Zero to Hero: Day Thirty!

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    What are the right places to find the events (daily, weekly, monthly). Since I like to keep blogging going and going, some interesting events can provide some encouragements.

    Thanks for all helps you have been providing during last 30 days.


    Go to Zero to Hero main page and look into the right sidebar. There you will find challenges, events, prompts etc.



    Yes I’d like to also say thank you for the help this month. It has been really useful. I will miss the challenges.


    @cxianliu, what @luthersjournal said! If you want to bookmark it, here’s the direct link:

    We just added a bunch of new events this week!



    This was such an amazing experience. I feel like I’ve finally found my true voice regarding my blog. It’s actually the same exact one as my regular voice, except it doesn’t make any noise and you have to use your eyes to hear it.
    I know.
    Thank you @michelleweber and everyone else who participated here for the feedback, the love and the laughs.

    Now, onto the important news.
    Now that I have the purple sparkle disco pants and the cape, and can legally wear them together because I am a certified super hero after these 30 days, I need help with my super hero name.


    Big shout of thanks to @michelleweber and @timethief for all your fabulous help and time for this challenge. I’ve had an amazing response with my blog in such a short time and didn’t expect to get over 100 followers within a month.
    I’m on the train heading north but had to stop in and say THANK YOU!
    Everyone I’ve connected with has been amazing!




    Thank you both (and anyone else behind the scenes) for all the hard work you put in to Zero to Hero. It is very much appreciated. I have learned so much!

    One post-event assignment I would like to suggest is how to do a Gravatar. I figured it out, but I notice a lot of my cohorts along the way don’t have their blogs linked. There was one new blog I really, really, really wanted to read, but I had to hunt with the aid of a search engine to find his blog.



    a hearty thank you from me too. It really has been amazing watching the blogs transform!
    I need to put some more thought into today’s assignment and the topic of branding . . . right now I’m just kinda having fun with the blog. I do have the same “brand” name for all my social media connections and then a separate personal fb page. When I have posts that I want to remain private, I just publish them as private . . . but at least I have a record of them. I had a lot of fun with today’s post and felt really accomplished . . . including a flipagram video via youtube and a gallery. See you around!



    This has been a great learning experience for me & one as a new blogger (only started in Nov & made maybe two three posts before this experience) really enjoyed.

    This has been the best learning tool for me & made me really think what I want from this, what I am trying to achieve & how best to do it.

    I hope that these ideas will be made available to all new bloggers who are not sure what to really do.

    Thanks Zero to Hero



    This final assignment was my whole purpose for blogging in the first place, so it is a bit of serendipity that I have come full circle. My next 30 days are going to be about connecting to my other social media sites and marketing my new business.



    I want to say that I really enjoyed this challenge and I’m going to miss everyone. It has been a lot of fun and I hope it doesn’t stop here. I have learned a lot and I appreciate it so much. Here is my final post for the Zero to Hero Challenge Take care everyone and hope to keep in touch with everyone!!!



    this was a fun challenge, I liked the concentration on learning about others in the blogging world.
    I think my goal for the next 30 days is to post at least 1-2 times a week. It will probably be more but I never know where I’ll be so don’t want to commit to more than that.
    I’m going to start a weekly “creature feature” every Wednesday. Starting next week. I might start another weekly or monthly series but I want to see how it goes with this one first.
    I hope to keep building my readership and hopefully I’ll get some more feedback from them on what people are really coming to my blog about. So far, it does seem like I’m on the right track, just doing what I have been doing. It’s just slower than I’d like. ;-)
    Good luck to everyone with your blogs!


    @michelleweber @timethief

    Thank you

    Everyone else – lovely to watch your progress throughout this month and thank you to those who have given me some hints and tips.

    Those who have started to follow my blog – thank you for some really great comments – it’s nice to move beyond the ‘great post’ phase of blogging.

    Those whose blogs I have started to follow – I love them!

    Yours not yet a hero, but a little way past being a zero. I’ll be posting about how the blogging is going, including reflecting on the zero to hero challenge mid February time. Looking forward to hitting publish!


    Great work, everyone!


    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Zero to Hero sessions – thank you to all the staff concerned.
    I’ve just one problem – I don’t know whether I should ask here or somewhere else; how to I make a calendar of my planned posts – say 2 per week on fixed days? I think the calendar I have at present just shows past posts not intended ones. I can’t see an appropriate widget to use.



    I too want to thank everyone for their input over the past 30 days. I have just published my final zero to hero post 😢 and I think by now you all should be able to find it if you would like to read it – so I deliberately haven’t posted a link here, although I do know how to do that now thanks to the 30 day challenge!! Have loved learning about some of the basics as I really didn’t know much at all to start with. Hope to keep reading everyone’s blogs from time to time. Bye for now!



    yeah, I joined wordpress because my blog on wont let anyone post and i wanted a wide range of opinions and my blog so ill take this 30 day challenge



    @ everyone

    I apologize for not responding sooner as I was busy with my business month end work. It was a pleasure helping you throughout the challenge and a great opportunity to learn new things from michelleweber too. Best wishes for happy blogging to one and all.



    Hi, I signed up for the Zero to Hero Challenge but never got an email for the survey. Any thoughts or help, please?


    @lunacooler, you should have gotten it yesterday — let me know if you didn’t, and I’ll re-send!

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