Zero to Hero: Day Two

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    I suppose it might help if I included my site name!


    Thank you so much for doing this, it’s really helping me to stay diligent (even though it has only been a couple days…lol)
    I have a passion for encouraging others, I truly love it. I decided to play off my last name. My blog title is Inspirational Pink, my tagline is “A better me equals a better you…” When we learn from our mistakes, we should share with others if we can. Thank you much!


    Man! Was today’s challenge tough! Lol But I was successful in making the changes!
    Here’s my post about my Day 2 process.
    Please take the time to view the changes to my blog. I like it much more now. It feels more like me. More like home! Feedback is welcomed!
    We’re on our way to better blogs! Zero to Hero!!!


    @michelle weber – thanks for clarifying that we can tag our posts with zerotohero rather than posting a link here, except for feedback. Really appreciate it!



    It was more challenging to think up a good title than I expected.

    I have two questions and I would love feedback from fellow bloggers. I’m bilingual and was thinking of adding Japanese to my blog. Right now I’ve only added a phrase in Japanese to my intro. I’d like to know if it’s distracting to people who can’t read it, or if it makes my page less harmonious.

    Secondly, is it possible to add a button the reader clicks and my blogs comes up in Japanese?




    I really thought about the audience I’m trying to reach when considering the widget assignment. Of course, I don’t yet intimately know my audience although I think it’s young and new adults (?)

    With that in mind, what do you think of my widget text?

    Ever wear your Underoos to PE because you thought they were better than a uniform?

    I did. I’m Lauren and I write stories about awkward times. Some are true and some are made up.

    At first everything I wrote seemed too general, but maybe this is too specific or strange?

    Your thoughts are appreciated.


    Well I got the assignment for day two completed finally. I’ve decided to keep the title the same at least for the meantime, but I did change the tag line to something a bit meatier and the about widget is up as well.

    The addition of the widget is making me rethink the way my blog looks and I am considering changing the theme. One thing at a time I guess.

    Ready for day three.



    I wasn’t so thrilled with today’s challenge when I saw it, but I’m glad to have done it. The new description seemed to be a better fit for my about page than for a widget, so I put it there.

    Reading through the forum, I saw some pretty fascinating blogs and clicked Follow on a few.

    To those of you stumped about an AWOL tagline or widget, you can rest a little easier. Some themes don’t display taglines. And some don’t display them where you expect. Also, when the day comes that you want to change themes, your widgets will probably need to be repositioned.




    I like the example in your widget, it personally makes me want to see what else you write. It gives me a small taste and it intrigued me.


    <a href=”

    My blog title’s Priscilla and her Books
    And my tagline’s “I know we just met, but you won’t break my heart if you don’t read my blog”.

    To be perfectly honest, I’m having second thoughts as I’ve started to do fashion reviews(received sponsorships), as well. Would readers be turned off by this? I’m thinking of doing a re-vamp. I’m thinking of getting separate blogs, but I’m not sure whether it’s wise.



    My blog is called “The Artistic Nobody” and not even a month old yet. I review/ discuss anything that I like in art, music, anime and I try my hand at trying to make poetry/writings. I would love some feed back about my tag line and widgets

    Here’s my blog:

    I would be happy to give my own input, I’m not a seasoned blogger, but I have reader insight. Thank you.



    Hi, I named my blog “Luna’s Imagination Igloo” and my tagline is “Fly with my right-sided brain to the MOON and BEYOND!!” Now this blog’s posts have more variety, and I don’t always post from my imagination anymore. What do you think?



    I had an extremely difficult time coming up with a title, being that since I intend on blogging about anything that suits my fancy. I stuck with something simple, “Just Megan” since I want to post about whatever I please. My tagline came easily though, “A blog where beauty, life, an insane amount of failed humor, and random thoughts have made their home”.
    If anyone has any suggestions or criticism about the title/tagline or blog itself even, I’d appreciate it.

    Happy Blogging,
    Megan :)

    Just Megan



    I did give some thought to my blog name and my tagline. Since it’s about my efforts with a camera I chose ‘LenzExperiments’. The tagline is not witty or pithy…I lack the ability to put puns and humour into my ramblings apprently…but I’ll be wracking my brains to see if something better turns up. For now the present one seems OK….I don’t know….some feedback folks please….



    I had a bit of a tough time coming up with the ‘about this blog’ description for my widget.
    Here’s what I came up with for today’s assignment:

    Please feel free to share your feedback on my description, or on anything about my blog even. All comments are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks & happy blogging! :D
    -Danielle @ whythisbox?


    I am so loving this project! I’m engaging with it as much as I can within the constrains of what I want to achieve with my blog. Day one and two have kinda merged into one for me as I was already working on these aspects myself.

    I’m happy with my blog title but for only the second time since I’ve started the blog have I changed the tagline. It’s gone from “A doctor, a baker, a wisdom tooth taker” to “A land where cake fills every nook and Cranny, down at the Apple Chapel…”. My hope is that both of them drew people in to read the About Me and then read what they like the looks of on my blog.

    The About Me section is now in the 6th rendition since Jo Blogs Jo Bakes was born and as with my blog, I feel it shows progression. Yes my earlier posts look very immature but hell, I was a few years younger as my blog is what I describe as my personal diary I am willing to share with the world. So if it doesn’t show personal growth through the years then we’re in trouble.

    My new About Me page has received very good feedback so far (I also canvassed opinion on Facebook as I have a blog page there too) and I would love to hear any thoughts as comments on my blog of well, any aspect of the blog! Am loving discovering new blogs through this project too.

    Please note I have chosen a new theme and new artwork for my blog but I wonder if this will be one of the “daily challenges” therefore, I am holding off a few days more before I unveil it :)



    I’m really enjoying the challenge. I already had a name and tagline but I’m having a really hard time coming up with an ‘about widget’. I finally decided to use an image widget instead of text but I’m not sure I like it. I already had an ‘about me’ widget on my sidebar and an about page and I’m wondering if now that’s just adding too much.
    I’d appreciate any comments or feedback. Take a look and let me know what you think.
    My blog is


    I am trying to get my blog more “viewers’ please come along and say hi and follow me. Ill have a go at some of these tasks and visit other blogs


    I’ve updated my about page, called Curiosity is harmless, now. I haven’t changed the title or tagline of my blog, but changed the latter a few times before this challenge. I also added an ‘about Delightfully Peculiar’ widget below my picture. Here it is, if you would like to check it out.


    This is definitely food for thought. Have added widget side bar to add what I feel are great gardening quotes. Having creative block about tagline – what more can I say except there are some great blogs

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