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Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-Two

  1. This is getting harder and harder! I'm not sure that I'm ready to commit myself to a blogging event - guess it's silly to join just for one post only to complete the task - but I've been regularly doing Daily Prompts and Photo Challenges, so I hope it counts!

    "Random moments of delight", yes! This was the only event that I was actually considering... A lovely concept.

  2. eclecticoddsnsods

    I've just spent over an hour searching blogging events.

    I am not sure I wish to commit to one regularly, however I am on UK time, so many have just finished or about to and the start on most are on Sunday so new topics aren't up yet.

    The couple I found interesting seem to not be active which is a shame.

    I found a great one that was on random moments of delight each week, and it got me thinking to just do this myself, to think of something that brought a smile to my face etc.

    I don't know if someone could look at the page for this challenge because I could not work out what this meant and or where to put it?

    3. Please use the address of your POST, not your blog, in the linky. And using your post for more than one challenge is totally cool with me!

    The link for the challenge is:

    I'd love to do it, but not sure other than writing the post, putting a link to the organizers page on the post, what the linky means?

    Any advice gratefully received, thank you

  3. @eclecticoddsnsods
    I came across it too yesterday, and I think it just means that after you publish the post on your blog, you grab the link to your post, go to the site of the host, click the "linky" thing and it shows simple instructions on how to insert a link to your post there. I tried clicking the form but I didn't actually use it because I understand this week's prompt is closed now, as you also say.

  4. eclecticoddsnsods

    @maraeastern thanks for your help :-)

    Problem is I couldn't see a "linky" thing on the hosts site so had no idea not even a comment box. I left the link I don't suppose you can see it?

  5. @eclecticoddsnsods
    I understand now! Go to the link below and at the bottom of the post, there is the linky. (But it is really closed now, so you can't try it out.)

    I'm glad that at least two bloggers contributing to this forum liked this specific event; I didn't mean to join either, but maybe we should? It's a great idea to share what you love...

  6. eclecticoddsnsods

    @maraeastern - yes I loved the topic and I had something I so wanted to post that was relevant, but I might just post it anyway lol!

    Is it closed, closed as in permanently? I thought she kept it open until Saturday and re started Sunday?

    And now I see the linky its tiny!

  7. @eclecticoddsnsods
    Ok, let's do it then! I'll try to post something for this challenge too :-)

    No, it's not closed permanently! It closes on Thursdays and reopens on Sundays - probably the linky will be below a new post.

  8. itisalonelyplace

    Hah great, so we just make our post, link back to the assignment page and put our post link in to the linky when it opens Sunday I guess, nothing else? Not done this before.

    I shall prob write my ray of sunshine bit anyway and hope something else comes up next week :-) A reason to search for something good!

    I followed you now, great blog, lovely pics/humour/creativity. I did comment on your Day 19 which sprung out at me x

  9. eclecticoddsnsods


    apologies I swapped blogs as was writing a post didn't realise it would swap my gravatar ie itisalonelyplace

    learn't my lesson now! goes red

  10. @itisalonelyplace
    Yes, I think that's all we need to do!

    Thank you for visiting me, you're too kind :-) Now I'm off to visit you!

  11. Hi together. I was starting the challenge quite late. But now I am more or less up to date :)
    My second last post was a poll, so if you'd like to participate by answering I would be very glad.
    And on this occasion you're passing on my blog, you might read a bit or have a look and give me a feedback? Thanks :)

  12. butterflymamauk

    Being on UK time like a few of the other commenters, Ive decided to use today to list a couple of the events I like the look of. I've done it so that I have a handy link back to those events (hehe) but also as a commitment to do it.

  13. @annie, that's great! For the purposes of Zero to Hero, it doesn't really address today's task, which is meant to help you (1) publish a post and (2) make more connections -- but it's awesome!

  14. eclecticoddsnsods

    Hello, I am UK too. I took a look at your site :-)

    The Dungeon prompt was good so have joined that on one of my other blogs as subject matter more apt.

    I have the same theme as you, upgraded, not sure if you have as no tec expert?

    I too had the same worries, would people work out the side panel, but I was assured it was common sense to others, just not to me, hehe.

    I will be interested to see if you do change and what you move to

  15. This is a hard one for me but willing to take up the challenge ;) Off to find something that fits with me & post.

  16. @artymaz, good luck! There's a lot out there.

  17. Ah! I do two of these more or less weekly - so here's an easy challenge to meet. I posted with the Ten Things of Thankful weekend hop again this week this morning. My post is here:

    I find it a useful exercise - briefly, find ten things you were thankful about this week and list. And it's hosted from the UK and runs all weekend for those mentioning time-zone challenges. It's a nice community too.

    I also usually do Twisted Mixed Tape Tuesday on Tuesdays.

    I find weekly hops are a nice way to stay on a schedule - but really, I'd like to focus on getting a bit better at finding some ways to stand on my own a bit (and still get comments) as a blogger. That, I find, is more difficult.

  18. @babygatesdown, that's what we want for you as well :) On the commenting front, at least, participating in events like those should increase your readership generally.

  19. cogitoergoabby

    I didn't think I had time to do this. but yesterday, I checked some of the events out. What a great resource! I had no idea these listings existed. I found one that closed yesterday - I might have missed the cut off time due to time zone differences - but anyway I drafted and posted something really quickly. I am so glad I did - it is really unlike me to do quick off the cuff posts - but it was great fun and it's nice to know it is possible.

  20. @cogitoergomum, so glad! Those listing are constantly updated as events close and new events start, so if you had fun, bookmark that page.

  21. Inspired by this challenge I actually started my own blog challenge! It took me some time to setup but you can check it out here:

  22. How can I start a challenge and make a reward about it?

  23. eclecticoddsnsods

    I finally be it a bit late, managed to do this would love some feedback, was a very emotional subject for me and my family

  24. Day 13 - I'm not giving up!

  25. @kraukraukdi, if you're a new blogger, I'd recommend just participating while you build up a readership. Otherwise, here's our guide for starting up a blog event:

    @eclecticoddsnsods, if you don't get a response here, head to the Community Pool on Sunday.

  26. michelleweber

    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you're just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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