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Zombies, Comic Books, T-Shirts and LeVar Burton

  1. So this is where we shamelessly plug our baby blogs, huh?

    Well crap, might as well. Here's my little guy: Come On, Mr. Sunshine

    Usually self-promotion grosses me out, but I've used the Showcase to find some pretty nifty blogs I wouldn't have seen otherwise, so I figure what works for one, may work for me.'s just a Pop Culture blog with a handful of posts so far about random things I think are awesome...or not when Roseanne Barr blocked me on Twitter.

    Any of you out there have similar blogs you'd like to point me towards?

    Thanks all!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Two weeks later and I finally got to the letter "B" in my Zombie Apocalypse ABC's...if'n you wanna' read it.

    B is for Braaaaiiiinnnnnss

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