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Remove admin user from a blog

  1. Hello WordPress

    I created a blog for a local group

    But then I noticed I had accidentally created the blog as the wrong user,

    So then I added myself to the blog a second time as another administrator with the intention of removing the first admin user. However I don't seem to be able to do so?!?

    A Google search brought me to the following support forum article:

    Which said to contact support directly.

    Which I tried to so but when I clicked the link and it forced me down the path of creating another article for the forum!!!!

    Anyway, can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance.
    Blog url:

  2. I can sympathize. I've gone ahead and tagged this for Staff attention.

  3. @justjennifer Thank you very much! :-)

  4. The Admin that created the blog should be able to transfer the blog to another user - the link below should help

  5. bryanvillarin

    Hi Michael,

    Auxclass is on the money. The other administrator can transfer the blog ownership to you from their account in the dashboard by going to Dashboard -> My Blogs, moving the cursor over the blog address, then clicking the Transfer Blog.

    Alternatively, since you're also an administrator, you can delete the other administrator by going to Users -> All Users in the blog dashboard, moving the cursor over your username, then clicking Remove.

  6. @ bryanvillarin

    Thank you very much, I followed your instructions and it worked!!!

    I have successfully transferred the blog from one admin to another.

    I got a confirmation/acceptance email

    When I logged in I was able to remove the other admin

    Thanks also to @justjennifer and @auxclass

    !!! RESOLVED !!!

  7. Cheers Michael! :-)

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