Zero to Hero: Day Two

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    I am fairly satisfied with my blog name and tag line. It relates to my happy stories, melodramatic reflections, and misadventures. Like a dandelion, I go anywhere the wind blows. :-)


    Finished day 2. But I didn’t change my title or tag line. I kind of liked them the way they were. It reflects how clueless I am about life. Although I did add a text widget. But it’s at the bottom of the screen (the theme I’m using doesn’t have a sidebar).

    Is that a bad thing?



    I just added the About this blog widget to my blog. I would like some feedback if it sounds good and if the placement is good enough.
    I am loving the Zero to Hero challenge!
    Shopping Escapades


    I have enjoyed checking out everyone’s work and being inspired by all the hard work. I am still working hard at tweaking these tasks and trying to get that widget just the way I want it.



    I am a couple days late, but better late than never! All of everyone’s hard work looks great and I feel so inspired to continue with this project. I still have a long way to go on discovering my blog and working on my widgets, as well as finding a tagline I love. I kept my title the same because it’s something I’ve sort of branded with from Instagram to Etsy, but the tagline is giving me a few speed bumps to finding something that fits just right.



    I have updated my Lifestyle blog as well! I love the idea of having the About This Blog widget. I wonder why I never thought of it earlier. Thank you Daily Post team for helping us improve out blogs and blogging skills.
    Things To Rave About



    I feel a little silly, but I had not thought of using an About This Blog widget before. I already have an about page, and I was thinking that it would be nice to have a summarized version more visible, but I didn’t know where to do it. That is a really helpful idea.



    Okay. I think I did this correctly. I would appreciate any feedback!



    Just a thought for photobloggers…not all themes work well with widgets, and if you want a theme that works best for large photos, you may not be able to have widgets. It’s just a matter of priorities. I personally think that with photoblogs, less is more. Let the photos shine. Of my three blogs, I only use widgets on one, and that sparingly and to communicate info to help people navigate.

    Sometimes it’s best to think about do I really need this? Does it make a better experience for the reader? And ignore conventional wisdom for text heavy blogs. I’ve found that strategy increases the time people spend on my blogs, and the page view numbers increase dramatically when it is easy for them to scroll and see lots of photos, without having to deal with too much clutter.

    But I’m really enjoying this challenge, and the process of just thinking things through, one step at a time.



    Ok. I’ve done some editing. I’ve changed my tagline and added a text widget informing you what my blog is. Let me know what you think.


    I am happy with my blog name (why i left my job) and tagline (because sometimes you have to be a little crazy to stay sane). It sums up the reason for starting my blog and marks the start of a new journey for me. I created an profile today and added the widget on my blog. I am not quite sure where to place it on my home page, though. Should it be in the sidebar? Or at the bottom of the page? Thoughts?



    So I have a dilemma. I’m picky with themes, and I finally found one that I really like. Only thing is that it doesn’t show my tag line. What should i do? my theme that I’m currently using is The Flounder theme. Have I overlooked something? or should I just bundle it in a widget? Some help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    This is my blog



    Mission accomplished. My post on embracing crazy ideas has been published: From Ridiculous to Ubiquitous.



    Great editing job! Best wishes for lots of blogging fun. :)



    Hi bloggers!
    I finally finished my About text Widget. I picked my title and tag line when I first started my blog back in August. I like both of them, so I am keeping them as is. My About me Widget explains a little about what I am blogging about. I wrote my introduction post late last night, so check it out if you would like.



    Hello. I changed my blog name from (Nicole Sloan’s Books) to (Nicole Sloan’s Writing). It’s more about my writing since I haven’t published any books yet. I also changed my description from (My Blog) to (My Personal Blog About My Writing, Hobbies, & Interests!).
    I write about different topics so I added a text widget and gave a small introduction. I didn’t realize I could do this and I think it’s a neat idea. I have a basic one up for now but in the future I think I’ll make it look nice since I seen the one post about changing the html for fonts and sizes.
    I think I’m happy with my changes for now, if something better comes along, now I’m happy I know how to change everything from this challenge.



    I keep my blog title which I created 6 months ago, “My Life and My Career”, the goal of my blog is to write those inspirational and interesting stories I am experiencing over the time.

    I have chosen a tagline as “from hiding to blogging”, meaning that it took a lot of courage for me to write something down and let others read.

    I appreciate any suggestions, so that I can make the title and tagline of my blog more appealing.




    Brand new blog for me, I would love some feedback on the title, tag line, if the focus is obvious enough (pretty sure it is), and the general layout and widget functions.

    I will gladly return the favour if anyone would like some feedback on their blogs.




    I started my blog a couple years ago, but I wasn’t diligent whatsoever. I have taken the time to redo my About Me section, with a Credentials subcategory, do a couple of the postadays and add a link to my instagram account in the sidebar. I didn’t change my site name as my site name is the same as my instagram and facebook (work) page account. I do think it’s kind of lame though. lol As for my tagline…I think I like it. Anyone want to give me any suggestions?

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