Zero to Hero: Day Twenty

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    I had planned to do this long ago, but this challenge gave me the push I needed. I removed the blogroll from my sidebar and created a links page.

    There is not much on there yet but I plan in the next few days to add more blogs and mental health resources.

    Happy Blogging everyone!


    I may be writing this a second time–if so sorry—but I don’t see the one I just wrote! LOL

    You are a genius Time Thief! I did it—following your directions which I have now copied and pasted! I’ll put it with the other pages I copied from support! This is not the first time by far that I have tried to link to things! But, although I thought I had finally figured it out–I just wasn’t quite there! Thank you a million times over! Helen



    I did it! I now have a nice ‘let’s talk about me’ page. very self indulgent. Thanks for all the hints and tips, my blog has a shiny new look, shiny new pages and widgets and lots of shiny new readers. Thank you!!



    Good for you! I want to say more about links.

    1. example one – click here

    Bad anchor text choice!

    2. example two –

    No a good either but we use it in the support forums so beginners actually read the links closely and get into comprehending the syntax for a link

    3. example 3 Creating HTML Hyperlinks (Links) in WordPress

    Correct! *Gold star*

    Also understand that a link has value and when we create one we are transmitting pagerank an using keywords. At this point your blog has not earned a pagerank so please get into good linking habits now from the get go and use appropriate anchor text.



    Thanks Timethief for all of your advice. It helps me out a lot. :)



    You’re welcome. I have trouble prioritizing my own blogging above answering questions because the latter is what I like to do most of all. lol :D


    @timethief, I don’t know how you do it :)



    Okay, so here’s the deal with me. When I answer questions here I am actually multitasking. I have two other dedicated computers running the work I need to run (it’s similar to running chron jobs) up front, so I can do my contracted technical work when I’m offline. When our business is quiet I can answer lots of questions and this is a quiet time of the year for it. However, I still have to be available to instantly log out when required to do so as I’m on call and I step in when and where needed.



    This new page thing has been a long time coming for me, so really, I should’ve expected that I would have to get round to it at some point. It’s a two-parter (Skills & Portfolio) but I’m still working on the second drop-down page. This is one mighty-fine challenge… :)


    Thanks Timethief! More grist for the mill! Sometimes I read this stuff and it is like reading french! There is a jargon you probably are so familiar with, you may not realize how foreign and confusing it sounds to us–nontechies–old folks–hmm newbies…guess I should just speak for myself! I’ll keep trying, thanks for the good advice. page rank huh? and anchor text–I’ve seen that enough lately that it is beginning to almost mean something, LOL Love it! You and Michelle Weber rock! Helen



    When creating any link use my example 3 and do it right! Ya hear … lol :D

    3. example 3 Creating HTML Hyperlinks (Links) in WordPress
    Correct! *Gold star*

    P.S. we have a dictionary to help you understand some of the jargon used on this platform:


    @michelleweber or @timethief

    I added my new Awards page with no problem. I really want to change up the blog roll thing and I can not figure out how to do that. Is there a way for the blog roll to rotate the top 10 names or another way to do a blog roll besides how I have it? Also should I take out the catergories I never look at those when I am looking at a blog?



    I am one third of the way there!!! Woohoo ;) Day 10 –



    Right now, there are two “About” pages in my blog. One is “About this Blog”, which was created for day #8 assignment. Another is “About Me”, which was created for today’s assignment.

    I briefly described my hometown in “About Me”, since I am always feel proud of it. Here is my new page “About Me”:



    I’ve already enough pages in my blog Luna’s Imagination Igloo but I added an About page to my game blog.



    This is where I get turned around like a pilot in fog without instruments. I think this is all simply going to take persistence, curiosity, patience, etc. I added a page (Instagram) and a sub-page (burgers under Recipes) but I am all goofed up with menus and categories and pages and how to best organize my content. For example, if I am going to be publishing a bunch of recipes under a recipe page, what is the best way to do this. I had a css written in to include all posts tagged recipe but I didn’t like the way the images looked so now I have a link to a post. I dunno. Still having lots of fun and thanks again for all the help



    @captureyouphotography, right now, you’re using the “Blogs I Follow” widget, which will automatically display blogs you follow (obviously!) starting with those most newly followed. You can’t set it to display a random or rotation selection.

    If you want to change up your blogroll, you can do it by using the “Links” widget instead. That widget displays the sites you’ve entered into the “Links” section of your dashboard. You can change those links whenever you’d like, so you can control what appears in the blogroll.

    Here are the details on the Links widget:


    @birgerbird, you can actually tell a page what posts you want it to display using a shortcode — specify a category or tag, include an excerpt or thumbnail image if you’d like. Details are here:

    Another option, which may make more sense for you: rather than creating a page for each category of recipes and setting the pages to display the posts, you can just “Categories” as an item in your menu — it would appear as a drop-down, and then folks could pull up just those posts that they’re interested in. That would allow people interested in biking/other posts to quickly find those, too. Or, you can choose to have it display only food-related categories, and edit the title to be “Recipes” rather than “Categories.” Details on that here:



    @michelleweber that was a game changer! I’m also plugged into my premium support forums but hadn’t heard back when I read your comment. Thank you!!!!! I added a page called categories, added that page to my menu, and on my menu assigned sub categories. now I have to go “fill in” and categorize my posts, as I had only been tagging them before. That was huge, thanks.

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