Zero to Hero: Day Six

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    For Day 6 I posted a quote that I made up and that I often say, because I have never done a post in the quote format. It also has a poll. Come check it out here!


    I tried to incorporate more photos to illustrate my story today on my blog.
    Hair of the Dog

    I love seeing all the other blog posts and challenges. Keep it up everyone!



    I always post pictures and a story to go with them..

    Here is my new blog with a post that is embedding, pictures, video, Pinterest and direct links.. I would love some feedback.. Thanks everyone.


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    Well, I did today’s challenge. I will be honest enough to say that I rather loathed it. Want to know why? Read the post.


    Oh dear! What to do when you have already done it all is my dilemma. Not to worry though, because I’ll work it out. After work I may create a smorgasbord banquet post and feature everything in it I can think of in it.

    P.S. Day 6 and 5 posts are done. Yay! I’m still having fun and I convinced some of my blogging tips blog followers to join us.



    I used a photo collage for the first time!! I can’t believe how awesome it turned out!

    Please let me know what you think and good luck with your posts!


    @thistimethisspace, it’s fascinating to see how someone already so steeped in blogging and WordPress handles the challenge! Glad to hear you’re still having fun.

    I’ve read a few posts tagged with “zerotohero” from bloggers who began it on your recommendation, so thanks for helping spread the word!


    Hi everybody!

    I usually try to add a picture to my posts to illustrate a point, so today I left my comfort zone and added a video clip from youtube. I think it looks great!

    But don’t take my word for it, take a look!

    I am learning so many new things with this challenge, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.



    @thistimethisplace I fixed the user name issue. still having so much trouble pasting the url from instagram, it just won’t work when I tried it in a text box


    Hooray! I can click into the blog.
    To embed from instagram follow this guide please
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    To promote your Instagram profile displaying an Instagram Badge on your site.



    For the task of day 6 i added some photos to my post. there is a story about how it got to that point, i hope you like it.

    Take a look here:


    I have to say that I’m having a lot of fun learning about blogging.
    I appreciate everyone stopping by and leaving feedback and comments.
    Here is today’s assignment and I incorporated my Pinterest account on my post.


    Following! :)


    I am having problems adding a link as text instead of the actual link showing up. Suggestions?



    @captureyouphotography what I do is write the word, highlight it, and then click the chain looking thing which will add a link.

    Example: OBM turns into OBM


    Never mind I have it figured out..


    Thanks @frankamelio



    I had a lot of trouble trying to post a video directly to my blog, even following the directions from today’s challenge. The way I finally did it was to simply “post a video”, just like I was going to post a text blog. I just used the prompts on that page and it worked terrific!

    I love the idea of learning new things on WordPress to make my blog better. Thanks guys!

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