Zero to Hero: Day Six

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    Usually I don’t read poems. But this one is my favorite. So for day 6 this is new element I am including in my post. With the photograph I’ve taken some time ago.



    Hello all
    For today’s assignment, I posted a quote I like, which was also a topic for 365 writing prompts. Let me know how you like it.
    Thanks :)


    Where do you find the images that you use on your blog? I am still not sure of where to find images.



    I love it, I was able to embed one of my favorite pictures from instagram.



    I had a hard time youtube embedding. I didn’t know how to use the codes so I went to the add media button and copy/pasted the address and was able to search for the video. Don’t know if it embedded right. I can see it on my post but a friend says he can’t on his computer. Hope I did it the right way!


    Ok, when is was reading the challenge i was wondering what to do. Then i remembered a very inspiring video about the same topic my blog is about. Well i thought if it inspires me, well maybe it will inspire others as well. So today i uploaded my very first youtube video! Take a look


    @llopez7324 video seems to be working fine. It’s a cool song, glad I swung by to check it out.


    I’m looking forward to this tomorrow. I will have to do two assignments. I have not the concentration for technical things tonight. But well done to all of you Ive enjoyed looking at your success. Cheers



    I thought about todays challenge for most of the day. Honestly, over the years, I done all of these and more. I’ve learned that that thing you embed today, seem quite cool. But 9 years later, I’m sick and tired of fixing bad links, or deleting posts because the youtube video is gone, etc. I suppose I’ve just been there, done that on this particular challenge.

    So I went in the opposite direction. I stripped it down to the bare bones. Eliminated everything distracting or unnecessary. I like the result. I’d love to have feedback though.

    “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel



    @sylviacole You have a very nice blog, I appreciate both the idea and the scaled down design.
    Good work :)



    Thanks Axel!


    I am finding this task so so hard. I am struggling to find a way of choosing media that is integrated with what I write, rather than just feeling like a clumsy add on.
    When we did the ‘who am I, why am I here’ post, I realised that my target audience was me (selfish, I know!). When I sit down to look at blogs, I am doing it while the kids are having TV time or while the dinner is cooking. I don’t have much chance to flick through to other media or watch videos. I don’t tend to use these tools, assuming readers of my blog don’t have that time either. I think this is a shame for those readers who might like a bit more interest on the blog.
    I do like beautiful images. But I find visual stuff really hard to get right – most of my photos are rubbish.
    I have looked at lots of the links in this forum thread. The ones that really jump out at me are you guys who have embedded a piece of music upfront, to listen to while reading the post. I might go down that road.
    If anyone has the time to look at my blog and let me know what sort of media could really compliment the content, I would really appreciate it. I am feeling utterly clueless!
    Thank you.




    I’m long time wordpress user, and I did find you site a wee tad confusing to navigate. But truthfully, I think as you blog more, things will shake themselves out. The only thing I would suggest is to really think your categories out carefully, and use them to help people navigate you site and find what they are most interested in.


    Had difficulty with this task and decided to pass it by but this morning had an idea. I am creating a page on My Favourite Gardening books (still very much in its infancy) but thought my task could be to photo the books and insert next to comment – not an earthquake of an idea but I like it. The challenges do get you to think about your blog.
    Any comments greatly received –



    I chose to include a youtube video clip for this post. I haven’t done it before because I thought it would be too difficult, but I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

    You literally copy and paste the URL link into your post and then make sure that it is ‘un’ linked and that’s it.



    One thing I’m really loving about this “Zero to Hero” challenge so far is how it is making us explore. So many things we can do with existing WordPress tools!!

    My ‘new element’ today was an audio clip of an amazing mashup I found on SoundCloud:

    What do you guys think? :)

    Cheers, Danielle @ whythisbox?


    Thank you for this assignment.
    I have just learned that we can embed Google Map and SkyDrive through it.


    thanks summerfield84–I love the idea of embedding GoogleMaps!

    I was pleased to learn how to make a collage! I did it!

    Can anyone tell me? do you have to use a certain theme to be able to change the sizes as well as the color and look, (boldness) of your font? I NEED to be able to use larger font in my blog posts, both for the drama and emphasis, and because I’m getitng old and blind! HELP! The sizing of fonts in my tests eludes me! Thanks, helen



    Hello Everyone I am new here….this is the first blog that I am working on but I wanted to ask…..when I try to log in I get a blank page. I had bookmarked the link so I would not have to try and remember it and when i try to go in I have a blank page and it will not let me get to a log in page. Could someone help me with this one please?


    Fun task! I learned how to add music to a post. Took a little trial and error, but I figured it out. Thanks for these wonderful WordPress resources!

    It’s fun to see what everyone else is learning, too.

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