Zero to Hero: Day Twenty

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    I decided to add a page with snap shots but got stuck. If I want to just display some of my fav pics do I need to continue adding them to the same page by editing it. I been sifting through the forum for answers and it seems that I would not be able to post “new post”. I’m a little confused. @michelleweber said to tell a page what post you want to display. I read the support for shortcodes. So, if I tag a post with snapshot and I add the short code to the snapshot page for displaying posts that are tagged with snapshot…will it show up on the snapshot page. LOL…this is confusing me! My vision for this page is as a photo display.



    So, here I am again after. :-) Figured it out and used categories. So much easier!! YAY! Hope I did this the right way!




    Hi. Well, I already have an “about” page, but I wonder if there’s a way to take my “blogroll” complete with its categories, off of the sidebar and make it into a page accessible from a menu item? I’ve tried searching for this topic, but I keep just finding the topic about the sidebar blogroll. Is it theme-dependant? If so, how can I find the themes which support it?


    Day 20 is mostly done. I’ve been mulling over updating my menu for weeks, but didn’t know how to do it. It looks okay for right now, but it won’t let me change the names of the categories. When I go to Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories, it won’t complete the quick edit. For example, when I try to change “photo” to “photography”, I get this message: “The slug “photography” is already in use by another term.” Is there any way to get around this?

    Other than that, this assignment was interesting.


    I already have multiple pages on my blog for various categories of post, so today I took a look at them and made some minor changes here and there. I thought about putting the pages for the nonfiction writing under a single parent page but felt this would just be mucking around, maybe I’ll revisit that idea later.


    Not sure if I can join on 20th day as I could not join the earlier 19 days. But still posted a new page on my blog

    hope its as per the challenge.


    Help – please, I am still stuck on yesterdays assignment, I did ask in yesterdays forum but didn’t get an answer. I have three blogs & have tried using post format on all of them but it seems to change nothing. Ie, I click gallery, put in four pictures, they just go one after the other, I update and look at preview, looks the same as always. Am I doing something wrong, or do all 3 of my templates not support post formatting, how can I tell please?

    Really would like to sort this before moving on to todays assignment :-)



    I like to draw, so I added page called “Lines and Colors”, where I’ll publish my drawings, doodles etc. If you’ll be kind ,look at it and give your feedback. Thank you.



    I’m not very good at this sort of thing. I already had an “About” page, so I edited it slightly by adding a contact form. I’m not sure how else to make it better.



    Hmmm… I already have four pages… I should probably clean up the recipes page a little, but otherwise I think they’re good for now. (I did add a new page when we talked about archives.)

    In the meantime, a friend mentioned she was able to auto-publish her posts to Goodreads, so I’m gonna go check that out instead.



    YAY, I hadn’t realized the “About” page I’d written was not showing up on the menu1 Now it is, and I added a page for my Liebster Award! that shold fulfill the assignment for day 20 I believe! And I have to say, what an experience–I’ve been stretching and learning all over the place–links, widgets, pages, so forth and so on! I stil have a lot to learn–I’d like to do an index page, but my several hours contemplation and paly have not owrked like I’d like! Another day! Michelle ‘weber and Timethief, I couldnd’t do it without you1 thanks for all your help! Helen


    @eclecticoddsnsods I am not sure but, perhaps you may need to create a gallery with your media first then insert it into the post, after that the gallery format might work.

    I really don’t use a lot of images in my posts, so I could be wrong.




    Exactly what @doughippensteel wrote. You need to create a gallery for your images.

    The post format “Gallery” won’t make your images layout in a nice gallery format. Post formats tie in with the theme to separate the appearance of posts so they don’t all look like a standard post.

    For example, some themes may change the background color from a standard post if gallery post format is selected. And it may not show the featured image, where a standard post format would. A link post, may have an icon with a chain to let the reader know it’s a link post and if they click on the title, it will go to the article. How this looks will change with each theme and not all themes will have all the post formats available.

    More about post formats:




    You can change the label on your custom menu. When you go to your custom menu and expand the one for Photos, you will see an option to change it from Photos to Photography.


    I enjoyed doing this. I have also used the contact page as a means of doing a bit of self promotion. Does this come across OK? I felt a bit uncomfortable with it, but also feel this kind of thing ought to be ‘out there’ somewhere


    @kellicos, there’s no automated way to create a links page — you’d just need to create a normal page, and add your links manually.

    @eclecticoddsandends, it may be that none of your themes support post formats — check the list linked in the instructions for day 19. Also, post formats are most visible on your home page; your single post will likely look the same, and the formatting tweaks will appear on the home page, to distinguish posts of different formats.

    @cogitoergomum, not at all — you’re inviting feedback and seeking opportunities, nothing wrong with that.


    @timethief and or @michelleweber

    Is there any real value to adding an awards page on my blog? I’ve hesitated doing so but I don’t want to diss those who nominated me and gave me awards.

    Thank you!



    The value to placing all of them on an awards page is getting them off your front page where the links are loaded every time the blog is loaded. They are symbols of relationship and one doesn’t need to place them on the front page where they detract from a clean appearance and slow page loading time and …. Well, I won’t get into the pagerank transfer explanation about Awards and Blogroll links here but you have been around the internet for years and you can read between lines, no? If there was any advantage to displaying awards on the front page of blogs then the A list expert bloggers would be doing that and they aren’t.


    How did I know what your response would be…lol and yes I’ve been around social media for a long time. I’m not one to brag about getting awards, didn’t even do that here locally when I ran a non-profit organization. I do things because I love it and I’m passionate about it. I agree with you in not displaying them on my home page, I would not do that. I like a clean appearance and want to focus strictly on why I’m blogging and promoting our cause.
    Thank you!!

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