Zero to Hero: Day Six

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    @ aimeeheartsjewelry great! could you tell me how you did that? Music adding to a post, im kind of curious


    @spaghettistrap, you can search online for images that have Creative Commons licenses that you have the right to use:

    Take a look at this, too, to be sure you attribute any images you use properly. Credit where’s credit’s due!:

    @helen, to adjust the size of your fonts, you’d need the Custom Design upgrade ($30).


    So totally new to everything here. While I’ve had WordPress for years, it was not until this past week that I actually started posting on a regular basis – so I feel a bit behind. I had to relearn everything again – including links, images, HTML … all of the codes, I am loving the Zero to Hero challenge. I had done this particular day the other day without knowing it, and Ill do it again … but I’m still figuring out Instagram – I will add that in at some point today – but when I embedded the YouTube videos I changed the size – in case anybody is interested – I try to make them all the same size and space, instead of being huge, sometimes YouTube embeds when I use them – make it like the height and width of the entire page which drives me batty. New to forums. New to the blogs – so mine is a bit bare … working on it step by step in this challenge!



    @jacquelineruns – I’m not sure what aimeeheartsjewelry did, but I put some music files directly into my post. I discovered that if you actually want to stick an mp3 file into a post you have to upgrade. With the upgrade I uploaded my mp3 to WordPress and inserted them into the post. A little media widget shows up on the post. To see what I mean take a look:



    Welp, Started a week late and playing catch up. At least the spring semester hasn’t started yet.
    Completely new at this, and no clue of what I am doing (I should really watch the tutorial)…
    Here is mine for day two, I will complete more after work. :)



    I added a Pinterest board to my post — and it shows up fine on my macbook — but it’s completely gone on the iPhone. There’s not even any indication that there should be a link there. Is there a way to add a Pinboard so it shows up on a mobile device?

    Here’s the post I mean:



    I experimented with not only pictures but animated gifs this week…here are my results. What do you think?



    I can’t figure out how to do the pingbacks! I read the link on it, but I still don’t get it. How to I know the exact link to add? I just completed the daily prompt for Roy G. Biv and couldn’t connect them :(



    Hi. I submitted my post late last night. I was frustrated because I tried to embed a You Tube video, but only the link shows up. I went by the instructions and even did it the other way using the Add Media button. Now I noticed it even changed the font size on the paragraphs around it. :(
    I didn’t have time to mess with it any longer, so it is what it is.
    I did post something last week with a photo gallery that turned our really well. That was new to me, so I guess I can take an A on that one.




    P.S. Here is my post The Things I Would Do



    @anniethinksabout I’ve been about to embed video by using the “old embed code” on youtube. When you click Share, followed by Embed, it brings up the new code. Below that box, you’ll see a tick box for “use old embed code”. That will change the new code to this:

    <object width=”420″ height=”315″><param name=”movie” value=”//″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”//″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”420″ height=”315″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”></embed></object>

    Copy that in and your video should embed. You won’t be able to see it in the editor, but if you preview the post before it’s published, it should show up then.



    I made a custom map on Google Maps of my vacation in Bali. I tried to embed it on my blog, following the instructions step by step, but only an error message came up. (I used the “embed” code, copy and pasted it to the “text” version of the blog, made the map visible to the public.) I even found a great video explaining specifically how to post a custom map on WordPress, to no avail. Is this some kind of block from Google?



    Another question: If I start writing a blog using the “New Post” option from the Reader page (with the blue border at the top), and I embed pictures, the pictures are physically large in size on my post. If I then save the draft, then come back to it later, using the Edit option on All Posts on the Dashboard (black border at the top), the pictures that I add at that point are physically large in size, and even when I expand the size, they pop back to being small again. Why is that? What can I do about it?



    I added a poll, asking a question related to the Zero to Hero challenge.

    In the process I discovered I needed a workaround to put the desired single line between the poll and the next paragraph. That led me to using another shortcode to help me explain my workaround.

    Fun assignment. I expect I’ll be trying more shortcodes in the not to distance future.



    * not too distant future.




    lorenrhoads, woohoo! The old embed code worked. Thank you so much!


    @jacquelineruns, I followed these instructions for embedding a URL link from spotify:

    I had to paste the link into the text version of my blog post, though, to get it to work properly.



    @jennisnails – If you link to the Roy G. Biv post, the pingback will happen automatically. You would link to this page in your post.

    So for example, if you want to link to it, you might do something like this at the end of your writing:

    Inspiration: Daily Prompt – Roy G. Biv.


    This was inspired by Roy G. Biv.

    This shows how to create a link in your post:


    Thank you daphnec2002 for that link on how to create a link! I have tried to embed a link into my post several times–with no success! This helps! Helen


    Can anyone tell me how to do some of those cool things–well, especially these two: 1. See this here ! — where the word here is like a link maybe to one of their other posts or something?

    2. I’ve seen big white arrows superimposed on blogpost pictures. So, the author is saying something like…”see the way that piece fits into that one?” –and the arrow points to the detail discussed? I would really like to learn these two skills!

    today, I spent several hours creating a scene in my home to photograph for a new header. That way, there are no copyright issues, and it is unique. I installed the new header, then tried customizing the colors! It was a disaster! Customizing meant choosing among their suggestions–none of which I liked! I really like my new header picture, but decided not to use it for now– sticking with the new theme and original photo I set up Day 3 . So, Lots of hours spent without a lot to show– but I learned a lot, so I’m feeling more and more at home on my blog page–one of the goals!

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