Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-One

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    @michelleweber and @timethief

    Thanks so much for the tip, picmonkey was so easy, especially once I figured out the perfect dimensions for my theme.

    Really pleased with my header now! What does everyone think?





    It sounds like you’re writing a series. Here’s a site I found that gives a pretty good example:

    A standard practice that I’ve seen often is the phrase, “Part 1”, “Part 2”, “Part 3”, etc. in the title so that readers know that there’s tons more to learn about it.

    In the example site above, you’ll notice there are two series tutorials (on the left hand side under the site name, there are two page links). You could adopt the same method and set up two pages and name your article series (e.g., “Technology of Photography Series” and “Credibility of Photography Series”). You could also create a custom menu name it “Article Series” and then have your two pages as sub-menus so it looks cleaner if you like.

    If you go through the example link above, notice the page lists each part in order and links to the article. Clicking through the articles, you’ll notice in the intro paragraph will link the previous part. And the concluding paragraph references and link to the next part.

    If the next part you didn’t write it yet, that’s fine. Don’t set up a link to it yet until you published the part, then go back and update it the post with the link.


    @captjillf, if you use one of the gallery formats, the individual photos should open up in a slideshow, where readers can click arrows on the photos to move easily from one to the next.

    In the post you’ve linked, you’ve chosen the “gallery” post format, but you haven’t actually created a photo gallery with the photos — they’re all seem to be individually inserted into the post.

    The post format only adds style touches on the theme level — it doesn’t actually create the gallery for you. (A bit confusing, I know!)

    Try editing your post to do this instead:
    – remove the photos from the post
    – now, click “add media”
    – click “create gallery” (on the left)
    – choose the photos you want in your gallery
    – click “create new gallery” (bottom right)
    – choose a gallery format — I like tiled and square the best — and add some captions
    – click “insert” to put the gallery into your post

    I think you’ll like the results a bit more :)



    That was something interesting to work on.
    Hello people!
    Do check it out
    And let me know your feedback guys :)



    I am still a little behind, but I managed to put in a new page for Assignment on Day 20.

    Here is the link:

    Would really love some feedback.

    Someone told me about bitly where you can shorten your URL links, hence the shortened link above.
    I also found some retro icons to put on my contact page.

    All feedback really welcomed!
    Oh my I have to catch up big time x



    That is a big help and a great example! I want each of my posts to be able to stand on its own but also be linked into a path that my readers can follow to get a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. (But also don’t want them to have to face a post you have to scroll to the center of the earth to read!)

    I can definitely adapt the approach you suggested. *Much* appreciated!



    Hi! I’m coming in super late, but as I was reading the daily tasks, I realized that I had been doing a lot of the challenges anyway. (I just started my blog this month.) My weakness is reading and commenting on other blogs. I can never think of anything interesting to say in response.

    Today, I re-wrote my About me page because I realized it was just a list of facts. I’m not sure if it tells a compelling story or not and would appreciate some feedback!



    Better late than never, so here’s what I hope to be a relatively original and positively sardonic development of my original post, which was a gallery: It’s about a mock-epic triptych of a patch of moss :-)

    Overall, this task was a bit confusing for me. I do get the idea now but still, maybe it would have been just ok to skip this one and do the publicising as part of the task when we were setting up social networks. Just sharing my thoughts; I love Zero to Hero all the same!!


    @maraeastern, thanks for the feedback! It’s really helpful to know how tasks actually work for you, so we can tweak them for the next go-round.


    A bit late, but I got it done:

    It took some editing to prevent the bullet point format from looking like a huge paragraph.



    thank you so much for the help michelle! I went back and fixed it like you said and I really like how it does the slideshow. I guess the gallery format just always cuts the post down on the home page?


    @captjillf, good, glad you like it! I’m a big fan of the tiled galleries; I use ’em all the time.


    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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