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    Hello all,

    I’m trying to upload featured images to the Zoren theme and am struggling – can someone please tell me the image size/dimension requirements?

    I am trying to upload featured images on a full page format (with no sidebar), to genevievewatson.com

    The Zoren theme page only gives vague info for this – it says the page width is 800, except where the full page template is being used, where it’s 1100.

    I found a page (don’t have the URL, sorry!) which suggested that featured images on Zoren need to be 880×400 pixels, but I’ve uploaded an image with these dimensions and it won’t display, so I’m assuming this is incorrect.

    Can someone clarify the image requirements, please?

    As an additional question, I’ve read a related WordPress support thread about the functionality of featured images for Zoren – I want to use a different featured image on every page of my site in place of a header image (as setting an image as a header means it displays on every page of the site). The support thread suggests that featured images will only display on certain types of page with the Zoren theme (archive and category pages are mentioned) – is this correct?

    Thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is genevievewatson.com.



    I am having the same problem it won’t let me load the featured image

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