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Zero to Hero: Day Three

  1. So. The journey begins.

    Post number two kicks off my odyssey into writing a novel and getting it in the bookshops, when the blog will end.

    But then, another will begin, with the suffix author.

  2. I started my blog under a gloomy set of mind and just wanted a method of releasing it. Though i'm not sure if I should blog it all, so I didn't, instead my first blog was on a trivial manga I enjoyed. So now I actually posted what was on my mind when I made my blog in that little corner at my local bookstore.

    I'm a little nervous to share it, but it feels good to let out what I felt for a while. If anyone would like to see it, then your welcome to click on the link.

  3. Hi there,

    I'm trying to catch up with all the challenges and for a newbie like myself it ain't easy.

    I have started zero to hero as I have only 30 days left to my childbirth and thought that I might learn something before this big date.

    Good luck to all of us!

  4. urbansoulalchemy2013

    This was really fun! It worked out well for me to combine a past daily prompt, and the Day 3 Challenge. Would love some feedback! ~*

  5. It took me a while to come up with topic to write. Then it took some more to put it in words. After some editing and some more editing, here is final product. Let me know if you like it. If you don't then let me know too. So I can improvise. Thank you.

  6. Good day everyone! As usual, feedback on my blog would be highly appreciated. If you're into photography and you like to travel by bicycle...give it a look!

  7. dribblingpensioner

  8. Two posts today!! Blogging about zero to hero and what I started my blog for :-)

  9. I'm working on multiple elements but the beginnings have been about for awhile. Would love feedback!

  10. jillianaross2013

    Before I started my blog I was basically writing blog posts in my head every time I cooked something new that my family could eat. So I just decided to add another recipe to my blog today. Here it is:

  11. I look around my environment and finally I get inspired by the nature. Here's my blog post:
    It's in Indonesian Language and It have a story about "The last forest in city of Bandung". Please follow me @soekarnold

  12. Everyone's posts are so shiny, it's fantastic. This place is so neat!

    I was writing today's post in my head while I was heading into the city with a friend today. It was inspired by games journalism, which is a field I might want to get into some day and partially what I'm dabbling in with this.
    Plus, I got a chance to write a little in a hypothetical scenario. Always the time to finagle in some creative writing, don't you think?


    I'm not sure this was the point of the challenge but there it is

  14. michelleweber

    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you're just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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