Zero to Hero: Day Sixteen

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    Oh my, today’s challenge really was a challenge! I’ve gone way outside my comfort zone and even to some degree, the remit of my blog by addressing the prompt “Reputation” in the way that I have. I hope it makes sense to my readers who aren’t familiar with the challenge as well as fellow bloggers who understand what it is all about. A personal aim for myself is to improve my writing skills and I have spent an awful lot of time “thinking” about it rather than doing it. Here’s to hoping my leap of faith sees me right, eeeeek! Good luck everyone else!


    I’m glad we are finally getting back to some writing challenges and I love the daily prompt. Not that I haven’t liked all the work we have done to our blogs so far.

    I agree that everyone should review the support docs before asking a question. I spent a few years in computer technical support and my biggest complaint was that customers never read the manual or the support docs before they called with a question.

    Anyway, here is my post for today’s challenge. Please take a look and let me know what you think.


    @timethief, as we continue to iterate on the challenge, we’ll bear the need to foster self-sufficiency in mind. This is the experimental version, as it were, so we’re learning as we go.

    We’ll be sending around a survey to solicit feedback from everyone at the end, so be sure to include that note.


    I like the idea of teaching self-sufficiency. Not to go too off topic but I had to ask for some coding help in the forums as I couldn’t find it myself in the support documents/forum. So when the person who offered a solution/explanation for me I made sure I asked how I could learn these things for myself. They were very happy to help and said it was no trouble to ask questions when you’re stuck then they gave me some links to follow to teach myself the basics. I’m a happy bunny. I think interacting in the forums is a big part of blogging community life and we will always need to ask *sometimes* as not every possible problem can have been addressed already… can it?!



    And it gets better. Just when I thought today’s Daily Prompt could not have been timed better, it also happened to tie in with this challenge. Good stuff.




    I’m going to choose not to complete a survey because there would be nothing gained from me sharing my experience. There has been nothing of value with respect to improving my own blogging in this challenge for me and I could see that clearly on Day 4. Though my approach to teaching blogging is not the same at all, I do like providing support to beginners, so I accepted that reality and decided to do what I could do to support the zero to hero challenge on Day 5.



    Again, a stretch. Pain meds are wearing off, so I will be back working on the nuts and bolts later, but posting is finished.


    Well, just finished my post How you delete reputation .


    Ironically my recent post fits in with this task. I literally just published it before looking at today’s challenge and thought “Well isn’t this fate!” Here is a link to it.



    I posted a comment re: the disclaimer for you.


    I’m not a huge fan of today’s challenge. In my opinion, the best blogs have some sort of theme beyond just “what’s on my mind”. I personally read a lot of beauty and travel blogs, but one need only look at all the tags available in the Reader (sports, food, books, photography, etc.) to see that most readers are looking for great, topical blogs that relate to their interests, rather than just someone’s daily ramblings. I would encourage Zero to Hero participants to think about the direction they want to take their blog. If it’s just to ramble, cool. But if they want to start building a readership and making meaningful connections all around the world they would probably be best served by ignoring arbitrary daily prompts and instead focusing on crafting great posts that relate to their stated, underlying purpose.


    @lipglossandabackpack, I totally agree that bloggers should post content that relates to their purpose for blogging, whatever that is, which is why today, we encouraged folks to interpret and play with the prompt. We all hit a wall sometimes, and using a prompt to jar us into posting can be a really helpful tool! Maybe not one you turn to often, but useful when needed.

    We’re also trying to be mindful that there are also a lot of people who *do* just their blogs to write about whatever’s on their mind, or to practice their writing, so we need to balance everyone’s needs; we’ve also got a lot of folks who are still figuring out their purpose by writing and seeing what happens.

    That being said, your point about making connections is well take, and one we totally agree with. Going forward, we’ll take this (very helpful!) feedback into account, and will be able to craft courses/challenges/etc that are a bit more targeted.

    (There are also a lot of really popular blogs — Dooce, The Bloggess — that are, essentially, someone’s daily ramblings. You never know what’s going to stick!)



    I used today’s challenge to make fun of my reputation. I hate getting compared to someone or something I feel is beyond my potential. So today I got to laugh at myself :) I enjoyed reading what everyone else’s interpretation of the question meant to them. I know how to link in my blog not sure I tried to link it here but can’t get it to work. It just shows up as the whole URL thread within HTML code.




    As soon as you post the new day challenge, several bloggers start commenting. Many of them comment prior to work done. I do not like that. Well, I got my prompt and I’m going to use it in my today’s challenge. I love to write. I’ll publish my link when I’ll finish it.

    One more request, bloggers need one click follow button. I think it should be included in JetPack. Don’t you think so?


    Hey guys sorry I’m late but…well, I had a post to write about reputations. That was a toughie! Am I right? I saw another Daily Prompt that said: flick to the 3rd page of the newspaper and go to the 3rd headline and write about that! Even that would’ve been easier.



    Consider that the majority of all blogs registered to day will be abandoned or deleted in less than a year’s time. Consider how many abandoned blogs there are and know we aren’t told the numbers but there’s doubt about it – they are HIGH numbers. makes money from the advertising on blogs and selling upgrades as well they should. The only exception to the income from ad clickers is of course blogs with No-Ads upgrades, as all blogs that do not have that upgrade will have ads placed on them. The more traffic to the blogs the more income is realized.

    The focus of the zero to hero challenge is not on developing a niche blog. If it had been then the development of these assignments would not be what have experienced.

    The focus to get people to write their little hearts out so they are “hooked” on generating income producing content so they won’t abandon or delete their blogs. The whole idea is to serve them in a way that makes them want to remain active as bloggers, connected to other bloggers and happily posting day in and day out. Because as michelleweber has said you never know what kind of content will be “sticky” and which bloggers will stick around and generate lots of posts that attract lots of ad clickers.

    Consider for example the club penguin and weevil kids blogs. They rack up traffic like you would not believe and there’s no doubt that some of those kids visitors ie. other kids do click ad buttons. Also some of those kids have parents who allow them to purchase premium themes, annually renewable custom design upgrades. etc.


    @michelleweber I think that both Dooce and TheBloggess owe a lot of their success to their age. They started in a time when the “market” was way less saturated and when the idea of baring your soul to strangers online was significantly more shocking. I don’t think either woman would experience the same kind of success if they started their blogs today.

    I definitely agree that having a blog because you feel like rambling about whatever, or because you want to practice writing, is totally legitimate. However, I feel like today’s suggestion should have come with a big warning sign, directly particularly at new bloggers, that said: “DANGER: High risk of watering down your content!”


    @ngrigor, to link here, you need to use HTML. It should look like this:

    <a href="URL OF YOUR LINK">Text That Appears</a>

    which will show up as:

    Text That Appears

    @ajbozdar, Jetpack is working on integrating .org blogs more fully, but you should leave your note in the ideas forum!



    This is what I think of the reputation of online games. :-)

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