Zero to Hero: Day Ten

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    @nematheresa, for that, use the Categories widget — the archives widget will always organize things by date.

    @magpiesvalise, if you tell us more about what you’re trying to do with iframes, we may be able to suggest something.



    This is my blog.

    Many of the widgets are located at the bottom. Will this be too big of a problem for those looking for easy information/navigation? Should I adjust the number of posts on the home page or do something similar? Of course, would there be any general feedback from the rest of the WordPress community? Thanks guys.



    “@magpiesvalise, if you tell us more about what you’re trying to do with iframes, we may be able to suggest something.”

    Hey, I too wanted to add an iframe tag to my sidebar…but like I posted I couldn’t…in the words of the support docu the code was getting ‘stripped’ from my page…the code I wanted to add a text widget was
    (iframe tag) src=’′ width=’170′ height=’75’ frameborder=’0′
    scrolling=’no’ (iframe tag closed)


    @cyclonus97 Well the first problem is that link to your blog is bad. No worries though here is a less elegant link for people to follow:

    If people are looking at you home page it might be a long way to scroll to get to your widgets, though it isn’t quite such a task if you’re only looking at a single post. Your site has a search function in the menu bar so the search widget may be unnecessary. If the theme you are using has a side bar you might want to move some of the other widgets (personally I am a fan of the side bar).




    I think this answers your question:

    In short, the suggested pingbacks (related posts) and images are no longer offered.




    Ok. I didn’t want to do tit. I really didn’t want to do, I loved the matala theme and how it was laid out. But I did it. I changed it.

    Then I have to play around with me widgets? Nooooooooo!

    My widgets are just fine, thanks.

    Ok. I’ll do it. I changed my widgets and added new ones.

    Oh. Dear. Lord.

    It looks BRILLIANT!!!! Thanks, WordPress team for kicking me in the proverbial and making me do things differently.

    I can’t seem to get rid of the Blogroll though and it’s a bit surplus to requirements now that I have ‘the blogs I follow’ widget in place and looking sassy.



    Okay, while we’re talking about widgets… I have done the research and cannot find how I would change the font in my widget to be a different color/font than that set up by my theme?


    In my blog are 12 widgets which all make sense. But checking them now, because of the questions here in the forum, I would say 9 are really “necessary”. I don’t think it’s overloaded but understand there is a certain danger ;-) It all depends on your individual taste. If you like it do it. And sometimes a fellow blogger will give you a hint …



    Hey, have just signed up and stumbled along the zero to hero challenge.
    Have taken Challenge’s 1 & 2 and would be interested in any feedback anyone wants to offer. null


    Good about me. You saying clearly what your blog will offer. Without any schnickschnack. Go on. Good Luck.
    Will not answer in the next few ours because I’m going bush with my dog.



    Thanks for the feedback doughippensteel!

    As for the link…. yeah it is bad. (I guess I have learnt the proper way to link things now.) I think I will proceed to remove the redundant search widget. As for the sidebar, well, my theme doesn’t allow it. However, I initially planned to only use this theme for the time-being, so probably things will change in the future.

    Thanks again. :)


    I added an image widget using photo from a friends blog (with permission) which fits so well with my blog and added her blog name. It’s a great way to advertise other blogs.



    I have added my twitter feed and had a play around with the different hex codes as well which was fun.
    In future I would like to add few more things to my blog, like pictures and music…but at the moment I am using someone else’s laptop as mine is caput again (and yes, it is bordering on being a catastrophe!) but at least now I know where to find what!


    I already had some widgets, but for some reason i never had a search widget. So im goin to include that one. Furthermore i like the agenda widget (dont know if its calles like that) but it counts down to my event, the whole reason why I even started this blog. Take a look and tell me what you think. Enjoy your sunday


    Ok i decided to not include the search widget because I already have a tag cloud and a categorie widget. Its going to be to much


    @michelleweber. Thank you. Definitely going to wait for blogroll day.



    I just visited your blog and your widgets are very nice…even though they are so many! And your about page was amazing… So well put together with the appropriate comment accompanying each photo…neat! Also the translation was a big help as I can’t read German(?)…actually I can’t speak it either…. :D Fab job!


    OK, I stumbled upon this thread. It sounds interesting.

    I have been blogging for about 8 years.

    What is the overall purpose and direction of this? Not trying to rain on someone’s parade, but creating a widget to practice snipets of code would have been fun 15 years ago when I started programing …..

    So, do you have a final destination blog I can look at?




    I started blogging in October and I am pretty computer illiterate so this has been a time consuming process learning how to pull everything together but I’m hooked! I love it and I added two widgets today to my sidebar. I don’t want my site to look cluttered…anyone out there have an opinion on how many “extra’s” is too much?


    @pkanwar, what is the purpose of that code — what do you want the widget to do/look like? Maybe there’s work-around.

    @415whisperer, you’d need the Custom Design upgrade for that, so you could use custom fonts and/or CSS.

    @javaadvenlu, to get rid of the blogroll widget, head back to the widgets page in your dashboard, and drap-and-drop the “Links” widget from your sidebar to the “inactive widgets” section on the left.

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