Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-Three

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    @sabrinacaldwell and @maryslow

    You can change your sharing buttons on your blog to the official buttons which will show the number of Facbook likes, tweets, etc.

    Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Sharing > Scroll down to the Sharing Settings section > look for the “Button style” drop down > change it to “Official buttons” > click “Save Changes” button.

    When you go to your site, you will see the buttons have changed to the official ones.

    As for moving the Facebook comments to your site, there is no way to do it on


    Thanks @daphnec2002, very helpful!

    For the moment I’ll change to Official Buttons as you outlined, but I think I’ll have to consider whether I want to keep the Facebook link in future and just post something to Facebook that links to my WordPress post. Because right now I have thoughtful comments on Facebook that would be much better co-located with those that people, including some great bloggers from this challenge, have made on my posts.

    Maybe I could keep the WordPress/Facebook link and then when I post, go to Facebook and edit the version posted there with deletion and a ‘more…’ link so that people end up at the WordPress post if they want to read it. (That would work for me as I have a fewer but longer posting strategy.)

    I’ll have to investigate. Thanks again.



    Well… I used to publish a weekly “Friday Night Links” which did exactly this; a round up of the links I loved most from the previous week’s fb friends… they weren’t necessarily other blogs, but some were…

    I haven’t done it in a while though and hey it’s Friday night and further hey there were some pretty good shares around fb this week… so maybe there will be a come back FNL on my blog tonight. ;>




    I’m into my fifth year of blogging and over the years I have done many posts that link to other bloggers. They are all down in my ‘Well of Lost Thoughts’, so I have rescued many of those links and put them on pages. I’ve named my Pages ‘Inspiration’, ‘Blog Links’ and ‘Awards’ and I will keep adding links regularly!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your Zero to Hero topics to see if there is anything I’ve missed doing, or neglected to update.



    I have a query, related to a past assignment but I can’t remember which one, adding pages. I added a contact page and with this a contact form.

    Problem is, the contact form puts down my domain as
    but it is (because I bought the domain and its mapped to wordpress all good and correct)
    and with the former link, ie it doesn’t work

    How can I change this please?

    Thank you :-)


    I did it, yes I did it, didn’t think I would have much to input on this one, but it’s done, hooorah!

    Hopefully it will be of interest somewhere



    I started out thinking this was merely a repeat exercise from one of the previous assignments. Then I realized I had never done it as a theme. The theme became obvious from the many posts I read today, all discovered by looking at topics completely unrelated to the theme. Also curious, I hadn’t yet added theme-related topics to my Reader. Sometimes the best ideas pop up out of nowhere.

    I think this assignment/post might turn out to be my favorite for the month.



    Better late than never, right? Here’s my Day 23 :-)


    Wondering if someone can help me, I did an assignment on this blog from a couple of days back, ie introducing a new page, so I made up a contact page, put all my social sites in etc plus a contact form.

    I bought the domain name which is and this is mapped etc to my wordpress account and shows as the URL up top, however on the contact form it says this:



    sorry that didnt work, the URL says

    but the URL for my site is

    How do I change this on my contact form that I added to my page please?

    thank you, and sorry for messing up questions it just didnt post right, only half came out for some reason


    @eastsheenliving, that address only appears to you — when other people see the contact form, they’ll see it with their own emails and URLs filled in.


    @michelleweber thank you so much :)


    I got one like after this assignment, so I’ve spent some more time looking up other people’s blogs and reading, it’s very time consuming as well as trying to write yourself, I don’t know how there are prolific bloggers who also get time to read lol


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