Zero to Hero: Day Six

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    I finally got my second blog done. The first one was no issues second one drove me nuts.

    Thanks for the support. I am learning a great deal from these challenges, and I really enjoy reading others peoples challenges.



    @thistimethisspace, it’s fascinating to see how someone already so steeped in blogging and WordPress handles the challenge! Glad to hear you’re still having fun.

    thistimethisspace is a HUGE help to bloggers all over the forums. It is great to have her pitching in here as well. Some of this stuff can be complicated for people who haven’t done it before.


    Got Day 6 done early:

    I’m no stranger to posting my photography, but I remembered some video footage I shot in the same location. Now I know how to embed YouTube videos without having to link text.



    I think that this is a great tool. Thanks for this. Here is a link to my post using twitter.



    I’m having the same issue as @birgerbird. I post a “clean” (not hyperlinked) link into my New Post and nothing gets embedded…it’s just the text of the link itself. I tried Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. All the same result. And I followed the directions included in today’s assignment.

    Any other suggestions? Thanks!



    Here’s my first post with an embedded tweet! I’ll have to try adding video on another day :) href=””>


    I had the same problem as @carriejesse and @birgerbird with YouTube videos the other day when I wanted to post them. Following the directions to put the plain text of the link in my post didn’t work when I posted it. What I wound up doing then was going into Text mode in the editor and typing in the shortcode myself with the URL.

    Today I want to try it again and see if I can get it to work, but otherwise I might try to add something I haven’t done yet. But I don’t have an Instagram or Pinterest account, so I am not sure what I will add.


    Though I am hoping some of my posts will be cartoons, I am not close so I am showing you some of my “stuff” in the works.”


    Here’s my Day 6! (Complete with videos)



    I wrote a poem based on a picture!
    Hope you guys like it. :)


    Hey there,
    Thanks for the kind words about the volunteering. Helping people is part of my personality type. Both blogging and answering support questions have been good for me. I am an introvert but I mostly function as an ambivert now, as I challenged myself to become more open and expressive and succeeded.

    I have never been in a blogging challenge before. My assumptions about the challenge were wrong from the outset. At first I was not fully on board because I had yet to recognize how what an old, crusty and set in my ways blogger I had become. Until I was able to get the assurance from Michelle that we did not have to complete any assignment or every assignment I was very uptight. But once I got the message that the whole challenge is flexible, we can take what we need from it and give what we can to it, my shoulders dropped a couple of inches and I started to breathe deeply again.

    I have made even set up a follow blog widget for the very first time. I did, of course, know how to do it but I started using feedburner in the dark ages and I was too set in my ways to stop. Now my Followers have two options! DUH … why didn’t I think of that before? Could it be because I was too set in my ways? Oh yeah …

    In short the Zero to Hero challenge has been exposing to me how very opinionated I have become about every aspect of blogging. Every time I do an assignment anyway, even in my private test blog if I don’
    t want to do it on my personal blog crusty scales are falling off because I’m trying this or that on for size with an open mind, finding new blogs to read and having fun.

    I have no idea exactly what I will do to meet today’s challenge after work, but I’m up for creating a smorgasbord post for Day 6. If I’m late publishing it so be it.

    thistimethisspace AKA timethief



    Ahhhhh! This one was a little scary. It took me longer to post than usual because I have already used quotes and pictures in my blog. However, I tried adding music. I do not know how I feel about it though, if it is distracting? But I tried something new so that counts for something! I am loving this challenge and feel like my blog is off to such a strong start because of it!!!



    I wrote this 2 days ago, but only posted today, after knowing the challenge. My first post with a video instead of drawings.


    Thank you for that. I have not recorded a video before, or embedded a video in a post, so here is my first. I am quite proud of it.

    Live at 00.01 GMT (just over an hour from now) as I have already posted today.


    I loved your post. The music wasn’t my thing but I’m not every visitor. :)
    Ride on.


    Using my private blog, I played around with a lot of the objects that I could insert in a post. They worked quite easily. For my actual public post today, used several features I haven’t before – I created the post as a Gallery Post which changed how it showed up on the homepage with my theme, I selected a Featured Image, and I inserted a Gallery Slideshow. Awesome!


    I’ve just stumbled on this after deciding (finally) to take the plunge and start my own blog… I’ve written for my company for years, and I’ve taken some of the blogs I’ve written so far that seem like they are written in my own voice as a starting point, but I really like the idea of this #zerotohero thing!

    I’m going to have a look through the blogs of those posting here and I’d love some comments or feedback on mine too. I’m going to start from day one and catch up asap, but if anyone would be kind enough to take a look, my blog is here



    I decided to try to add instagram pics because I never did that before. Ran into a little snag because somehow a href got automatically added in. But it is working now.



    Your blog is very well set up and it appears you are adept at blogging. Your posts are well constructed and nicely illustrated. You know how to assign only the least number relevant tags to your posts. Sadly I’m not interested in your topical material but I wanted to give you the thumbs up and suggest that you post a Zero to Hero badge and backlink as is required here >
    Best wishes with the challenge.



    I discovered I had to upgrade to embed music… Oh well, if upgrade I must, upgrade I’ll do (did)….

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