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Zero to Hero: Day Twenty

  1. eclecticoddsnsods


    Thank you for the info. I feel I am being really thick here as I still don't understand exactly what I need to do.

    Do you mean I need to use the gallery widget to create a gallery? If so how do put that in a post?

    If I am not using the gallery widget, do you mean just to use some photo editing tool external of wordpress and just upload it like a normal picture?

    I really need an a, b, c, because I am having a serious mental block on this, so sorry :-(

  2. @easygoingmama
    These memes are in essense links schemes (backlinks schemes) and we all know how much Google likes link schemes, right? Natural linking patterns to authoritative posts in related blogs in posts on your own blog are what Google is focused on. These awards memes are the opposite of natural linking patterns, which is why I don't participate in any of them.

    Participating in a blog meme is aimed at benefiting your blog in these ways:

    • increasing traffic (connecting with a larger audience);
    • increasing comments;
    • securing more regular readers/subscribers;
    • generating backlinks to your site.

    Backlinks gained by awards memes are not valuable at all. The lower the pagerank the site that sponsors the meme is the lower the value the link is. New bloggers can get carried away with doing not much more that playing meme games like the awards one and end up with reciprocal inks that lack value rather than building a collection of pillar posts that establish their authority by attracting valuable backlinks to their content. However, they do build relationships.

    Yes you want your visitors to focus on your cause ie. the purpose for the blog. No you don't to place any distracting "tat" (tat is that which is either useless or next to serving no useful purpose but passes link juice ie. pagerank) on your front page where it's loaded every time the blog is loaded.

  3. @eclecticoddsandends, if you want to have a gallery in a post, you create it by clicking "add media," just as you would if you wanted to add a single photo. In the box that pops up, you'll see a "create gallery" option on the left. Click that, and then decide what photos you want it to include; you can choose thing you've already uploaded, or upload new images. Then, you'll get to make some decisions about what the gallery will look like -- there are a few different layouts.

    Here are the complete instructions:

  4. @eclecticoddsnsods
    I'm sorry I didn't respond to you in the other thread or in this one yesterday.

    Post formats are found in some themes and not others.

    They are a web design response to the needs to smartphone and tablet users who are growing in numbers every day and who are expected to overtake desktop users this year. Aside from the "standard" post format the other post formats are primarily focused on serving the needs of the set of people who carry a smartphone and want to post a collection periodic Facebook and Twitter-like updates (Aside, Image, Gallery, Link, Quote, Audio, Video) all day long as they blog on the go.

    No you do not have to use the gallery post format at all. You can create gallery on any post or page.

    For uploading images posts and pages see here
    Here are more details about the options for uploading images
    For troubleshooting images see here >

  5. @michelleweber
    Oops! Simultaneous typing - I'm sorry about the overlap.

  6. Everyone: Here is a link to justjennifer's gallery resource site that rocks! Random Acts of Photography
    See also: Not the Official Gallery FAQ
    P.S. When this challenge is over and you post into main support forum threads she's the Volunteer who excels in this area.

  7. @timethief
    Thanks so much for all the helpful information. This kind of ties in with my new blog post today which is coming shortly, well kind of...LOL
    Now on to read your links.

  8. eclecticoddsnsods


    Jumps up and down, thank you so much, I got it, I feel like Eliza Doolittle in the part when they say "she got, by jove I think she finally got it!"

    I managed to post a gallery on my other blog and an image on my eclectic one. I am like a dog with a bone if I don't understand it and the frustration is overwhelming & I can't move on until I have mastered it, probably not a good character trait, but I am most jolly it's sorted :-)

    Thank you again. Now I can finally move on to today's assignment, let's hope I don't get stuck again, ho ho!

    (no I am not drunk, just happy on achievements, be it small :-) )

  9. @eclecticoddsnsods
    You're welcome from me. :)

  10. agirlinpinkdress

    So here my new pages. Actually, I've created pages since the first day I started my blog. But thanks to zero to hero, I rearranged my pages. Come and visit my blog at
    Give me some feedback please :)
    You can see my gallery too at

  11. Still a little behind and skipping around with the challenges. But, no worries!, will complete them (eventually)! Finally finished Day 19's challenge and posted using the quote and image format. And also Day 20's add a page (I'm on a roll!). I added a contact page and finally conquered and added my About Me page. Phew!

  12. Still a little behind and skipping around with the challenges. But, no worries!, will complete them (eventually)! Finally finished Day 19's challenge and posted using the quote and image format. And also Day 20's add a page (I'm on a roll!). I added a contact page and finally conquered and added my About Me page. Phew!

  13. oh for goodness sake! I posted my comment twice! still have a lot to learn. :)

  14. I was originally going to skip adding a contact page/form for this assignment, but a chance message from a reader changed my mind.

    I had a little fun with my contact page/form, but that came with a gotcha related to Add Contact Form.

    Now I'm working out the bugs with getting the form to email me.

  15. I think I've got the form emailing bugs worked out. Either it works now because the form has been published, or because I explicitly set the email address in the form, even though should be the same as for the WordPress user account I used when creating the form.

  16. More catch up on this today - Well I know the pages I want to add in my blog - but I want images & well written content as it is about tips & techniques that I have learnt for craft. I don't want to do an about me as I have what I want for now

    But I am liking the idea of sub navigation on pages so that I can have a main title & & sub title to really break it down. So I have set it up so that it is ready for the content & then publish - no point placing a page up if you have nothing to go onto it. Off to play more catch up.

  17. @amateurlee, yup, you need to designate an email address for the form, even if it's the same as the one you signed up with. Also, cute form :)

  18. Since day 16 replies are now closed and I am too late, here is my response for that activity:

  19. @secretsanta605, no need to post each link here -- these threads are for questions and feedback. Just be sure to use the "zerotohero" tag, so we can all find you!

  20. NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you're just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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