Zero to Hero: Day Twelve

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    @michelleweber Two of the posts I commented on effectively have the same subject, albeit in different ways. Can we make mention of both in our blogs?



    I could so shoot my beloved wife for today’s blogging exercises. I did the challenge without an issue. I hope you enjoy the read here. But, my beloved wife decided to toss me a Liebster Nomination; which sent me scouring for a couple of hours for fellow bloggers that had fewer than 200 followers. Man they can be hard to find. You can read more here. As you can see; I was a busy hubby. Busy busy hubby.


    @birgerbird, for the image widget you have now, there’s no image specified. You’ll need to copy the URL of the image and paste that into the widget, and the widget will grab the image from that address. If you’ve uploaded the image you want to use into your media library, you’ll be able to find the URL there.

    Is this what you’ve tried? Also, there’s some code, like iframes, that will strip out, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not using it. All you really need is the URL of the image.

    @jaydubya76, of course! The more the merrier.


    @psychoticigcognito, I’m sorry to hear it dredged up painful memories, but am glad it pushed you to explore them in a post. And of course, it’s great to hear that you’re noticing more traffic — well done!


    Just published a text that is inspired by the wonderful blog . It’s a travel + foto blog about China. The text that draw my attention was “… and behind door number 3 …” . About colorful doors in the town of Shangri-La.
    The title in my blog is “Türquälereien” (german) or “A door divertissement” (english).


    One Crazy life to Another

    My blog post today was in the form of a poem. Check me out and give me some feedback? I’m trying to explore the world of poetry again, so anything is appreciated. Feedback on other posts is welcomed too…hopefully I give you a good laugh.


    Sorry, forgot to link my article Türquälereien or A door divertissement expanded from a comment on the other blog




    I’m always impressed at anyone who tries their hand at poetry. I find it to be absolutely impossible for me.

    So kudos from here!


    Ok ok, Sorry Im late but I was trying to organise some Awards for people and that takes a lot of time! What is the actual story with those awards? Are they for real?
    Anyway what did I miss? What are we at today, eh? Oh O.k., a little of what the Romans used to call “Bloggedy Posty Commenty Posty” goin on. I get it. So write a blog based on a comment I made yesterday. The comments I made yesterday were alomost certainly redundant then. Lets see if they’ve aged gracefully like wine or horribly like my Aunt Carlos. who smoked thirty Woodbines a day. Although I think I missed the bit that said “Remember where you commented yesterday”. I can barely remember how to breathe. Hmmm. Now where did I leave those pesky comments? I’ll be right back.



    Would you like to provide translation on your blog?

    We do not have FTP access and we bloggers cannot install any plugins, we cannot use Microsoft or Google translation widgets or any others, as they are JavaScript and it’s stripped out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform.

    However, I have translation on my blogs. There are two workarounds and you will find them here >

    Note: You can copy and paste the code on my Translations page and then replace every occurrence of my blog’s URL in the code with your own blog’s URL.


    My man. Lookin good! How’s the powder.
    (I am of course referring to the snow and not the other type of ‘Powder’)



    What is the actual story with those awards? Are they for real?


    I hope you understand that blogger created memes are blog memes ie. they aren’t created or sponsored by and have next to diddly squat when when it comes to anything that benefits your blog other than sentimental value. Note that experienced blogger don’t have in sidebars. They create a static Page to tuck theme away on.

    What is a blog meme?
    A blog meme is a viral game where you generate links and relationships through asking other bloggers to participate. There are many blog awards and all are memes resembling chain letters designed to get backlinks under the guise of blog awards. New bloggers tend to get caught up in theme and experienced bloggers avoid them like they avoid the plague.

    If you cannot get backlinks naturally by having bloggers recognize your authority in your niche based on the outstanding value of the unique content in your posts, you can always create a blog award meme to get some (even though Google will ascribe little value to the links). You can create a badge and a list of things to do and award them to friends thereby hijacking their blogging schedule as they fall over themselves to accept the award and reward (curse/) others with it.



    The post I last commented on actually acted as a reminder more than anything else – a reminder that I needed to get round to posting about Frankenstein (which I saw *cough*in October/November*coughcough*). Similar to her, I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished: ‘Frankenstein’, Creature. It’s a two-parter; Creator is next week’s fun!

    Happy day 12, guys!



    RATS! I see missing words and worse above and I apologize.

    First paragraph edited:

    I hope you understand that blogger created memes are blog memes ie. they aren’t created or sponsored by and have next to diddly squat when it comes to anything that benefits your blog other than sentimental value. Note that experienced bloggers don’t have them in sidebars. They create a static Page to tuck theme away on.



    Day 12 task completed. While I’m happy with what I wrote I’m slightly concerned the references to other blogs are slightly shoe-horned in. Maybe it’s just my writing style or the paragraphs could do with re-ordering. Anyway, what i wrote is here:


    @jaydubya76 – I totally understand what you are saying. Fortunately for me, this task, and yesterday’s, tie in so nicely with a post I am trying to write – it is a poem for my little boy who has a birthday coming up.
    It is proving really tricky. I have been worried that I won’t have it done by his birthday. Then I found this blog and re-discovered my enthusiasm

    I won’t weave this reference into the post, instead I’ll have it as a big bold footnote at the end of it I think. We will see.

    Other posts have taken a back seat while I am trying to craft the poem, but I did manage to write something around 400 words over the weekend (as per day 10’s suggestion). One day, I’ll get better at writing succinctly….but not today!


    First prompt I’ve actually managed to do!


    Thank you for an interesting assignment. It was a cool inspiration! I commented on a wonderful post ‘Step Outside’ and here are my thoughts on the topic and a couple of stories from my life:


    @jaydubya76, take a break, and read the post again later — I often find that with a little distance, I’m able to fix whatever was bothering me about something I’d written.

    Alternatively, feel free to post whatever, and add a note at the end like “Inspired by Post X, at blog Y.” You can acknowledge the inspiration without trying to force a reference into your post.



    @jaydubya76 Agreed. I went with inspired, like @michelleweber suggested, largely because it’s true – I was inspired!

    From what I’m gathering about each day’s task, they are more guidelines than something prescriptive, each free enough to be open to interpretation if need be.

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