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Zero to Hero: Day Twelve

  1. @rootjosh
    My man. Lookin good! How's the powder.
    (I am of course referring to the snow and not the other type of 'Powder')

  2. What is the actual story with those awards? Are they for real?


    I hope you understand that blogger created memes are blog memes ie. they aren't created or sponsored by and have next to diddly squat when when it comes to anything that benefits your blog other than sentimental value. Note that experienced blogger don't have in sidebars. They create a static Page to tuck theme away on.

    What is a blog meme?
    A blog meme is a viral game where you generate links and relationships through asking other bloggers to participate. There are many blog awards and all are memes resembling chain letters designed to get backlinks under the guise of blog awards. New bloggers tend to get caught up in theme and experienced bloggers avoid them like they avoid the plague.

    If you cannot get backlinks naturally by having bloggers recognize your authority in your niche based on the outstanding value of the unique content in your posts, you can always create a blog award meme to get some (even though Google will ascribe little value to the links). You can create a badge and a list of things to do and award them to friends thereby hijacking their blogging schedule as they fall over themselves to accept the award and reward (curse/) others with it.

  3. The post I last commented on actually acted as a reminder more than anything else - a reminder that I needed to get round to posting about Frankenstein (which I saw *cough*in October/November*coughcough*). Similar to her, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished: 'Frankenstein', Creature. It's a two-parter; Creator is next week's fun!

    Happy day 12, guys!

  4. @vegasesundance
    RATS! I see missing words and worse above and I apologize.

    First paragraph edited:

    I hope you understand that blogger created memes are blog memes ie. they aren't created or sponsored by and have next to diddly squat when it comes to anything that benefits your blog other than sentimental value. Note that experienced bloggers don't have them in sidebars. They create a static Page to tuck theme away on.

  5. Day 12 task completed. While I'm happy with what I wrote I'm slightly concerned the references to other blogs are slightly shoe-horned in. Maybe it's just my writing style or the paragraphs could do with re-ordering. Anyway, what i wrote is here:

  6. @jaydubya76 - I totally understand what you are saying. Fortunately for me, this task, and yesterday's, tie in so nicely with a post I am trying to write - it is a poem for my little boy who has a birthday coming up.
    It is proving really tricky. I have been worried that I won't have it done by his birthday. Then I found this blog and re-discovered my enthusiasm

    I won't weave this reference into the post, instead I'll have it as a big bold footnote at the end of it I think. We will see.

    Other posts have taken a back seat while I am trying to craft the poem, but I did manage to write something around 400 words over the weekend (as per day 10's suggestion). One day, I'll get better at writing succinctly....but not today!

  7. rosepaperscissors

  8. Thank you for an interesting assignment. It was a cool inspiration! I commented on a wonderful post 'Step Outside' and here are my thoughts on the topic and a couple of stories from my life:

  9. @jaydubya76, take a break, and read the post again later -- I often find that with a little distance, I'm able to fix whatever was bothering me about something I'd written.

    Alternatively, feel free to post whatever, and add a note at the end like "Inspired by Post X, at blog Y." You can acknowledge the inspiration without trying to force a reference into your post.

  10. @jaydubya76 Agreed. I went with inspired, like @michelleweber suggested, largely because it's true - I was inspired!

    From what I'm gathering about each day's task, they are more guidelines than something prescriptive, each free enough to be open to interpretation if need be.

  11. dragontailsandscales

    A good prompt - more involved.
    I appreciated the people I visited and the work they had written.

  12. @timethief
    thank you for the translation tool. I copied the code and replaced the URL with mine but the result looks a bit strange at the bottom of my sidebar. You cannot move the table to reach for instance the english button. I can click it and get the side in a slavic language. From there I can the choose english. To make it easier maybe it depends on the table border figure?

  13. @timethief
    Sorry. With the translation button it works fine. So I will use that. Thank you for giving me this tool.

  14. Ha! I knew those things were fake! I even made a parody of an award on my own blog! Feedback anyone?

    Would anyone like to be nominated?

