Zero to Hero: Day Six

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    Thank you daphnec2002 for that link on how to create a link! I have tried to embed a link into my post several times–with no success! This helps! Helen


    Day 6, I have written about my favourite character from a book. That’s a first for me.. I am a member of a book club in my city, and I discuss books I have read. But this – writing about a book, or a favourite character, was something I hadn’t done ever
    So here it is .. Stepped out of my comfort zone.

    Feedback greatly appreciated.




    I would like to know how to embed a Gif from in my Tapestry Play post in The way I have my post now it is directing the viewers to the Tapestry website, and away from website. I tried adding the embedding code given by Tapestry, but this code does not work, it leads to nowhere:
    <iframe src=”” width=”852″ height=”480″ scrolling=”no” style=”border: 0px;”></iframe>

    And with this code (the URL), which the one below, takes me to their site to see my work but doesn’t show the Gif in my site. Please help! Thanks, Kathy



    That’s an iframe code and you cannot use it on a free hosted blog for security reasons.


    Did it!!! Remembered I’d done a post where I had just put a link to the you tube website, rather than embedding the video. That is now updated and looks like this.



    I have a couple of technical questions re this post:

    I have tried embedding a song from Spotify, but there is no audio. It looks like it’s playing, but I can’t hear anything.

    Also, I write my posts in Word and then paste them in. I always use the same font in the same size, but my posts appear at two different sizes. How can I make sure they all appear at the same size?




    Is an embedded Spotify song supposed to play within my blog post or will Spotify open to play it. Sorry, this is all new to me!



    @aliloud – The song from Spotify plays fine for me and opens up in the Spotify app.

    My experience with copying and pasting from Word is to switch to the Text editor mode and then paste it. I find this ensures that any unnecessary formatting is removed.

    You can switch to the Text editor mode by clicking the Text tab next to right above the area where you write your content.



    I tried to embed at tweet and it was a total failure. I followed the instructions, even tried some of the variations. Nothing! The best I got was the url itself. I can not imagine what is wrong, however.


    Day 6: The Photographicalist

    Hi all,

    Well, I did the day 6 exercise starting on day 6 but didn’t load in on my site until today, 2 days later. What I decided to do with the one new element challenge was to add audio to provide increased accessibility on my site and also some multimedia interest. And I thought, what the heck, how hard could it be? (!)

    First I had to find a working microphone in my bin of headphones and microphones. Which I didn’t – they were all broken, or didn’t work with my Mac, or needed one of those little round lozenge batteries that let’s face it no one ever has on hand. So I went with my built-in microphone in my Mac, which wasn’t all that bad.

    Next I had to learn how to create a narration mp3 using Garage Band, which I managed to do by watching a tutorial on YouTube.

    Then I had to record it 3 times (the post I chose was my latest one, Feeling out of your bit depth?) before it was pretty close to what I was hoping for.

    Then when I went to upload it, I discovered that WordPress won’t accept mp3 files except as part of their upgrade space package, that gives you an extra 10 Gb (which I in no way need now) along with the ability to upload mp3 files for $20 per year.

    I decided that I was serious about my blog and that I could afford the investment in myself, so I went ahead and got the package.

    Only then could I upload the mp3 file, which I did, but decided that I wanted to re-record it to change the 1s and 0s bit to a two-tone singsong but in the meantime the zerotohero challenge keeps rolling on so today I uploaded the version I have now.


    If you meet the following exotic criteria:
    you’ve come back to revisit day 6,
    you have an interest in learning why bit depth matters to photographers, and
    you have the time,
    please visit my narrated post and let me know what you think of the audio!

    Cheers, Sabrina


    I’ve fallen a bit behind but did this today, I embedded my pinterest board and two videos on my post and then went and did day 7 and 8, hehe!



    Hello All

    I’m late but I’d like to share my second post with you all. I hope you’ll love it. I posted it about six months ago. I’m updating my blog according to ZerotoHero. Looking forward for constructive comments.

    Best Wishes to everyone!



    Hey all! This is my post. Yeah I’m a few days behind. Better late than never…
    Question: I was having trouble embedding my Instagram pics smaller. Any suggestions? Not sure why it didn’t work. For my 1st try I left the pics lovely and large!




    Did you embed using short-code? If yes then check does short-code has any size/width configuration or not.

    Happy Blogging


    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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