Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-One

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    I took a bit of a twist on this, and in the process, tried out something else new. Through that, I finally realized what I want to be when I grow up. This is such a learning experience.



    @psychoticincognito I am obsessed as well. I have the WordPress app on my phone, so it is always right there. I kind of like the obsession though.

    I did not do the assignment for day 19 until today, so I will build on that post tomorrow. I also started yesterday’s assignment and have not completed that. I will finish it today. Although I am behind, I have been quite productive and I am happy about that.


    @psychoticincognito, almost all of us feel that way! It can be tough to hoe the line between looking at your stats to get motivated, and obsessing over your stats, which usually leads to the opposite.

    This might help:



    @tourmama616, well played. Well played, indeed.



    I love that post. I haven’t looked at my stats for days. I’m sure you can guess why that is. I’m too busy answering questions posted by … lol :D


    @timethief, thanks! Sometimes I’m not so great at following my own advice, but laying off the stats has definitely helped me.


    Ok so I wrote a post and then, New-to-me, I added a youtube video that i feel adds to the post. It is a lot easier to do on a computer than on a phone by the way and it helps if you’ve paid your Internet bill, unlike me. Anyway because Internet cut out mid editing let me know of any changes needed if it has indeed even posted. Thanks.



    I’m trying to catch up on the zero-to-hero tasks so I combined a couple of them today. I’m nervous about the whole publicizing thing, but at the end of the day that’s what we’re on here for, right? :p


    I just published a post in response to day 16’s task. While I don’t mention reputation at all, thinking about it is what has driven the whole piece.
    The post incorporates video and images – something I would not have been happy doing a few days ago. This sort of addresses day 19’s task.
    And today, I have figured out how I think Facebook and Tumblr can compliment the blog, without being too time consuming. I’ll let you now how it goes!
    I feel happy that I have addressed the tasks while also being true to my blog – something that I have been struggling with since about day 16.
    A good day! Thank you @michelleweber!!

    @ lipglossandabackpack thanks for the hashtag twitter tip


    Thanks for the article @michelleweber! It is so easy to obsesses over stats when it’s right there in front of you every time you go to your dashboard. Like the article, I tend to judge my articles by how many views they generate.

    I’ll try to take the advice given to heart and focus more on getting more visitors.



    I am not sure whether I fully understand the goal of today’s assignment. I believe that my post (in the format of “link”) in response to the assignment on day #19 was expanded and in details enough, as following:

    In response to today’s assignment, I just simply shared it through Linkedin, since it is career related.


    @cxianliu, the goal of today’s task was to think about how you can use different kinds of post together, to add interest to your blog by mixing up the formatting and to build an interesting discussion that extends through several posts. But if you’re happy with what you wrote on Day 19 and don’t want to take it anywhere else, that’s fine too :)



    I finally finished today’s assignment. (Sheesh, sounds like I’m back in class!) But yes, it took me a while but I pulled through in the end. Let me know what you think guys!
    My original post was a quote. Not because I’ve never posted a quote before (because, after two years with WordPress, I’ve played with all the options), but because I don’t post quotes frequently. So, I took the quote and decided to write a post that is inspired by this quote.


    This was the first day that actually felt like an “assignment” for me. I guess it was my own fault for pigeon holing myself by going with a quote for day 19. I think I made it work though.


    Woohoo, now linked to Facebook and Twitter!


    Is there a way/strategy/format for linking posts in an ordered way?

    I have two themes I’m developing in my posts (technology of photography and credibility of photography) that ultimately I will want to link so that readers can read them in an order I recommend. For example my post The magic of the ‘plain and ordinary’ photograph will soon be followed by a post describing at an overview level the many problems for photographers in authentically communicating a photographic vision to a viewer, and then I’ll be looking at these problems in detail.

    At some point soon, I’d like to be able to offer an easy way for my readers to navigate these posts in the right order.

    Any suggestions?



    I’m not sure I got it either, but I took it as we were supposed to expand on our post that used a new format. I did a gallery of photos of a pretty limited class of sea creatures for that one. For today, I expanded with another gallery of more different types of sea creatures.
    What I’d like feedback on, if possible, is what is the advantage of using the ‘gallery’ format vs just adding the photos to a standard format post. I had thought a gallery would show off the photos better, but it doesn’t seem to do that. If you click on it, to ‘read further’, it just takes you to that post and looks exactly like it would if you made a standard post.
    It seems to me that would cause people not to come back to your home page to see any of your other posts.
    I’m curious as to what other people think about that format.
    Here’s a link to that post I’m talking about…


    Well I belonged to social media before my blog was born (he’ll be 3 this year!) and have always plugged in to the publicise features for all my accounts (which are Facebook and Twitter). I’m all about gaining “real” readers with my blog and by participating in this challenge. You know the sort – ones who follow you then comment thoughtfully on your posts, give feedback, share your site with friends because they want to not because you asked! What’s annoying me a little dinky bit is I’ve gained a collection of new followers via Facebook and twitter in the last 48 hours along with a few more directly on the blog. However no amount of refreshing, reloading gets my count of followers to add them up and update the total. Being OCD by nature this aggrieves me ;). Please don’t feel I’m number chasing per se – I just want it to be accurate! And another thing, every time I post, it asks me to “refresh my connection with Facebook” which I do diligently but it still doesn’t post to my FB page! I have to go and copy and paste my latest post link into a status update myself.


    I share with facebook and twitter. Today I added a new page with my contact details . What do you think?


    @michelleweber and @timethief

    Thanks both of you. Particularly useful advice re image sizing correctly before uploading to avoid cropping, and I will give picmonkey a go too!

    Much appreciated!

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