  15. @Timethief
    Yeah I guess a static page could do it. Thanks for the advice.

  16. @vegasesundance, I appreciate your humor and your enthusiasm, but would appreciate it if you could try to stick to the topic of these threads. If you've got more to say, feel free to start another thread, or better yet, post about it (as you've been doing, yay!), and then go a-commentin'.

  17.! I feel so honored that you were inspired by my doors post! I just saw your comment here in the forum, and will head straight to your blog to give it a read. Thank you!

  18. Today is the first challenge that I can't really participate in. I commented away a little caught up in it and actually spent too much time. But it was fun. I comment often, but only when I see something that I want to comment on. It was different just searching out new blogs to intentionally comment. So I have plenty of comments to draw from, but I just don't feel like this one will work for me.

    On two of my blogs, my butterfly & my macro...I deliberately have a set format. I don't blog about random things on those sites. On my personal blog, I could. But I'm in the middle of a travel series, and I really don't want to break that up with a random post out of the series. Plus, as we fly out on a 2 week trip in just a few hours, I've already blogged several days ahead. So today's post is in the bag. And as I was searching out blogs out of my normal interest yesterday, I just didn't make any comments that I feel I can work into the post.

    I'm really enjoying the challenge though, and plan to check in when I can on our trip... may have to play catch up some days. Timing is not ideal for me, but I really do want to continue.

  19. I left a short comment on an article I read over the past weekend. But I did have a lot more to say about the topic. Here is the full thought of mine (including the link to the original article):



  20. Hi fellow WordPressites! Been very interesting seeing other people's blogs and have enjoyed having people read mine. Haven't been able to keep completely to the Zero to Hero challenge, but am doing what I can. Visit my blog if you want to lose several minutes of your life!

  21. @sylviacole

    Having a blog with a very specific topic/format will make some of the challenges difficult. But its good that you are thinking about the challenges even if you aren't blogging about them.

  22. Hello,

    I am finished with the Day Twelve assignment it was very interesting.
    You can see the links of the blogs I found interesting and inviting at:

  23. Today's assignment was different, it was hard to chose which comment that I wanted to use. After I found it, I realized that my comment was so bland and I could have done so much more to my comment. More questions and more details. I've learned a lot and now I know what else I should apply to future comments.

  24. I pigeon-holed myself because if the blogs I read yesterday... and it was fine. Ultimately it was my choice to complete the assignment and it stretched me a bit (writing out of my preferred topics). I am looking forward to tomorrow's assignment.

  25. Oops! I meant to say "outside" of my topic.

  26. Hanging in there still on day 12. I would have bet even money that I would get bored by now. Learning a little bit each day is really working for me and knowing I'll need content for my posts is keeping me more focused each day in my real life :-) Thankful for trying new things in the new year.

  27. aimeeheartsjewelry

    Well, it's 1:36 AM where I am at, but hey, I finished the task.

    I saw some previous comments on here about awards that are passed around to bloggers. Yes, it is kind of annoying to have to jump through hoops to "accept" these awards; however, I think there is some value in passing these awards on. You can read more about that here:

    What do you all think?

  28. helenholshouser

    #:10am! Good Morning! I have had pneumonia, so it feels like I sleep around the clock! Thank heavens the energy was there to complete Day 12's assignment! I had the best time yesterday because in leaving a comment, and searching for blogs, I ran across a huge community of genealogy bloggers and another challenge! LOL I can't believe it, but I joined.Aftersaall, stories are what I love aobut genealogy--the stories of the lives of family! I am applauding Amy Johnson Crow who started the 52 Stories, 52 Ancestors Challenge! Come join us if you are into genealogy! I link to her blog in mine! As I thought about cchallenges, I remembered being "Dared " as a child--would love to knowwhat you thihnkif you like Roy Rogers and DAle Evans...Helen

  29. doughippensteel

    Another late nighter, but Day 12 post is up. This was a hard one to hit the publish button on.

  30. prisailurophileblog

    I have a little bit of time, so here it is. This post is in conjunction with Mary's post.

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