Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-Seven

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    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

    Can it really be Day 27, and we only have four days left together? Sob!

    Today, you’ll revisit a past task and a past post, to more deeply explore an area where (1) you feel a little shaky or (2) you think there’s growth potential. Check out the details an our tips on the Zero to Hero main page.

    Use this space as a place to ask questions and seek feedback from fellow bloggers, or just to talk about blogging, why you’re here, and how your month is going.

    Please refrain from posting links to your blog unless you’re seeking feedback — this is a place for discussion. Irrelevant comments and spammy links will be deleted. Instead, give your posts the “zerotohero” tag to enable other participants to find you.

    The Daily Post has a weekly open thread on Sundays called “Community Pool,” for peer feedback. If you’re looking for general feedback on your blog or feedback unrelated to this challenge, please visit that thread.


    Added a Netiquette-page an contributed on a writing challenge with the very short story Cold Honey. That meant although to play around with the challenge’s badge. Reading the texts of the contributors is an experience of it’s own.


    Thanks for this task. I missed the boat on day 25 with this question that I am hoping someone can help me with:

    “I know we looked at the about widget early on. I use my gravitar photo and blurb rather than the widget. Aside from being able to enable social media icons in the widget, are there other benefits in using it, instead of embedding the gravitar in the sidebar?”

    widgetwidgetwidget…..I will get there!



    Only four days left till we’re left adrift by the techno savvy ZTH team into the blogosphere to fend for ourselves….fellow ZTH bloggers its been quite a ride! Now I HAVE been drafting a new page and I DID revisit an older post to fiddle around with it a leeeetle bit. Also last weekend…not the weekend past…I too tried my hand at a writing challenge (woefully it seems…not even an acknowledgement of my efforts by the challengers…) before realizing I do it better with the photographs….connect I mean… but the ZTH teachers sure made me push my boundaries in blogging…



    nice short story…feeling a bit of a chill after reading it :D


    @cogitoergomum, I prefer using a text widget for “About”-type things, because you have more control over it. You can include any images and links you’d like, since text widgets accept HTML. I prefer to be able to shape things like that, rather than using something more automated. (Plus, then I don’t have to worry about, and one less thing to worry about is always good!)


    I posted a new photo today, added a new image widget and blogs links. Also added the Archives widget thanks to @timethief for the suggestion.
    Updated my About Me and side bar widget as well. I’ve been busy…lol



    ok revisited inserting galleries into my post. I have a technical query that I haven’t been able to resolve with the support docus…help anyone? someone?



    Not a peep out of anyone….well signing out for now…

    incase someone does see this…how to set the the preview size of my slideshow gallery format…the slideshow area seems huge and the pictures are proportionately quite small when I see the preview of the post on my home page. However once I open the post everything is fine…so any help or am I sounding too confused? see for yourselves…

    the actual post is at

    The preview at the home page here looks funny


    Hi everyone, I can’t believe how soon this challenge will be over either! I have learned so much! I’ll never be able to thank you enough Michelle Weber and all! there is so much I want to do. I never did a blogroll, and i want to and will–but don’t have time today. But there is a fun post in my past tht I wuld enjoy redoing and bringing forward perhaps–I’m goiing to go look and work on it! Have a good day everyone! Helen




    I never did a blogroll, and i want to and will–but don’t have time today.

    All support docs are here
    You create a Blogroll in your Dashboard and display it in a Links widget. You can manage a blogroll (a set of links) using the Links menu in your Dashboard. These links will display on your blog if you have added the Links Widget from the Appearance -> Widgets page.

    P.S. I agree that michelleweber rocks! :)



    @helenholshouser, I’m so glad to hear it! We’ll be posting some wrap-up content on The Daily Post with suggestions for how y’all can keep the momentum going, so hopefully that’ll help ease the transition :)


    Well, after saying I had no interest in ‘design features’ – once I started messing with the background on my blog, I couldn’t leave it as it was. I found this webpage: free backgrounds – which led me to this:
    pollyanna graphics
    I am now using a background from this site, any comments welcome!


    NB – I need red roses really, I’m working on it…


    @pknwar1983 – I’m not sure about the technical issues, but the slideshow looks great :)



    I have my caped draped over my lap right now in preparation for hero status to commence on Friday. Maybe we could do, like multiple super-powers challenges? Like having another 30 Day Challenge for Invisibility, for example.

    I’m going to wait before I pick out my super hero power until I hear if another challenge like this is in the works. I don’t want to waste one.

    Also, I haven’t slept in 39 hours and 16 minutes. Enjoy, and as always, feedback is welcome 8-) ( <—-those are my crazy tired eyes)



    I’ve gone back to playing around with widgets and the basic format of my site. I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not you could put archives/categories in your menu bar at the top? The theme I’m now using doesn’t support a sidebar along the bottom anymore, but I’d still like to provide the option to readers.

    My guess is that it would have to be set as a new page, right?


    Well. I. Never. Very glad I revisited the widget. It had totally passed me by that this was a whole different website type thing. I really like it. Need to play with my photo so it matches the theme of the blog but in the meantime, I’m happy.

    A couple of Qus.

    Do you know if I can get the RSS link in the all about me widget?
    I was told that I need to have a separate text box linking to my Google+ account to get G+ authorship, and also have the text embedded in my about page on wordpress. Apparently, this is because I don’t have an email linked to a domain? Is this correct? It looks really rubbish having it in my sidebar, especially now I have the google+ button on the widget.

    Thank you – and thank you @michelleweber for your help above.



    Okay, to tell you the truth I am sort of bored by Zero to Hero, I wish the tasks were more interesting. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! :)

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