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Zero to Hero: Day Ten

  1. @ngrigor
    Looks great your changed background. The color correspond with some in your header. A great hint from luvsiesous200.

  2. I also do not want my page to be so busy that it's distracting but did add a Follow widget (only had follow via email before) and removed the pics from the Facebook like widget. Also did some reordering. Pretty happy with it.

  3. @415whisperer, thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it. :)

  4. I've decided to remove my Twitter & Instagram widgets. Instead, I'd like to put in little images for people to click on so they can get to my social media. Does anyone know how to do that for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr & Bloglovin'?

  5. @michelleweber

    /@415whisperer, you'd need the Custom Design upgrade for that, so you could use custom fonts and/or CSS./

    Uh, I do have the Custom Design upgrade... I just haven't figured out how to use it?


  6. @ngrigor,

    That is readable.

    Remember, you normally only have 8 seconds to ride a bull, or lose a reader on a web site ....


    And you thought this wasn't a real sport?


  7. luvsiesous2000


    I got 2 hours sleep the night before, and even went to church - not usual for 2 hours sleep. I got 5 hours this morning, 7 to noon, my time.

    I blog to ignore the pain. Just now, my leg cramped.

    Oh the joys of Government Medicine ....

    So, I blog to ignore the pain.

    How will your program "Zero to Hero" help me use Word Press as as a blogging platform? How do I get WP to work as a blogging platform?

    I want the readership growth which comes from blogging. Been doing that since 2005, very well until Word Press.


  8. ediblereflections

    Here I go playing catch-up again. Weekends are hard for me to blog.
    Nonetheless I'm committed to my blog, my followers and future followers :)
    I added a Twitter widget, customized some of my existing widget titles (i.e. Edible Gallery, Search for Deliciousness, etc.).
    Let me know what you think.

  9. A small piece of feedback, prompted by looking at the lovely blog by Hernandez of @ediblereflections. I'm sure lots of people will love this feature but there is something about blogs with infinite scroll enabled that just makes me want to turn off. It annoys me I can't get to the bottom of your page - I much prefer having a limited number of posts on one page and having to "turn" a page to see older posts. Like I said, there's so many blogs out there with this feature but it's a bit of a turn off for me. I really did love her blog though - gorgeous photos, fun writing, can't wait to try the recipes!

  10. @jobakes
    When infinite scroll was introduced I was dead set against it. I had this 10 year old concept of what a blog ought to look like but I am on desktop. As time passed and I tested my blogs using infinite scroll and disabling it I completely changed my mind. There is a mobile explosion going on. There are more people with mobiles that those who own toothbrushes according to reputable sources.Considered to be a fad when introduced, Tablets are quickly replacing PCs and Tablet sales are likely to surpass PCs by 2015. Worldwide PC shipments are down 10 - 11 percent from last year. I deliberately choose to use responsive width theme and I enable infinite scroll on my blogs as well due to the results of my experimentation with both.

  11. @ediblereflections
    I love your blog content and will follow under my other username account. My response to the bright yellow background color on a blog with red font titles and links is: the colors clash and that's disturbing. Would you consider changing it?

  12. Well @timethief - for as long as I have been blogging and reading other blogs, I have done so from my iPhone and iPad. Up until last weekend I didn't have a computer of my own! I only used a PC to upload a PDF from Pages to my blog which carries my recipes on, as it's impossible to do this on the "i" devices I just mentioned. So perhaps I'm an anomaly or perhaps I represent a section of the blogosphere who use smart devices and tablets but don't like infinite scroll. I do like the option that is enabled on my theme to have responsive widths - I'm absolutely on board with that. It is annoying to read a web page on a phone and *have* to move it around to read it. But I do stand by my dislike of infinite scroll. My first few renditions of Jo blogs Jo Bakes had it enabled and I quickly moved to Suburbia and now Hatch which I prefer without exception. It's horses for courses - I can't be alone out there. I'm pretty sure you won't take this as offensive - it's just my opinion :)

  13. Hello Bloggers!

    I have widgetised my blog. Now open for feedbacks. I removed jetpack's gallery and twitter widgets because they were loaded my site. I have inserted a widget which shows a top bar with given link. Go and see! What is the link and have fun! That's my favourite link. :)


  14. NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you're just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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