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Zero to Hero: Day Twenty

  1. NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you're just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

    Day 20 -- two-thirds of the way! Give yourselves a virtual pat on the back.

    Tomorrow, we'll be back to posting, but today, we're revisiting pages -- you're going to add another one. Check out the main Zero to Hero page for the details.

    Use this space as a place to ask questions and seek feedback from fellow bloggers, or just to talk about blogging, why you're here, and how your month is going.

    Please refrain from posting links to your blog unless you're seeking feedback -- this is a place for discussion. Irrelevant comments and spammy links will be deleted. Instead, give your posts the "zerotohero" tag to enable other participants to find you.

    The Daily Post has a weekly open thread on Sundays called "Community Pool," for peer feedback. If you're looking for general feedback on your blog or feedback unrelated to this challenge, please visit that thread.

  2. Am I a cheater or an overachiever when I've already done this as part of Day 8? I put in a description, photo and contact form. I think I'll try to add yet another page today :-)

    The Zero to Hero is doing its work great, my blog has already transformed beyond recognition in the last 20 days. Hopefully for the better ;-)

  3. @maraeastern, no worries, we've got plenty of overachievers :)

    If you already have several pages, don't add one today just for the sake of adding it -- make sure it helps your blog in some way.

  4. Whatever you do, know it's best not to add a Page just to play around and then delete it because that will create 404 page not found error message if the Pages is indexed by search engines.

  5. @michelleweber

    Oh thanks, that's a relief! I was thinking of adding something like a navigation/contents page - I have a regular schedule of posting certain types of content on certain days of the week, so maybe this would be a helpful extension of the About page.

  6. This page is my best, and shows the result of endless tinkering. I started with a few links, and have completely reorganised and continually added links.

  7. I've been meaning to do this: I just added a second "About" page. Now there is an "About the Blog" and an "About Trent". There is a drop down between the 2. I may create an index later - it was something I was thinking of...

  8. I was pleased to see today's task was creating a new page as I've just spent a couple of days putting a new one together. Now I've polished and published it. As one of the original purposes of my blog was to link up with my Etsy shop, I decided I'd add a page showing "What's in the shop". I also added a new image widget in the sidebar to highlight and link to the new page.

  9. Finally I get to put up my awards page. But which page should I get rid of? Probably the 'Politics' one! That's right my blog was going to initially be a politics blog...until I realized I knew about as much about politics as an Irish politician. Not much. Ha, my final zing to politics, you winessed it here first folks!

  10. I tried on my cape again today….. Just saying'.

  11. @trentpmcd

    Now there is an "About the Blog" and an "About Trent". There is a drop down between the 2.

    I actually like that idea. It wouldn't work for everyone as not everyone would have different things to say for each. But for those who want to say "this is me" and "this is the blog", it's a pretty good plan.

  12. @timethief
    Thank you for the warning, it's very relevant and I had not idea!

  13. luthersjournal

    Rearranged my navigation sidebar. Added a page. Changed hierarchy.
    Good idea. As @rootjosh described. Will implement that in the long run.

  14. I cleaned up my side bar, took off some widgets and added one new one.
    Also renamed two of my pages and added a new theme last week.
    The jury is still out on adding a new page for the awards I received. Just not to sure about that yet. I'm not one to brag...LOL

  15. Hi guys! Yes, its become clear to me that I need a page--an index or something at leaast! LOL

    But I actually have another question I really need some Help on--I just published a post on James Steptoe Langhorne as part of another challenge. Well, I had beens tudying how to put in links after several of our challenges, including yesterdays--so, Ithought I was ready . I put about five links in this post, and NOT ONEof them works! Anyone here have a wuick sumary of what I should do---if I can't fix them fast, I'll just have to take them out ! Helen

  16. @helenholshouser
    This is the guide for creating links in posts and pages:

    This is the general link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>
    This is the visual result - it's not actually linked here in the forum.
    Highlighted anchor text here

    1. Enter the relevant descriptive anchor text you want to link to first. Note that "here" is not a good choice.
    2. Then use your mouse to highlight that anchor text. (If you don't highlight the anchor text the chain icon will remain grayed out and not be useable.)
    3. Next click the chain icon in the editor and proceed to create the link in the popup box.

    More here for links in posts, pages, text widgets, etc. >

    Email links
    <a href="mailto:Your-email-address- here">E-mail Me!</a>

  17. Thank you time-thief! you are a life saver--be back to tell you if I got it to work! Helen

  18. YES! I did it! Time thief--you deserve a "Helpfulness awaard! I cannot believ that I did it! I had been working on them for an hour! and this is not the first attempt and failure! I'm going to cut and paste and copy your instructions and put them with my copied pages from the support pages! You did something right--I got it! Thank you so much! --I felt like such an idiot! helen

  19. @helenholshouser
    Everything I posted above is correct. If you fail to produce live links then you need to go over the instructions again step by step. michelleweber and I will help whenever you need help but you guys in the zero to hero challenge need to learn basics and creating links is very basic.

  20. psychoticincognito

    I had planned to do this long ago, but this challenge gave me the push I needed. I removed the blogroll from my sidebar and created a links page.

    There is not much on there yet but I plan in the next few days to add more blogs and mental health resources.

    Happy Blogging everyone!

  21. I may be writing this a second time--if so sorry---but I don't see the one I just wrote! LOL

    You are a genius Time Thief! I did it---following your directions which I have now copied and pasted! I'll put it with the other pages I copied from support! This is not the first time by far that I have tried to link to things! But, although I thought I had finally figured it out--I just wasn't quite there! Thank you a million times over! Helen

  22. I did it! I now have a nice 'let's talk about me' page. very self indulgent. Thanks for all the hints and tips, my blog has a shiny new look, shiny new pages and widgets and lots of shiny new readers. Thank you!!

  23. @helenholshouser
    Good for you! I want to say more about links.

    1. example one - click here

    Bad anchor text choice!

    2. example two -

    No a good either but we use it in the support forums so beginners actually read the links closely and get into comprehending the syntax for a link

    3. example 3 Creating HTML Hyperlinks (Links) in WordPress

    Correct! *Gold star*

    Also understand that a link has value and when we create one we are transmitting pagerank an using keywords. At this point your blog has not earned a pagerank so please get into good linking habits now from the get go and use appropriate anchor text.

  24. Thanks Timethief for all of your advice. It helps me out a lot. :)

  25. @kumbricia
    You're welcome. I have trouble prioritizing my own blogging above answering questions because the latter is what I like to do most of all. lol :D

  26. @timethief, I don't know how you do it :)

  27. @michelleweber
    Okay, so here's the deal with me. When I answer questions here I am actually multitasking. I have two other dedicated computers running the work I need to run (it's similar to running chron jobs) up front, so I can do my contracted technical work when I'm offline. When our business is quiet I can answer lots of questions and this is a quiet time of the year for it. However, I still have to be available to instantly log out when required to do so as I'm on call and I step in when and where needed.

  28. This new page thing has been a long time coming for me, so really, I should've expected that I would have to get round to it at some point. It's a two-parter (Skills & Portfolio) but I'm still working on the second drop-down page. This is one mighty-fine challenge... :)

  29. Thanks Timethief! More grist for the mill! Sometimes I read this stuff and it is like reading french! There is a jargon you probably are so familiar with, you may not realize how foreign and confusing it sounds to us--nontechies--old folks--hmm newbies...guess I should just speak for myself! I'll keep trying, thanks for the good advice. page rank huh? and anchor text--I've seen that enough lately that it is beginning to almost mean something, LOL Love it! You and Michelle Weber rock! Helen

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