Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-Two

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    Hi together. I was starting the challenge quite late. But now I am more or less up to date :)
    My second last post was a poll, so if you’d like to participate by answering I would be very glad.
    And on this occasion you’re passing on my blog, you might read a bit or have a look and give me a feedback? Thanks :)


    Being on UK time like a few of the other commenters, Ive decided to use today to list a couple of the events I like the look of. I’ve done it so that I have a handy link back to those events (hehe) but also as a commitment to do it.


    @annie, that’s great! For the purposes of Zero to Hero, it doesn’t really address today’s task, which is meant to help you (1) publish a post and (2) make more connections — but it’s awesome!


    Hello, I am UK too. I took a look at your site :-)

    The Dungeon prompt was good so have joined that on one of my other blogs as subject matter more apt.

    I have the same theme as you, upgraded, not sure if you have as no tec expert?

    I too had the same worries, would people work out the side panel, but I was assured it was common sense to others, just not to me, hehe.

    I will be interested to see if you do change and what you move to



    This is a hard one for me but willing to take up the challenge ;) Off to find something that fits with me & post.


    @artymaz, good luck! There’s a lot out there.



    Ah! I do two of these more or less weekly – so here’s an easy challenge to meet. I posted with the Ten Things of Thankful weekend hop again this week this morning. My post is here:

    I find it a useful exercise – briefly, find ten things you were thankful about this week and list. And it’s hosted from the UK and runs all weekend for those mentioning time-zone challenges. It’s a nice community too.

    I also usually do Twisted Mixed Tape Tuesday on Tuesdays.

    I find weekly hops are a nice way to stay on a schedule – but really, I’d like to focus on getting a bit better at finding some ways to stand on my own a bit (and still get comments) as a blogger. That, I find, is more difficult.


    @babygatesdown, that’s what we want for you as well :) On the commenting front, at least, participating in events like those should increase your readership generally.


    I didn’t think I had time to do this. but yesterday, I checked some of the events out. What a great resource! I had no idea these listings existed. I found one that closed yesterday – I might have missed the cut off time due to time zone differences – but anyway I drafted and posted something really quickly. I am so glad I did – it is really unlike me to do quick off the cuff posts – but it was great fun and it’s nice to know it is possible.


    @cogitoergomum, so glad! Those listing are constantly updated as events close and new events start, so if you had fun, bookmark that page.



    Inspired by this challenge I actually started my own blog challenge! It took me some time to setup but you can check it out here:



    How can I start a challenge and make a reward about it?


    I finally be it a bit late, managed to do this would love some feedback, was a very emotional subject for me and my family



    Day 13 – I’m not giving up!


    @kraukraukdi, if you’re a new blogger, I’d recommend just participating while you build up a readership. Otherwise, here’s our guide for starting up a blog event:

    @eclecticoddsnsods, if you don’t get a response here, head to the Community Pool on Sunday.


    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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