I've found many of my blog readers and followers.

  4. @tomfromtechnoteamblog
    I recommend that as well and have been doing so for years However in another zero to hero threads michelleweber's (Staff) response was to the effect of many of these bloggers in the challenge do not have blogs that are focused on any specific topic - all they want to do is write about everything under the sun. Hence she's encouraging them to "think out of the box", use the Reader to locate blogs on all kinds of topics and comment on them, find comments that give rise to posts, engage - engage - engage and create community.

  5. luthersjournal

    I used the day for finetuning.
    Mirroring the portrait so it fits better into the layout. Reducing the size of the pics on the first page. Using the More-Tag to shorten the first page and filling it with my own code. Deleting some widgets. Controlling the speed. Fiddle around and thinking about a constructive use of categories and tags. Discovering the orange coloured "Benachrichtigung"-Icon in the black bar. Reading blogs.
    And I think it's time to thank @michelleweber and @timethief for their patience.

  6. The link from the z2H page is not working.

    Mine is a write-about-everything blog and my closest blog-amigos are roughly my age, mostly but not all LGBT. Then it shades off into people who share some of my interests. But I get a lot of follows, from just about anyone, which is flattering.

  7. luthersjournal

    What is LGBT?

  8. @luthersjournal, you're very welcome; the pleasure is mine!

    @clareflourish, thanks for the note -- link is fixed up.

  9. It took me awhile to finally get on this thread. Would not display the page link. Kept saying bad URL lol

  10. I've been commenting on other people's blogs and am saving links to site as references in posts I'll be making going forward. This has been a great way to get followers and readers. I had planned on doing it anyway and am a little sad there is no new advice today. With that said, you are the expert and taking a day to go back and review is a great idea!

  11. @timmyj01, we've packed a lot into two weeks -- I think a breather day is always needed in projects like this, so you can actually absorb and figure out what's working for you.

  12. I took a breather to do some commenting and catching up on blogs I follow, and updating my list. Forewarning: I am a somewhat "organization/lists junkie" so feel free to ignore the next bit of advice but I find it helpful to have a list of blogs I comment on regularly with the post that I commented on; as well as another one that holds a list of people who frequently comment on my blog(s). Just a little something that helps me keep sane.

  13. luthersjournal

    The links from Z2H page is not working.
    In Germany it's difficult to connect with twitter at the moment.

  14. @luthersjournal LGBT is lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender issues.

    Yes! A breather is good to do some fine tuning.

    @michelleweber - a friend of mine mentioned the editorial calendar on WP. Do you think that might be a z2h topic down the road :-) ?

    This whole process has breathed life into my blog and I appreciate the discussion and differing points of view on blogroll, commenting on blogs and, well, everything! Thanks so much

  15. Hey guys sorry I'm late but somebody filled my pyjamas with Helium and I've been stuck to the roof for the past 6 hours! I logged in as soon as I found a way to deflate them. I just popped a button in the end. Simple.

    Anyway, I for one think taking a breather to check out my reader and comment on a few posts (I be made one already today) is a great idea. Especially after the ups and downs I've had today. Literally. Take it handy.

  16. I've been commenting and posting on peeps blogs all week. In fact my fingers are bleeding from visiting so many blogs...LOL

    You still you are such a hoot!

  17. @easygoingmama,
    Of course I'm down. It takes a little more then two canisters of helium to keep this guy pinned to the ceiling. Ah I love my wife me but sometimes she underestimates my resolve. Anyway how do you think I was able to comment on your post about being positive?

  18. luthersjournal

    Thank you for enlighten me. I thought it meant Love Generally Brings Tenderness ;-) We live and learn but not the wiser grow.
    Do you mean the calendar widget? If yes, it shows automatically the days you've posted a new text. I use ist. It's showing now in a different colour the 3rd and 13th of january, because I published there.

  19. @vegasesundance
    Um, you can post from the ceiling on your cell phone or tablet...just sayin!
    I really enjoyed your positive comment on my blog. -:)

  20. I have to say I had fun searching for more blogs on the reader, now my question to you, is it possible to follow too many blogs and not keep up with them all? I think I may have ran into that problem with today's task of finding some more blogs to follow.
    It is a nice feeling being able to connect with others and actually creating friendships with others, from all around the world. Well, I hope everyone is having a great day and have fun with today's assignment.

  21. @easygoinmama
    You're dead right but I don't keep my phone in my pyjamas (although after today I might revisit that decision) and the only tablet I have are sleeping tablets! (Just kidding I don't need any help falling asleep these days!)

    I appreciated your positive post. Keep it up and good luck with the publishing. If only I knew where Oregon was I'd race over there and buy a magazine. But if its any consolation I love you guys' herb 'oregano'. I use it all the time.

  22. @vegasesundance
    Oh come on now, you don't know where Oregon is...LOL
    You may want to revisit the cell phone situation. I'd like to tell you what I would do with mine, but I'm not going to rant today. That's not being very positive -:)
    I likes oregano too!

  23. @bee, do you mean the calendar widget @luthersjournal mentioned? If so, that's not something we'll cover specifically -- there's no time to get into every individual widget. Here's the support document for that widget:

    There's also the "milestone" widget, or you can embed a Google calendar. You can find links to both of those in the document linked above.

    @kumbricia, it is possible. If you've overwhelmed each time you look at your Reader, you're less likely to actually dive in and read. Personally, I follow a lot of topics, but only follow individual blogs where I'm keen to stay on top of every post. Then, I skim "blogs I follow" daily, and dip into the topics when I have more time.

  24. @luthersjournal, the links should be working -- at least, they work for me. Please let me know if they're still giving you problems.

  25. lassfromlancashire

    I found the task about developing a blogroll baffling. I tried reading the page on wrodpress but gave up as it seemed very technical and included a lot of things I don't want to explore right now - perhaps not ever.
    Can someone explain what additional adventages there is in having a blogroll when I've already got lists of Blogs I Follow, Comments I made and Posts I Like. It seems just too much of a good thing - please convince me otherwise! Also it sounds very like "Bog-roll" ie toilet paper!

  26. @lassfromlancashire, you definitely don't need to add a blogroll if you've already got all those widgets. I prefer the blogroll to "Blogs I Follow," because a blogroll isn't limited to blogs, and I can share links to sites all over the web. But if you're happy with the widgets you're using now, I certainly feel no need to convince you otherwise -- it's your blog!

  27. bigtedlittleted

    Hello, I have quite a few blog posts now and it's quite a lot of scrolling if you want to get to the first post and then more scrolling if you want to get back to the top.

    Is there a way of having a widget that you click on that jumps to the top post. And how do I insert a 'older' 'newer' button to break up my posts?

    Thank you

  28. psychoticincognito

    What a nice break. I needed to do some catch up reading and commenting. I also had an idea working it's way through my brain that I needed to write about, and this respite gave me the chance.

    I also decided to get rid of the blogroll on my sidebar and make a links page. Hopefully people will see it and use it after I finish.

  29. @bigtedlittleted
    There is no such widget. You have two options.

    option one - switch themes
    This is a list of active themes on that use the excerpt instead of full post content on the front page >

    option 2 - edit posts insert the more tag
    If you want to display only excerpts on the front page of the blog followed by read more links, you can insert "the more tag" into each post prior to publication.

  30. @michelleweber - no, actually not the widget calendar. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but it's a publishing calendar where I can write posts and set them to publish on certain days.
    And yes, I totally understand that we can't cover everything here :-) I'm grateful for all that I've learned already.

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