Zero to Hero: Day Three

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    I gave it great thought I figured this was the time to share my story with you and the reason I started blogging here a link to my story and the reason behind me



    Day 3- Does anyone know what happened to the comment page usred previously to share posts?


    I didn’t publish this post, because it’s personal and I’m not quite ready to share it yet, but please come and check out my blog.


    Here, sorry.See my blog here



    Day 3’s task was a bit of a challenge because it meant revealing something very personal to me and releasing it to the wild (i.e. the Internet). Welp.
    A smiley won’t hurt :)



    Am I the only one who feels overwhelmed just reading through these forums? I feel like I’m trying to jump into a conversation that’s been going on for days/weeks/years, and I may have (pithy/meaningful/witty/helpful!) things to say, but it’s waaaay too late to say them! :}



    Great assignment.

    Can I get some feedback. I’m concerned about writing too much, or presenting what I’ve written in a form that’s visually unappealing, which would turn off my readers. What I did is

    1) smaller to larger paragraphs
    2) centre one line, make the text larger, put quotes around it
    3) add a double space at the end.

    What do you all think about how it looks? Simple is better?



    It took me a while, but I got it! I love this challenge, it really helps me get out of my comfort zone :)

    Check it out, I’ll appreciate an feedback!

    Happy Blogging!



    @415, I don’t feel that way at all. Maybe joining a blog already in progress would make me feel that way, but I feel like at the beginning of something with a lot of potential.

    The people I’ve been meeting have been inclusive and supportive. Have you tried talking to people directly? It might make you feel more a part of the conversation. :-)



    I liked your blog post, megan. I tried to “like” it, but there was no button. Also, you have to be logged in to leave a comment. Just fyi in case you don’t know it’s set up like that.



    Am I the only one who feels overwhelmed just reading through these forums? I feel like I’m trying to jump into a conversation that’s been going on for days/weeks/years, and I may have (pithy/meaningful/witty/helpful!) things to say, but it’s waaaay too late to say them! :}

    Yes – it is a bit overwhelming, lots of postings in each day’s forum thread so far. But it’s terrific that you are engaged with the Zero to Hero Challenge, and that you’re putting your own effort into improving your blog. Hang in there! :D


    Finally got around to doing my daily post! I made an epic poem titled “Worried”. It was always something I’ve wanted to do, and find that type of literature very relateable and rather inspiring (: Hope you all enjoy it as well, have to say… I’m proud of this one!



    Um, cteavin… thanks for the attempt, but I think you misunderstood my comment.

    TJ — Thank you, if for nothing else but saying I’m not alone even if I am.

    Now, I’m off to write my Day 3 post….




    AH! These don’t apply to my blog so far. I’m trying to do more of an informative blog, not a personal one.
    Anyway, check me out! :)
    Check it out!


    So, day three was a bit agonizing for me since one of the reasons why I am doing Zero to Hero is an attempt to reevaluate my blog’s focus. I started blogging in October with the post I wanted to start with but now I am starting to second guess what it is I want to do with my writing. Since the first post was part of a larger work I decided to write the next installment of it. In all, I do suppose it was a good thing as I haven’t worked on that set of posts in over a month.



    My late contribute to Day 3 – it indeed was a challenge.


    I already wrote some posts and i think im also still struggling a bit how to put “me” on paper in the right way. But i also think that when i blog more i will find myself more, does that sound logical? For now i have a post still in my draft section already for a long time. Today im going to finish it up and post it! Im writing in dutch, hopefully there are some dutchs bloggers around here. Loving the challenge by the way!


    I am struggling with the picture widget on my blog. How do I change so that the whole picture can fit onto the website?


    Dear Michelle,
    Thanks so much for the zero to hero idea. I am enthusiastically participating and I see the benefits already. Thank you.

    Two questions: Because I’m still working on my next post, I had planned to visit 5 or so other bloggers and comment on them on this thread as my part of day 3 and also to contribute to the zerotohero community. However, two things put me off:
    a) perhaps something that you could tell me is how to reply to posts on this thread – on the view that I’m using I can only view their posts and not reply.
    b) your introductory comment stated that we should “please refrain from posting links to your blog unless you’re seeking feedback on something — this is a place for discussion. Give your posts the “zerotohero” tag to enable other participants to find you. Given the number of participants and length of these threads, we will begin deleting comments that are simply links to make it easier for participants to have real discussions with one another.” While I agree with deleting comments that are just links with no discussion, I don’t understand refraining from offering a blog link as part of participating in the zerotohero challenge. It seems counterproductive to create a community of people working together to forge ahead with their blogs if we must feel concerned about sharing a link to our blog. Actually, I found that I could have used a few more links over the last couple of days to make it easier to get to other people’s work and see their ideas.

    Please let me know if I’m simply not understanding some point of blog etiquette.



    @confessionsofamuslimoutcast: maybe change the size of the picture. I’m not sure because i never had that issue. I just cropped my picture the way everything was visible that needed to be visible ;)

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