Zero to Hero: Day Nineteen

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    @cogitoergomum, all excellent points — we definitely don’t want you to shoehorn anything in for the sake of saying you did a task.



    I’m confused. Didn’t the Zero to Hero Challenge already post this up earlier, another day? I already did it according to the Zero to Hero.



    I slyly interconnected today’s task with yesterday’s one. I also used a new element (gallery) and a new format (I’ve never written so long and intimate). I’m a bit uncertain about my writing (I only began with text-based posts for the Zero to Hero challenge), so I wonder about your feedback.

    Here’s the post in question:



    I was a bit confused too at first, Day Six, “Try a new element”, was very similar…



    @maraeastern, ohhhhhh…now I got it. Thanks!
    Well anyway, I like opportunities like this for my blog because, basically, my blog is all about diversity. I knew that a blog laden with text, text, and more text was gonna become an eyesore to the reader and then he or she would unfollow it.


    @lunacooler and @maraeastern, they are similar; the intent was that on day 6, you’d try sticking a new kind of something into a post, and today, you’d try an entirely new kind of post, to explore other ways of getting your point across. For the next version of Zero to Hero, we’ll be clearer about how these days are different, and why we’re doing each activity. Thanks for the question!



    My blog is mostly about the written word, but I tried a photo gallery. What do you think?



    My Day 19- I had fun doing this post :-)



    I got confused with Day 6 and Day 19 too. I made the same new element, inserting a video. Is it ok? thanks



    Today I studied my tutorials, reconfigured my menus and homepage, and posted a video and quote. Took me 3 hours but now I feel like I’ve got some momentum and confidence. I will need to exercise some discipline in terms of time management . . . blogging is fun and can eat up a lot of my time!!!



    Like others who have commented I too used an aside as my post today but can’t see any difference to my usual post. I am on an ipad so maybe it doesn’t show up as any different as per @timethief‘s reply. I still enjoyed doing something different though and made it quite a short post with an image.


    Hi all, I’ve been following loosely along for a couple weks while getting a new blog up and going. The daily assignments and feedback are incredibly helpful.

    The new format I’ve been working with is galleries. Finally figured that out, presently spinning my head around how to organize the media library. Does anyone know how to download plugins for the twentyfourteen theme? Are plugins even available for this theme on I realise this may a bit off topic.

    Really enjoying everyone’s work. Thanks!


    @planetpromenade, doesn’t allow you to upload plugins, for security reasons. We try to build all the good stuff right in to obviate the need :)


    @captureyouphotography, nice image! And yes, you did. You’ll see more of a different on your home page, although the effect is still subtle — the post says “Aside” at the top, and the large post title isn’t there, to help the reader focus on the text.

    FYI, with your theme, you have and Ephemera Widget – it displays a list of your recent Aside and Link posts. Potentially useful if you decide to do more with post formats.


    @debz2653, the same goes for your theme — look at your home page, and you’ll see that the “Aside” post has no title. Below it, it says “Aside” and has a small aside icon.



    Well, I posted mine as “Image” format instead of my normal “Text” format. It doesn’t look much different, but it is much shorter than most of my posts, and I really love creating a gallery.

    “Triggers”, Anniethinksabout


    @michelleweber Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.



    Great experimentation and exploration going on up there.
    Fantastic posts.. all !

    Just had my doubts cleared regarding “image” “text” and “aside” formats. Thanks :-)



    My number one priority is to post daily, so I didn’t complete the task YET, as I had already planned my post and was very late reading the assignment. It is my number one priority for tomorrow. I will work it into tomorrow’s assignment however I can, and already have some ideas.

    I’m hoping to see more folks here tomorrow after the long weekend is over.

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