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Zip files containing .exe files don't work

  1. Even though I can upload zip files that contain .exe files, I cannot download them - the links to these zip files don't work.

    Why is that? What is the reasoning for censoring the contents of .zip files?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have not seen this problem before, I have flagged this for the staff to help. The support documents don't say anything other than "zip with upgrade" and WordPress.COM tends to be real clear if there is a limitation on a feature.

    A link to a Post where the download link does not work would help people help you. Is the link correctly formatted?

  3. The link is correct - I generate it by clicking on "Insert into page".

    Have a look at If you click on the link "mole", you'll get a page with the following error message:
    The app is currently unreachable.

    This is repeatable. If I use a .zip file containing text files, it's fine. If I use a .zip file containing an .exe file, I get the above error message.

  4. Hi there, all permitted file types are listed on this page:

    As an additional security measure, all files are screened prior to download to ensure their safety for visitors to sites. Executable files such as those ending in exe could potentially be used to harm a visitor's computer, and so they can't be downloaded even if they're enclosed within a zip file.

  5. That pages says nothing about .exe files enclosed within zip files, so I take it this is new information.

    An executable file contained in a zip file poses no security risk whatsoever. Even so, I find it surprising that you consider it your responsibility to "protect" a visitor's computer. Especially so since uploading zip files is only possible if you are a paying customer.

    In any case, this is disappointing. I am a software developer, and I want to be able to share the software I write - and not just as source code. So I regret having just renewed my upgrade. I certainly won't be doing that anymore - I will go back to hosting my own site as soon as possible.

    Too bad.

  6. Just to understand a little better, you say you renewed your upgrade. Prior to renewal, and assuming we're still talking about the space upgrade, were you able to upload/download zip files containing exe files?

    If your renewal is within the 30-day refund period you can request a refund via your dashboard>my upgrades. See here:

    (And I see you've already switched the download files to offsite storage links, which is what I was going to suggest.)

  7. No, of course I've never been able to upload zip files containing exe files.

    I don't really care for a refund. I'll take the time to figure out how to export my images and move my domain to another NIC, and I'll move to another host.

  8. Thanks for answering. I now see that you also asked the same question over a year ago. So I guess it's no surprise then.

    Best wishes.

  9. I did ask the same question. As you may have seen, it was not answered. So, until now, I thought this was some sort of bug. Now that I want it again, I thought I'd ask again.

    Best wishes to you too.

  10. I'm going to mark this topic as resolved - there is no reason to keep this thread open. I am not happy with the answer, but my question has been answered.

  11. Hi m1chal1s, you can feel free to upload your software files to an alternate file hosting provider of your choice, and link to the download from your site. When you're creating a post, you can use the Add Media button to paste in the URL of the file you want to link to.

    From our point of view it's more appropriate to list the types of files that ARE allowed versus enumerating all of the types that may not be. If the file type isn't listed on the accepted file types page, you can assume it won't be downloadable from your media library regardless of whether it is enclosed within another file type.

    It looks like you're just outside the 30-day window to cancel your renewal for a refund, but if you'd like a refund for your Premium upgrade renewal please just let me know.

  12. To be clear, I do not mind how you list the files. That was not my question.

    I asked * why * you are censoring the contents of zip files - and I understand the answer you gave.

    I think the choice has made regarding this issue is patronising and wrong - but I accepted your answer as final even as I disagree with it.

    As I've said before, I don't want a refund.


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