Zero to Hero: Day Thirteen

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    @timethief this some serious thought…


    That’s what I thought! When you go to sites who blitz you with sidebar gizmos it’s almost impossible to find the content. I call it ‘being sidebarred’. Plus I get to control what goes up there (not sure if a blog roll lets you do that).
    Hey thanks again for the advice. I’m glad we’re friends again. Cause I have no idea how to send flowers via this thing. Is there a widget for that?
    And if you’d like to see my entire apology to Timethief please go to my blog at…nah I’m just kidding!
    Love you Timethief.



    As far as I know we a have never stopped being online acquaintances. Over 7 years of answering support forums questions dating back to the time when there was single forum, a single FAQs thread and a single support Staff means I have a very thick skin and I don’t take any of this “home”.


    Ah yes, ‘thick skin’. I’ve heard of this. I, myself, use ignorance as my shield, pure unadulterated ignorance. I find it works well for me even though I’m completely unsure of what the word ‘unadulterated’ means. Hence the saying ‘Ignorance is…something something’.

    Now I must bid you all a dieu, another word whose meaning remains a mystery to me. Does anybody bid more than a dieu? Like four dieus?
    Then let me be the first to bid four dieus. Dieu, dieu, dieu dieu.
    (God I hope it doesn’t mean anything offensive!)



    @timethief wow! I was thinking about the how many posts are my front page also today. I’m heading over to my dashboard/settings right now to play with the ‘more’ tag. So much learning going on and thanks for sharing the expertise.



    I think I’ll try using a blogroll in my footer for now, but I might also try it as a separate Page. Is there an easy way to transfer the blogroll (on your Links in the Dashboard) to a Page, or is the only way to use “brute force?”



    OK … loving the ‘more’ tag. Instead of endless scrolling on the front page, “Read More” is much more pleasing. I’m moving onto links page. Based on the discussion here, I think I’ll go with that rather than the blogroll.


    I’m with you, loving the “Read More” feature. Now I just have to do it.



    I quit using a blogroll way back in….2006? 2007? I got tired of having to update it all the time because people I had linked to had already quit blogging…two months down the road.

    Plus, I’m not a fan of the sidebar. I was ecstatic when themes came out that did away with it, or let me do away with it. I only use it on pages, not on posts. And on pages, I keep it to the bare bones, more or less as an archive tool: categories, calendar and search.

    But on my butterfly blog I do have a resources page, where I list a lot of links to other butterfly websites that people can use for reference. I find that a really good way to handle this. But generally, I think you should only do it if it adds to the reader’s experience – helps them in some way – offers them a service so to speak. I do like to see links on food/cooking blogs and will click on those.

    On a just purely personal blog…hmm…I don’t think I’ve clicked from a blogroll since…2006. :-)



    Yo! We are definitely on the same page. :)




    Thanks for the link to pingdom. That is quite helpful. Two of my blogs had really good speed…faster than 30% of other sites. One, my personal blog, was really, really bad…slower than 88%.

    I know it is because I have tons of photos, and also, I have it set to infinite scroll. I don’t think I can change how many posts load in that. Although I am also set to infinite on the other two as well. And I like infinite for people, cause I think it makes it easier for them than having to load. And I know you will say add a break…but it won’t work with my layout. I maybe I should say, I like my layout…the two column format for long posts, and large photo with only a tiny amount of copy for short ones.

    I’d love feedback though, if you have a moment. I know you have a real life and are busy in the forums.


    Yippy! I’am so happy to been able to completed day 11-13 today. ~ Blessings everyone



    This challenge made me realize that I need to update my blogroll. A few of the blogs there haven’t posted in almost 6 months. Its time to update.

    I use a custom menu and widget to display my blogroll.


    Sorry for the meltdown earlier today1 LOL, I went back to sleep and feel much better now! I know I should just hush when I get that tired! Thanks for the encouragement sarahkey1 and pkanwar1983, I will try again. I did get a simple “blogs I follow” widget installed, I’ll work on the blogroll. I hear you timethief about the experience and the spacing and simplicity, and Michele Weber about the quality links—thanks all for this adventure. Helen


    I didn’t include a blogroll, mainly because I can’t find the plugin for my self-hosted site D: But that’s okay. I linked my blog to my Google+ page and included the blogs I usually read. Some of the sites include flavorwire, the gaudy blog etc…



    Day 7 completed!!! Feedback is most welcome :-) New background for my photo blog.


    Wheeeee, what a fun and busy challenge this was today! Have 22 fabulous new followers, changed my theme which I think is smoking hot…LOL and comments flying out the window. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Have a great evening!



    It’s been really cool watching people’s blogs change the past 2 days! I am also really impressed with the support at WP & grateful. Still feel over my head most of the time though!



    What is the difference between adding a “blog roll” widget and adding a “blogs I follow” widget? I added a blog roll widget and then changed the name to “blogs I follow”, then realized there was a widget with that title. I think I’m not understanding the proper use of the two widgets. Can someone please explain?


    @suzylins, the “blogs I follow” widget will automatically display the blogs your follow you The “links” widget will display your blogroll, which are sites you enter in the “links” tab of your dashboard. These can be any site, WordPress or not, blog or not.

    In the first, sites your follow are automatically displayed; in the second, you manually enter the sites you’d like to have shown and are not restricted to sites.

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