Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-Three

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    While not sticking to the challenge in the strictest way, I created Laughter is the best antidepressant for todays assignment.

    It’s hard to believe that Zero-to-hero is almost over.



    Good luck with this everyone. Sounds fun, but I won’t be joining in for this one, as weekend coming up is so busy. I managed a post a couple of days ago and I’ve identified my blogging event that I’m going to participate in, but it’s a on Monday, so will have to wait a couple of days. Still hanging in there with the challenge, I think!


    Why do you always make me laugh when you call me LinkinLoopsLady…LOL



    Assignment complete!



    And I have caught up; again. Enjoy the read.


    @psychoticincognito, we still have a week to go! And then, I’ll hope you’ll all continue to visit The Daily Post and use these forums as a place to get your questions answered.


    I have made an attempt at this task – it was easy enough to find posts I like, what I found harder was sticking to a theme. Is this really necessary? I have had the same problem with my blogroll, and even noticed it when nominating other blogs for the Leibster award – they’re an eclectic selection! I have read advice which says that you should seek blogs that are similar to yours, but I find that I am attracted to many different blogs, as what appeals to me is the writing and the authenticity of the ‘voice’. Does it matter if they are on completely different topics, and written in different styles?


    Tbh, by ‘authenticity of voice’ I mean that I agree with what’s said, and feel as if I like the writer…



    I started a draft page at the start of the month with the intention of adding in links to other blogs that I found inspiration on & they all followed an idea that I really like at the moment.

    I have now gone back in & edited the post to say what it is about each article that caught my attention – no idea that this was a round up post & that I was actually a bit ahead on a challenge!

    Although my post is scheduled to go up at the end of the month.

    What do you do months or years later if the links in your rounds up no longer work – do you re-edit & remove the link but keep the info?
    Or add in copy to say sorry the page is no longer available to view?
    Or update the post & find new links to other blogs that you can post about? How often should one go back & check on links?



    I am a frequent reader of those influential articles posted in Linkedin. As a result, my roundup post for today’s assignment includes two posts I read through Linkedin. The third one is a new post from a blog in WordPress.

    Three posts are all short and inspirational, here is my roundup of the readings:


    This is a follow up from Day 18 where explored publicizing. Now that I’ve linked my WordPress posts into Facebook, I’ve noticed that I am getting ‘Likes’ and comments on Facebook that I would have liked to see appear in WordPress.

    Is there anyway to those comments and/or ‘Likes’ appear on my WordPress post?


    Apologies for the strange spelling and missing words above!


    I’m thinking about buying my domain name. What are the benefits of doing so? Thanks in advance for the advice. :-)

    Day 23 (made it my own…)



    @sabrinacaldwell I have the same question.

    @cindycpchanging I don’t know what the “real” benefits are, but I bought mine because I thought it looked more professional without the “wordpress” in it, as my blog is related to my work.

    I really enjoyed today’s assignment! Can’t believe we only have a week left.



    @ cindycpchanging… losing the bit. If there’s more i’m sure someone will shout up.

    think a lot of it depends on what you want from your blog. i have WP on a self hosted server and it has it’s plus’s and also has equally good points in it’s favour.


    I don’t know if I did the round up right. But, it was fun to do. And I Love having pages! Omg! I have plans. I LOVE <3 this project!!!!!!!!


    timethief–I think I finally did a better job on my links! If you have a minute you and or michelle weber–please tell me what you think! Thanks, Helen


    I fell behind yesterday so I spent most of the evening catching up on day 22 so now the “challenge” challenge is done and published. I also finished the round up, but since I just published yesterdays thing I am scheduling today’s to post at noon, EST, just to space them out a little.


    @mancunianrose, if you enjoy and would like to recommend an eclectic mix, then do that! The focused ideas are aimed at those whose blogs have a particular focus, to show the ways a roundup can fit in — it’s all about what you’re comfortable posting.

    @cindycpchanging, if you’re not using your blog fora business/focused project/portfolio, a custom domain is less necessary; there are lots of great sites that have the address. That being said, it does add a more polished feeling to your blog, and many folks like completely personalizing their corner of the internet that way; I do, so i use custom domains on my personal blogs. It depends on what you’re comfortable with, what you want to do with your blog, and, of course, your budget.


    @helenholshouser, your links look good!

    A few thoughts on your blog…
    – You might want to align the image of the daffodils to the left — it will get rid of all the empty space you currently have.
    – The large, brightly colored font is actually a bit hard to read in large doses. Experiment with simpler colored, less bold fonts, and use bolding/italics to emphasize rather than different colors — I think you’ll find you end up with a cleaner site that is (more importantly) easier for folks to read.

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