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Zone file refresh?

  1. I redirected my DNS servers to point to wordpress (godaddy confirmed that this was done correctly) and said that wordpress needs to do a zone file refresh. How do I go about doing this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I never heard of a zone file refresh (only a "zone record", and only for certain types of domain names).

    This may require staff intervention, but surely they'll need to know what domain name you are talking about. So, what domain name is it?


  4. what is the best way to get ahold of wordpress? I don't have any experience with their customer service and would really like to get this figured out asap.

  5. I already tagged this thread so that staff takes a look. If you prefer to contact them directly, use this form.

  6. Obvious question but still... you DID purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade, right?

  7. the $12 one, yea

  8. basically i was having godaddy host the site before and now am trying to transfer it to wordpress (while still having godaddy register the domain)

  9. If you did the name server change an hour ago you need to wait a bit - it looks like the name server update has not migrated very far it can take 24 to 72 hours for internet changes to migrate to the far corners of the internet

    You have a plain .COM so you should not need a zone record

  10. It hasnt been the full 72 hours yet, but it has been about 52. How do i check the migration?

  11. The link I gave you above

  12. Why would it be taking so long for the DNS to update? Its been nearly 3 full days and my site is still only "working" in Seattle and Paris. It has been this way for over 24 hours that I am aware of (maybe longer).

  13. The updates or lack of it does not make any sense to me nor does the "zone file refresh" since you don't need a zone record here - as noted above you should ask the staff for help - and this thread has been flagged for their attention.

  14. I submitted a request early yesterday morning. How long does it usually take for them to respond / resolve the problem? It would suck, but if i have to I'll go back to godaddy hosting because I need to have this website up and running within the next couple of days and I've already been dealing with this since Wednesday...

    Thanks for your help!

  15. A .com domain shouldn't need a zone record, but I have manually set one for you.

    The domain is basically redirecting to the Dashboard, which doesn't make any sense. Something weird is going on on GoDaddy's end.

    You might want to take make sure that you don't have any additional forwarding, masking, or other DNS rules set at GoDaddy, just have the nameservers set.

  16. All I have set on godaddy is the 3 wordpress ones.

    Nameservers: (Last update 1/11/2012)

    I talked to godaddy and they claim its a wordpress issue. Any other things I can try?

  17. Oh, I see the problem here.

    You purchased a Site Redirect upgrade, not a Domain Mapping upgrade. Would you like me to cancel and refund your Site Redirect so you can purchase Domain Mapping?

    (time for my morning coffee)

  18. Does that mean that I get rid of godaddy? If thats what I was supposed to do, or would make this a lot easier, that would be great. The site is up right now though.

    I'm obviously new to this so thank you for your help!

  19. No, that just means that you purchased the wrong upgrade.

    I just canceled and refunded your site redirect upgrade (which is designed to point your blog to an external site) so now you can purchase a domain mapping upgrade (which is designed to direct a domain name to your blog).

  20. ok, i think i got it now

  21. I can add a custom DNS record to set the email back up, right?

  22. Yes, you can do that via the Custom DNS panel:

  23. ok - thank you so much for your help!

  24. You're welcome!

  25. I thought that they purchased the wrong upgrade, but when I asked:

    Obvious question but still... you DID purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade, right?

    The answer was:

    the $12 one, yea

    The two upgrades are the same price...

  26. yea, that was my fault - i didn't realize that there were two different options.

  27. It's ok. Good lesson for me: I should have said "there are two upgrades at $12, are you sure you bought the domain mapping one?" at the risk of sounding persistent.

  28. i'm guessing you can probably save me hours of research and a massive headache trying to figure this out. I'm looking to get email set up for this domain and my research has told me i have to set up a custom DNS, what do I type in the box?

  29. Forgot to say: this is applicable if GoDaddy is your existing email provider. Is it the case?

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